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Chapter 168 – The Dragons and The Knight

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Author: Tensei Mikami Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2269 characters
Translator: Jiro English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 891 words
Editor(s): Robinxen

Seletina was struck by the nostalgic scene as she walked up to the two dragons, Somme and Godala. The black and white dragons’ complexion seemed way better than when she’d seen them before.

Seletina admired the dragon race. They were noble and solitary, yet strong and magnificent. Not many creatures could simultaneously inspire opposite emotions such as awe and respect.

When still training to be a knight, Seletina had longed to be a dragon. Thinking back to those times, she now understood how foolish that had been.


Seletina chuckled. It wasn’t every day that she got caught up in nostalgic memories that filled her with various emotions. That is also why she was one moment late to responding to the tremendously large ‘tail’ that loomed in front of her eyes, filling her field of vision.


Someone shouted in the distance.

The voice sounded awfully similar to Gabutu’s, but it wasn’t just he who shouted. Everyone who was looking over the situation screamed pitifully.

They watched on as the black Godala’s tail crushed Seletina. Or at least that’s how it appeared to everyone.

“Phew. That was a close call.” Seletina was alive. She’d had no time to dodge the tail that was already close to her. Nor had there been anywhere for her to hide.

Then, just how had Seletina managed to avoid the incoming tail? She started sprinting up the side of the tail like she was racing up a wall just before the collision. Still, after realizing she couldn’t oppose the force of the tail swing, she leaped off it and fell softly on the ground.

With the Dragon Stone still under her arm, Seletina shifted into a more relaxed stance, feeling no resistance as she landed, and then she took a quick look at Godala.

(I screwed up… Dragons are noble creatures that do not tolerate strangers. I shouldn’t have approached so carelessly. I’m not Orthus anymore.)

Seletina cursed herself for how shallow she had been. Her nostalgia had led her to forget that right now she was Seletina, not anyone else. Seletina knew that Godala had a hard temper ever since a long time ago.

It had been stupid of her to approach it carelessly without any preparation whatsoever. Seletina spat out the dirt in her mouth and looked up.

“Godala! Noble black dragon! Please heed my words! I am not your enemy! I have come as an emissary of Imitia Belbed to offer you this Dragon Stone!”

Godala bobbled and swung its head as its throat appeared to be moving. It appeared as though it had just woken up and wasn’t thinking straight.

“Damn it…” Seletina finally threw the Dragon Stone.

Godala’s mouth then began to heat up faintly.

“Godala is going to unleash Breath! RUUUUUUUUUUN!!!” Someone shouted in the distance.

The air was already simmering. The heat slowly seared and burned Seletina’s skin.

Seletina immediately knelt, and simultaneously, an emerald-colored flash filled Godala’s mouth, and a ray of light burst out that split the earth open. The light ray resembled a pillar. Its power was concentrated in one spot, burying deeper into the cobblestone pavement rather than radiating outward.


Driven by the storm and the heat wave, Seletina buried her feet in the ground as hard as she could. She tried to evade but was still blown away in the end. Her slender body rolled on the heated cobblestones, her entire body screaming in pain.

(This is bad… Godala will end up burning the city to the ground before we can even fight the Demons!)

Seletina thought desperately. As she rolled over she drew Elyutinias at her waist. There was no hesitation in her movements. Nor did she have time for any. Seletina instantaneously made up her resolve.

“Godala… Seems like I’ll have to scold you a bit.” she muttered.

Chills ran down Seletina’s spine while she swung Elyutinias, releasing a chilling killing intent. Seletina had no intention of killing Godala. However, she knew that if she didn’t go in with the intent to kill, then it would be her who would end up dead.

Seletina honed her killing intent to the utmost. The mild-mannered ‘Seletina’ was nowhere to be found. In her place was a being of bloodlust.

Exhaling weakly, she held her Sacred Sword before her chest.

“You can keep your head, but I’ll be taking a limb. I wonder, should I take the tail or an arm?” Seletina’s deep-blue gaze hardened as she simultaneously tightened her arms and clutched the sword’s hilt.

“Godala! Please stop! It’s me.” It was then that Gabutu suddenly leaped in front of Seletina.
“What are you…?” The unexpected guest completely killed off Seletina’s momentum.

Although Gabutu’s act seemed courageous at first, it was nothing more than reckless. After all, a half-hearted wake-up call would do nothing against a raging dragon.

It wasn’t long before Godala’s tail was swinging towards the two of them, gouging out the cobblestones in its path.


(I won’t make it.)

Seletina threw her Sacred Sword away and embraced Gabutu in her arms. There was nothing else she could do in this situation. Seletina held onto Gabutu’s body tightly praying that at the very least he could survive.

“Godala! Stop! Please!” Seletina cried. However, her cries fell on deaf ears.

The black dragon’s tail pierced the earth with a thundering sound.


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