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Chapter 160 – Pieces Align

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Author: Tensei Mikami Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2269 characters
Translator: Jiro English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1431 words
Editor(s): Robinxen


Seletina’s expression suddenly lit up. She felt glad that someone she was comfortable with had shown up. Imitia’s twitching gray ears brought her relief.

“Just where are you looking?”

Imitia exclaimed as she glared at Seletina.

“Sorry. Still you’re quite early. Did you finish talking to the members?”
“I had to leave that to Remilia. I managed to persuade her and then left the rest to her. She’s a smart girl. I’m sure she’s probably telling the members that leaving the cargo here will be more beneficial to us.”
“I see. Let me introduce you. This is General Aubance. And this is the head of the Adventurer Association in Ulbdor, Sir Etic.”
“Hmm…” Imitia responded.

General Aubance, followed by Etic, rose from the couch and shook hands with her. Imitia threw them a blunt look and shook their hands in a frank manner.

“Pleasure to meet you. You see, I’m just a careless merchant, so please forgive me for my rudeness.” Imitia stated, but her rudeness was just a part of her.

Seletina, in turn, observed their exchange, keeping an eye on the general and Etic.

General Aubance responded to Imitia’s gesture with a smile. “Do not mind it. It’s easier to get the conversation going like this. Thank you for agreeing to cooperate. You’ve helped us tremendously.” General Aubance said, giving a small nod.

This was a serious matter, and it seemed quite improbable for a general of a country to bow down to a merchant so casually. The whole exchange left Seletina dumbstruck, yet Imitia seemed to be completely unfazed.

“A-Are you really going to lend us the ship?” Etic asked in a fearful manner.

Imitia nodded her head hawkishly and sat down before anyone else. “Yea, I will. It’s as Tieck over here has already explained to you.” Imitia said in a carefree manner even picking up one of the fruits from a plate on the table.

Seletina, in turn, pocked Imitia on her leg, giving her a stern look.

(There’s no need to be this rude…)

Was what she was trying to convey. Seletina was a person of civility after all.
Imitia suddenly noticed the look and, after a few beats, reassessed her body language.

“Uhm…!” Imitia said, clearing her throat. She even uncrossed her legs, apparently feeling quite uncomfortable.

(Remilia probably fixed up her usually unruly behavior.) Seletina thought to herself. She could only sigh and relate with how hard it must have been for Remilia.

“I’m glad to hear that we’re still on the same page.” General Aubance remarked as he stroked his beard and sat down.

Etic too nodded and sat down, and Seletina finally followed suit.

“It seems the General really did hit the nail on the head. You two seem to get along quite well.” Etic mentioned.
“Does it seem that way?” Imitia questioned.
“Considering you just met yesterday, very much so, yes.”
“U-Um, that’s. Things between me and Or… I mean Tieck, aren’t that way.” Imitia added.

General Aubance, however, didn’t miss her slight hesitation.

(Ort? Is Tieck’s real name Ort?)

The most famous name that began with Ort was of course Orthus. However, the General wasn’t able to see the connection. Orthus wasn’t a unique name to begin with, and it was a male name.

Given that the General now suspected that Tieck was a woman, Orthus wasn’t a name he viewed as possible.

(But if it’s really Orthus then… No, no. What am I saying? I must be delusional.)

The General sipped his tea and discarded his slightly excessive thoughts. No matter how much Seletina may have lied about her true identity, it was absolutely impossible for her to be the hero Orthus, is what the General thought.

(Imitia, you…) Seletina, in turn, was on edge hoping that Imitia wouldn’t let her secret slip.

(Please, just please…) Seletina exhaled thinly, suppressing the urge to punch Imitia in the temple as she bit at the fruit.

“That aside, how about we talk about something more important. My relationship with Imitia is but a trivial matter.” Seletina suggested, her tone slightly forceful. After all, she couldn’t have Imitia spilling her secrets.

Seletina could simply smile softly, hoping for the best. Despite this though, her hands couldn’t help but sweat.

“I guess you’re right, time isn’t on our side.” General Aubance agreed, his nod saving the situation.

Seletina, Imitia, General Aubance and Etic discussed in detail about what was to come.

They spread out a detailed map of Ulbdor, determining where to open the gates and which route would best utilize the ship. They deliberated over how many escorting troops to send out or not send out and what to leave behind and how many weapons to load.

They would figure out the final details when Elvaro came back, but it didn’t hurt to plan a bit before that.

The entire army of Ulbdor, the adventurers and all the members of the Belbed Caravan had to be present in this plan. However, when the topic of a crusade was brought up, Imitia’s gaze suddenly changed.

“What do you mean by that?” Imitia’s leg shaking never ceased. Her expression turned grim, and all her composure vanished.

Crusade. Imitia was sure that this suicidal plan, with Seletina watching over it, had no way of succeeding and would only lead to death.

They’d decided that the Ark would escape through the west gate.

The plan up until this point was to open the east gate, which was on the complete opposite side, and the southeast gate which was not that far from it. By opening these two they’d spread the Demons throughout the outer wall of Ulbdor and disperse their forces, giving a chance for the Ark to escape through the west gate.

Imitia thought about the east and southeast gates. The people who’d be positioned there would undoubtedly become the cornerstones of this operation. It was literally a suicide mission. Death would await everyone who went there.

But what did this mean for Seletina… Was Seletina going to stay? Was she going to become a cornerstone so that the people of Ulbdor could escape? Imitia couldn’t comprehend what was going on.

This was the person she loved the most. The only man she’d loved. Although his body had changed, his soul was the same. She couldn’t just let him go again. This reunion was nothing short of a miracle for her.

“I’m against it. Tieck is definitely going on my ship.” Imitia declared.
“But Imitia… our forces are not as strong as they could be, and they’re dispersed. You know that if we can reinforce our forces just a little bit, if we can buy a little bit of time, that will increase the success rate of the Ark’s escape.” Seletina reasoned.
“You think I don’t know that? I don’t care, you’re coming with me!”
“I plan to escape when I think the time is right. I have two bright horses to help me. So…”
“Stop spewing b̲u̲l̲l̲s̲h̲i̲t̲! That’s how you’ve always been! You won’t run… Even now… You won’t try to run no matter what happens!”

(This is bad. Imitia is getting too heated, I have to stop this.)

“Even during the Disaster…”
“Imitia!!!” Seletina’s voice rose sharply.

Imitia who’d been running her mouth up until now suddenly shut up and clenched her jaw tightly, managing to suppress the words that were about to spill out.

The blood had drained from Imitia’s face. It was apparent that she’d forgotten that there were other people here, and she had begun to treat Seletina as Orthus. If Seletina hadn’t intervened, she might have said more.

A slight silence filled the room. Seletina then spoke gravely, breaking the uncomfortable silence. “Go cool your head.”

Imitia remained silent. She nodded quietly and left the room, all her previous arrogance gone.

Etic was looking at the two of them trying to figure out what was going on. General Aubance, on the other hand, didn’t do so. His wrinkles seemed even deeper as he pressed his hand against his forehead, completely lost in thought.

His mind was occupied with the word Disaster… The great war that had happened fourteen years ago.

(Considering Tieck’s age, there is no way he could have experienced the Disaster.)

The pieces were beginning to align in General Aubance’s mind. However, all of the pieces didn’t fit well with the framework of his common sense. The general stole a glance at Tieck once more.

(No way.. Right?)

The answer was right in front of him, yet his reasoning was strongly fighting against it.


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