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Chapter 165 – Stench

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Author: Tensei Mikami Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2269 characters
Translator: Jiro English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 919 words
Editor(s): Robinxen

“What do you think?”

Going back in time a bit, when Seletina was having a meeting with General Aubance and the others about how they’d proceed with the ship. It was at this time that the members of the Belbed Caravan had begun talking.

“What do you mean?”

The men began engaging in conversation as they carried their belongings out of the warehouse.

“I’m asking what you think of that Tieck.”
“What about him?”
“Isn’t he too popular?”
“Oh, so that’s it.”

A boy named Tieck had suddenly arrived at the Belbed Caravan. The boy, with good looks that would make even a man fall in love with him, quickly became popular among the women of the group. The fact that the men of the caravan weren’t that handsome also played a part in their beef.

However, that was understandable, Tieck was just that beautiful. Furthermore, he was polite and had borne no ill will. There was no way that someone like him couldn’t become an idol.

Though the truth was that the boy was in fact a girl named Seletina. But the men didn’t know that, and somehow the hate for Tieck built up. Like heating up a pot of water that was about to boil at any moment.

And it wasn’t as if the brains of the caravan, Remilia, as well as the boss Imitia Belbed weren’t hiding anything. In addition to this, he was the center of all the women’s glances from right to left.

Somehow it just didn’t sit well with the men. That kind of atmosphere was spread throughout the caravan.

“Of course he’s famous.”
“Of course my a̲s̲s̲! Even my Chelsea’s head over heels for that brat!”
“My condolences.”

Mumbling and grumbling, the men’s complaints continued as they went about their humble work. The jealousy of a man was an unseemly thing. But then, as if to blackmail him, the voice of a young boy among the group broke the air.

“Hey, you! Lady Remilia will give you a good scolding later if you don’t stop talking!” Gabutu exhaled in disgust as he walked up to the men, repositioning his goggles.
“Lil Gabu, what do you think about it?”
“What? Hey, stop it! Don’t stick to me. You’re hot and your beard is annoying!”

The bearded men put their hands on Gabutu’s shoulders. They all pecked Gabutu on the cheek with smirks on their faces. Gabutu couldn’t help but try and push them away.

“What’s wrong with you!” he exclaimed.
“Seems like even young Vivicy is leaning towards that little brat Tieck.”
“W-What?!” Gabutu’s voice cracked, as if he’d just been hit in the head.

The men walked up to him with sticky smiles on their faces.

“Lil Vivi was looking at Tieck with hearts in her eyes.”
“Aren’t you afraid, Lil Gabu?”

Gabutu’s face heated up as the men nipped at him.

“W-What Vivicy does is none of my business!”
“Don’t play tough. Everyone knows you like Lil Vivy.”
“W-Who’d like that gloomy woman?!”
“Look at you, hiding your feelings. Now that’s what youth is all about.”

Gabutu didn’t like the way the men were speaking. The blood immediately rushed to his head and he got heated.

“Besides, there’s no way Vivicy would fall for such a skinny guy! No way, I tell you!”
“I wonder about that. Apparently, a lot of people saw her blushing when talking about Tieck.”

Inwardly, Gabutu couldn’t help but be shocked. That’s what made the following words stick to him even more.

“Gabutu, I have a bad feeling about Vivicy.”


(What’s wrong with those b̲a̲s̲t̲a̲r̲d̲s̲…!)

Gabutu recalled the conversation with men from the past as he pulled Tieck… Seletina’s hand.

(Vivicy fall for this man?)

Tieck’s hand felt soft and delicate. Gabutu, who aspired to be a man amongst men, could only see those hands as weak. So weak that he couldn’t imagine how someone could fall for these meager hands.

Gabutu felt frustrated, unsure of what to do.

It wouldn’t be unusual for a child of his age to vent without a care in the world, but he was raised in the Belbed Caravan. Being raised by the Belbed Caravan meant he was at least capable of exercising discipline in this area.


Gabutu, catching a glimpse of Seletina, couldn’t help but click his tongue. The reason was that her overly good-looking appearance ignited the flames of jealousy. She had a well-defined nose and eyes, and her hair was as beautiful as golden threads. Her blue eyes, which seemed to absorb you, sparkled like a spring stream.

Gabutu had toured many countries, but he had never seen such a handsome nobleman. Even if everyone from royalty to aristocrats of all ranks stood up, they would be no match for Tieck.

Because of that, Gabutu also felt that he couldn’t lose. He didn’t want this to be a choice based on looks alone.

“It’s here.”

Gabutu led Seletina to a place with a mischievous plan in his head. The two were now outside of the ship. It was a little remote place, like a small storage shed.


Seletina frowned involuntarily. Her nose slightly wrinkled, clearly indicating discomfort. An odd foul stench. A tremendous smell of something was pushing past the door of the hut and enveloping the entire area.

“What is this smell?”
“You’ll see once inside.”

Seletina had no choice but to silently open that door. An even worse stench seeped into Seletina’s nostrils from the space that opened with a gurgling screech.


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