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Chapter 162 – Sleeping Face

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Author: Tensei Mikami Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2269 characters
Translator: Jiro English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1298 words
Editor(s): Robinxen

“Please go ahead, I’ll catch up later.” Imitia told Seletina, who nodded and left.

Knowing that Seletina had nowhere to stay, Imitia had offered to get her a room at Elva’s Floating Ship, which Seletina had gladly accepted. Ulbdor was not safe at the moment, and Seletina didn’t have anyone else here she could trust.

Seletina had been truly grateful for the offer.

Although this was a plot on Imitia’s part in order to keep an eye on Seletina, or rather Orthus, so that he wouldn’t disappear on his own. However, Seletina had simply taken it as a token of goodwill.

Imitia left the meeting place as she had to attend a meeting as the leader of the caravan.

Seletina was somewhat uneasy about leaving Imitia alone for an important meeting, however, honestly Seletina too was quite tired by this point, so she decided to take up Imitia’s offer and rest.

That aside, it appeared that the two members of Flowing Shadows were still nowhere to be found. Seletina wanted to talk to them about future plans, however, she also knew that they would be able to manage on their own so she didn’t think much about it. She also believed that they might just be watching her from somewhere.

Seletina continued on her quiet way with a mysterious trust that these two would be okay. She somehow knew that if the worst came to shove they would appear, just like a domesticated cat coming back in a time of crisis.

After walking for a while, Elva’s Floating Ship came into view.

Seletina bypassed the two guards and entered the inn, where the hustle and bustle of the traveling merchants had already subsided.

(They’re all out, huh…) Seletina realized and sat down on a sofa standing in the deserted lobby.

It seemed as though all the commotion of the previous night and morning had been a facade, leaving the place eerily quiet.

They were probably unloading their cargo from the ship by now. It was a massive amount, undoubtedly too much for the current workforce to handle, no matter how many people they had.

The ship was so large that even the Gigantian Woodback could comfortably reside on board. Its enormity was not hard to envision.

Seletina took Elyutinias from the clasp at her waist and propped it up next to her.
She exhaled shallowly, her blue eyes flickering slightly with worry about the trouble she had caused everyone in the caravan.

(I’ll have to thank them later as well.)

After all, it was all Seletina’s fault for dragging them into this. She felt like she had to talk to them no matter what. But now, she was just about to relax into the silence she hadn’t felt in a long time.

The soft feel of the sofa enveloped Seletina, lulling her into a world of sleep.

(I can’t sleep… I should also… the ship…)

Resistance was futile. Seletina succumbed to regular and sound sleep.


Vivicy, a young girl with twin pigtails as her charm, had just returned to Elva’s Floating Ship. She was one of the weakest members of the group and had been asked to fetch Remilia’s documents, which had been left behind at the inn.

Vivicy’s main tasks revolved around accounting and warehouse management, and she was growing weary of working alongside the men to unload cargo.

As the caravan leader, Imitia publicly announced the task of unloading all the cargo and accommodating the civilians of Ulbdor, Vivicy couldn’t help but feel overly bitter.

It wasn’t that they lacked sympathy for the city of Ulbdor and its inhabitants. However, despite being the Belbed Caravan, they were merely merchants themselves. They couldn’t afford to prioritize others’ needs over their own, and they wouldn’t find happiness if they became impediments to their own escape.

Naturally, it was a shared understanding within the group that Imitia was likely aware of this reality as well. Yet, today, Imitia declared that all cargo would be unloaded. Many were discontented with this sudden directive.

However, it was crucial for the leader of the group to set such guidelines. It wasn’t about subservience but rather an overwhelming trust that alleviated the frustrations of the group members.

Imitia, despite her arrogance, bowed her head and sincerely pleaded. As a family, they had to heed her wishes. In fact, although there were some who grumbled about Imitia’s decisions, no one openly objected.

Of course, Vivicy felt the same. It was troublesome, and it seemed to be to their detriment. Yet, when someone earnestly appealed to them, as a family, they couldn’t help but spare no effort to cooperate.

But why had Imitia made this decision at the last minute? Remilia, who appeared to be aware of the situation, suggested that this decision could benefit the group in the future.

First and foremost, their priority was to escape the city alive. That remained their primary objective.

“Let’s see, where are the documents that Remilia was talking about…”

Vivicy shook her head, dispelling the thoughts. She pushed open the door of Elva’s Floating Ship and decided it would be best to have Remilia clarify rather than trying to figure it out herself, as she wasn’t very sharp.

Do what you can, when you can, with whatever resources are available. It was imperative to complete one’s tasks promptly and seek new opportunities, especially considering the shortage of time and manpower.

The empty lobby seemed eerily quiet, almost deceitful in its silence. The clatter of Vivicy’s boots echoed loudly, emphasizing the sensation of being alone in a vast space.

Her breath. The sound of her boots… and the soft rhythm of a sleeping breath.

(Huh? Who’s here?)

The deep, regular breathing of the sleeper seemed awfully pleasant.

(Seems like somebody’s slacking off.)

A slightly resentful feeling came over Vivicy, followed by a seeping sense of mischief.

A sofa with its back turned a little far away. Vivicy didn’t know who was sleeping there because they’d sunk deeply into the sofa, however, she was sure that someone was certainly there.

(Might as well surprise them!)

Vivicy slid around to the back of the sofa, moving with stealth and trying not to draw attention.

“Whoa!” A voice escaped from the back of her throat. Her mischievous spirit was long gone.

There, sleeping peacefully, was the beautiful boy… Tieck. His eyelids were shut tightly, adorned with golden lashes, and his head rested on his fist, supported by the armrest.

His chest rose and fell gently, showing no sign of fatigue or impending rising.


Vivicy found herself drawn so close to Tieck’s face that she felt almost enveloped by it.

There was no ulterior motive. It was simply her nature to seek a closer look at anything beautiful, that’s how her mind worked.

She found herself inching closer, able to discern each and every eyelash.

The more she looked at Tieck—no, Seletina—the more captivated she became. His skin was flawless, tempting her to touch it, and his lips, so delicate and alluringly moist, held her gaze.

The admiration grew with each passing moment. Vivicy, who had always yearned for love but had never experienced it, had never encountered someone as strikingly handsome of the opposite sex at her own age.

There was no way she could be immune to such beauty.

Vivicy’s mind swirled in a haze of endless heat, engulfed by Tieck’s sleeping visage.

It was a stark contrast to the passionate embrace she had witnessed between Seletina and Imitia earlier that morning. It was also because she was so enraged by this that Vivicy didn’t notice.

“Urgh…” Seletina’s head lifted slightly in a sleepy manner, and then… her lips lightly touched Vivicy’s, who was right in front of her.

“HUH?” Vivicy’s thoughts froze in astonishment.


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