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Chapter 174 – The Beginning of War

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Author: Tensei Mikami Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2269 characters
Translator: Jiro English Source: Re:Library Word Count: Unknown words
Editor(s): Robinxen

The heavy sound of bells echoed through the streets of Ulbdor.

It was something that the citizens of this city were all too familiar with, but on this day, at this moment, the meaning of the sound of the bell was different. Old and young, men and women, everyone stiffened at the familiar sound.

Some places echoed with a kind of groaning, while others with sobbing and vomiting. The heavy bell signaling three o’clock alerted the start of the war. Everything for the Crusade was already prepared, and the time to give it their all was nigh.

Soon, the soldiers gathered at the western gate would open it, and the Demons would come crashing into Ulbdor. The city would be painted black as if thick black dye were poured into a glass of fresh water.

Someone let out a quiet shriek at the heavy, gut-wrenching sound of the bell. However, that person wasn’t the only one. Numerous people shrieked.

The soldiers grew more and more timid as the time approached. Screams, sobs, and other sounds echoed meekly. Some let out angry voices with condemnation, while others violently attacked the fleeing soldiers to drown their own fear.

Each reaction was different, but the coldness of the Reaper’s scythe on their necks prevented the soldiers from acting normally. And no one could blame them for it.

Even for a battle-hardened warrior, such moments were hard to endure. The only ones who could keep their mind sane with any degree of composure were those with a screw loose, those whose minds had been trained beyond the reach of ordinary people, and those who were prepared to give their lives in the truest sense of the word.

Most of the soldiers gathered for the Crusade were no more than commoners. They were simple volunteers. They hadn’t undergone a warrior’s training, yet were still there, trembling for the sake of their families and loved ones. Although they’d hardened themselves, no one wouldn’t be afraid knowing they were about to be overrun by Demons.

The small murmurs soon grew, expanding so much that they could be mistaken for a riot.

“So it did come to this…” Gugugan muttered, slapping his balding forehead.

Although he had experience commanding trained soldiers, this was his first time commanding hoe-wielding commoners. While he wanted to commend the volunteers for their bravery, their lackluster attitude would be detrimental to the morale of the entire army.

“Please…” Gugugan muttered, feeling glad that he, or rather she was with them.

“What’s that?” Someone yelled and everyone followed that gaze.

Far away, high up, floating in the leaden cloudy sky, was an Angel. The magnificent white wings that did not extend from the back, but rather from the person’s waist, were akin to a goddess extending her embrace to a lost lamb.

“That’s the Angel!” There wasn’t a soul in Ulbdor that didn’t know who the Angel was.

The white-winged Angel was the one who’d shown them a miracle twice. First, at the defense at the south gate, and then in the fight against the Upper Ranks.

The soldiers looked up at Seletina’s figure, muttering quietly, “It’s the Angel…”.

Amid their despair, the Angel had come to give its third blessing.

“Heed my words, brave warriors of the Empire!” Seletina shouted in a high-pitched voice.

Using her wings, she swooped down to a strangely elevated platform in front of the gate. This platform had been specially prepared for Seletina so that she could inspire the people.

“Listen, noble warriors who stand by my side!” Seletina held up a flagpole, a foot taller than she was, with her right hand and then struck it into the platform.

A high, sharp sound echoed, and the plain crimson flag cloth fluttered. Her deep blue eyes evoked a powerful determination. Her blond hair shimmered brighter than any gem, and her face glowed with godly beauty.

The figure waving the crimson banner was reminiscent of the angel Elio1 in Gildam Empire’s myths. The angel was said to have led a great army, waving a crimson banner, to exorcize demons.

Every resident of the Gildam Empire couldn’t help but admire the sight before them. Thousands of sighs of relief rang out, much unlike the ones before.

Seletina did not speak her name. If she did, she’d simply lower her chances of success. She didn’t care how she would be perceived. To encourage the soldiers and provide them freedom to refer to her as Angel if they so desired, she assumed the persona of nobody.

“Stand proud! Know that your trembling, your tears, and your anger are the burdens of those you wish to protect! Know that being here, amidst all this fear, is the culmination of true love! Let us show them! Let us show the Demons what the iron hammer of justice is capable of! Let us show them that they cannot take that which is precious to us! Our rights as humans! And our love!”

Bang! Bang!

Seletina struck the flagpole against the platform, again and again, at regular intervals.

“God is our witness! He will give his acclaim to the spirits of all of you present here today after the battle! It is not hard to see who’s the righteous one between us and them! Raise your heads! Lift your chests! Stand proud! We, you are the brave ones!”

Courage began to swell within them. Their fear was replaced with pride. Rather than abandoning them, the Angel was here to fight alongside them and recognize their courage.

The men, the warriors, began to stomp their feet at the sound of Seletina’s flag. It was quiet at first, but it eventually became powerful.

“Shake the earth! Let them know we are here! May your bravery continue unbroken for future generations in the Empire, and let this serve as evidence that we were here!”

Those who had been crying, and those who had vomited from unease had a new look on their faces. They were slowly changing. The soldiers stomped the ground violently and tapped each other on the shoulder, their faces red from yelling.

Soon the rumbling of the soldier’s stomps spread throughout all of Ulbdor.

“Raise your voices! Let them know we were here! Make your might known at the east gate so that your families can learn of it!”
“This is a Crusade! There is nothing to fear! Justice is on our side!”

And then Seletina took a deep breath.


She gave the order to open Ulbdor’s west gate. At last, the Crusade that would decide the Ark’s fate was about to begin.



  1. Robinxen: So Destiny’s Slave is even here too…
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