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Chapter 156 – As a Friend

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Author: Tensei Mikami Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2269 characters
Translator: Jiro English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 922 words
Editor(s): Robinxen

“You really are Orthus, aren’t you?”

Imitia asked as she hugged Seletina tightly. Her arms trembled, but they maintained the powerful embrace. She held Seletina tightly, conveying that she wouldn’t let go of her anymore.

Seletina gently patted Imitia’s back.

“I am. Do you believe me?”

Imitia hesitated slightly at Seletina’s question. No words came out immediately. It was a reality that was difficult for the mind to comprehend.

“I don’t know… But you’re probably, no, you’re definitely Orthus.”

Imitia said. Her tears and the embrace were all she needed. She didn’t need logic, nor reason, nor any rationale. That was because Imitia and Orthus were friends.

“Thank you, Imitia.”

A single tear escaped from Seletina’s deep blue eyes as she said that. This was the first tear she had shed as Orthus after being born as Seletina.

The two of them continued to shed pure tears, beautiful and unclouded in every way.


Vivicy, the girl with the blue braids, screamed inaudibly. Her heart couldn’t help but leap as she saw the unbelievable scene before her.

Vivicy, her face flushed red to the ears, crouched down and put her hand on her cheek to try to cool it down. However, her heat wouldn’t back down and grew even hotter.

Vivicy couldn’t take her eyes off the scene.

(B-B-B-B-B-Boss and S-S-S-Sir Tieck a-a-are…!!!)

A hot embrace, such that it would remind one of the love between a man and a woman. Although, in this case it was a completely different scenario as Imitia was reuniting with her dead friend for the first time in fourteen years.

However, Vivicy had no way of knowing that.

After this event, Vivicy continued to act suspiciously. When questioned by a fellow member of the caravan, she shared what she had seen. This led to rumors being spread within the group, but that was a different story.


Seletina and Imitia returned to the room they’d first been in and discussed what had happened. They talked about their thoughts and accomplishments, delving into questions about their origins and life experiences.

Imitia, in particular, was profoundly shocked by their discussion. However, this was only natural. The man Imitia loved had turned into a girl, and she had lived and would continue to live as a woman.

This was quite the complicated situation for Imitia. Some aspects of it were difficult for her to understand. However, seeing Seletina speak sincerely, Imitia was sure that she was still Orthus. Although his body had changed, his roots were the same.

The way Imitia saw it, the person known as Seletina had been built upon the foundation known as Orthus.

“You’re alive… And now you’re a female… and a Duke’s daughter to boot? I can’t. My head’s gonna burst.”

Imitia said, attempting to organize the words but still feeling completely lost. She scratched her head and gulped down a bottle of water with vigor.

“It’s normal that you’d be confused about it. I don’t expect you to suddenly understand everything. I too went through a lot…1

Seletina smiled troubledly as she spoke. She, too, was reminded of how strange her own life had been while recounting the story. Moreover, given that his appearance had changed so much, it wasn’t strange that even an old friend with whom he’d had a close relationship with would be puzzled.

Seletina too would undoubtedly be skeptical if Imitia appeared as a muscular man before him, and began telling him that she was actually Imitia. In fact, Seletina was amazed that Imitia believed her under these circumstances.

“Are there others who know about this?”
“No… You’re the only one.”
“What’s with that face?”
“Nothing…” Imitia said, turning her face away.

The fact that her tail was wagging from side to side suggested that she wasn’t in a bad mood.

“I thought that I’d never call myself Orthus again after I chose to live as Seletina. And I’m sure that no one would believe me.”
“Then why did you tell me?”
“Because I need your help.” Seletina responded, looking straight at Imitia, “I had originally intended to tell you about it, but I never planned for it to be this soon.”
“Wait a minute, aren’t you contradicting yourself? Just now you said that you planned on not telling anyone, and now you’re telling me that you had always planned on telling me.”

“I made that decision just recently. Just before I came to the Empire. If I hadn’t revealed it you wouldn’t have decided to act.”
“What are you talking about?”
“His Majesty told me that you had cut all ties with the Kingdom after being enraged by my death.”
“Oh, that…”

That was certainly true. However, Imitia had her own reason for that. After all, Gadius had…

“I fought for the Kingdom because I chose to do so. I’m one of the Kingdom of Elugor’s people. I was proud to lay my life down for the Kingdom. I…”
“Orthus.” Imitia said, interrupting Seletina.

It was a sincere, slightly pained look that Seletina had never seen before.

“Orthus, you are…” Imitia struggled to speak. She pondered whether to say anything beyond that. However, she also thought she should tell everything.

This was simply one of Imitia’s guesses, and it may have been wrong, but she felt like she had to say it. She felt like she had to say why she was mad at Gadius.

Imitia took a deep breath as she let air fill her lungs and said, “I think that Gadius could have killed you.”



  1. TL/N: Translator here. Seletina starts using 私 (Watashi) again, meaning that now she’s speaking as Seletina rather than Orthus
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