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Chapter 176 – Sprout

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Author: Tensei Mikami Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2269 characters
Translator: Jiro English Source: Re:Library Word Count: Unknown words
Editor(s): Robinxen

“Death-Singing Flame”

Imitia’s spell flew like needles.

After it, a fireball, so large that even a Gigantian couldn’t hold it, was seen swirling at the tip of her wand.

It was so large that one could mistake it for the sun.

The scorching planet emerged in the sky of Ulbdor.

Its majestic and brilliant appearance stunned both soldiers and Demons alike.

Imitia swung her wand downward.

Following in its path, the red mass began to lean slowly.

The blazing firestorm slowly approached, landing straight inside the sea of Demons.

A brilliant red light covered the world, followed by a huge explosion. As everything diffused it took the march of Demons with it, leading them to the other side. The Demons were not burned, but rather completely dispersed by the spell, which released a high-pitched sound akin to thunder.

“What power…”

Taken aback by her friend’s spell, Seletina mumbled, unable to open her eyes from the intense heat and light.

This couldn’t compared to what she’d seen from Imitia in her past life. This spell was at the level that only otherworldly beings such as the Witches and Younashi could unleash.

Only a handful of mages could cast a spell of this level.

It was common knowledge that anyone wishing to engage in close combat could do so by using a sword, and anyone wishing to engage in combat from a distance could do so by using a bow. It came to the point that top warriors would frequently treat people who used magic to control fire or water with disdain.

However, anyone who witnessed Imitia’s spells had that common sense shattered.

All it took was one person, a proficient mage able to wield this kind of spell, to shift the tides of battle.

“I can do three more.”

Imitia said, tucking her sideways-flowing hair behind her ear.

Seletina nodded at her words and pulled the Sacred Sword Elyutinias from the scabbard at her waist.

The exposed blade of the sword was as delicate as the thin ice, shining with a splendor that bore no resemblance to the place of death they were about to face.

“I’m going. Make sure to use the time I’m about to buy you.” Seletina said, exhaling slowly and taking a step forward with determination.

For Imitia to properly use the Great Spell Death-Singing Flame she needed time. Like in the previous battle, she would experience Mana Depletion if she used the spell too frequently, which would only reduce its potency.

“Orthus, be careful.”
“Of course, don’t worry.” Seletina said, shrugging her shoulders.

She could clearly tell that Imitia was asking her not to rush to her death. But Seletina had no such thoughts in the first place.

“I’m going.” Seletina said and ran off.

Her steps were light, yet each one carried a heavy determination.

“Brave soldiers!”

Seletina shouted, swinging Elyutinias to the side. A silver light followed after the sword’s tip as it gouged out a Demon’s flesh.

“Follow me! We need to buy time before Imitia Belbed can cast her Great Spell! It’s about time we show those bastards who they’re up against!”

The soldiers were propelled forward by the presence of the Angel who stepped onto the burnt stone pavement with resolution, taking the first step to hell without hesitation. Until now, the image of Seletina they had seen had always been distant and lofty. However, now that they stood side by side on the same ground, they couldn’t help but notice her slender frame and rather small stature. Whether she was a warrior or an Angel, she clearly still had a ton of room to mature. The sight of Seletina, who faced the Demons without a moment’s fear, ignited courage in the soldiers more than they had anticipated. A burning sensation welled up inside of them, a fury of sorts.

The soldiers followed Seletina’s footsteps, shouting with determination.

The path Seletina forged was that of a Crusade led by an Angel.

Seletina’s sword gleamed brilliantly.

Her swordsmanship was precise, her movements swift, and her awareness stretched. Although her physical strength was finite, Seletina felt she could still tap into some of the potential from her previous life.

However, Seletina herself didn’t know when she’d first felt that.


Seletina had changed since meeting The Witch of Black and White, Dicentra, in the Kingdom of Elugor. It wasn’t her mind that had changed, but rather her body had begun to change.

Although her physical strength and capabilities remained the same as ever, she felt as if she was able to bring out the full potential of the vessel known as Seletina. She hadn’t trained for this, nor had her mind suffered any form of change.

“My body feels hot…”

Seletina ran her hand to her neck.

Right up to the Snake Rose crest engraved in her by Dicentra.

It constantly consumed Seletina’s body, lighting up with a light more intense each time Seletina wielded her power.

Nothing unusual had happened until now.

It had simply given her strength and comfort.

Yet now, it was burdening Seletina’s body with scorching heat.

(Shut up and listen to me!)

Seletina cursed in her mind and accelerated to shake off the heat.

She was like a typhoon going through the chaos of humans and Demons. The Demons who stepped into Elyutinias’ reach met their demise, their heads blown off as if they’d just entered sacred ground. It was as if time moved differently for Seletina.

Every time she used her power, her body would heat up as if an explosion had gone off in it.
Seletina was being guided by the heat to the pinnacle of swordsmanship, something she had already reached once.

“Orthus…” Imitia muttered.

Seletina’s crest seemed even more threatening than before. Every time Imitia saw it, it infuriated her since it looked like the witch’s unpleasant smile was fixed there.

Not even Imitia could have predicted that the seed sown in Seletina would soon sprout.


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