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Chapter 149 – New Style

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Author: Tensei Mikami Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2269 characters
Translator: Jiro English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 915 words
Editor(s): Robinxen

Seletina woke up. She hugged the blanket like a child and shrank back into the spring cold. Her eyelids were heavy, and her body hungrily sought further sleep.

But this is no time for loafing. She had to get up early. In her head, she understood that, but…

(Just a bit more… Just two more minutes…)

Seletina made up her mind.

However, something suddenly thin poked her cheek.


Seletina let out a surprised voice, and she opened her eyelids, which were full of golden eyelashes. Then, in front of her, a slightly frail-looking girl… a blue pigtail flowing from her right shoulder looked into Seletina’s face.


The girl screamed. It was her that was surprised, not Seletina.

The girl who had apparently been poking Seletina’s cheek rolled back like a ball and let out another little scream.

This alone was enough to wash away Seletina’s drowsiness. She shook off the blankets depressingly and finally raised herself from the bed.

“Good morning. Who might you be?”

The slightly gravelly voice, characteristic of mornings, could only be one of the elements that sublimated Seletina’s bewitching nature.

The girl looked at Seletina with a slightly dazed look on her face and hurriedly mended her attitude.

“G-Good morning, Sir Tieck! I’m the one who, well, the members of the group agreed on this, or rather, it was the result of a rock-paper-scissors game.”
“Calm down.” Seletina said.
“Your clothes! I brought them for you!” The girl said, holding out Seletina’s clothes to her.
“A change of clothes? No, I can’t allow myself to be such a burden to the Belbed Caravan.”
“T-This is something that Lady Remilia asked me to deliver to you, so if you don’t accept it I’ll be in trouble, or rather, I’ll definitely be in trouble but…”

The girl was sweating from nervousness.

Seletina let out a small sight and took the change of clothes somewhat reluctantly.

“Thank you. In that case I’ll gladly accept Lady Remilia and your kindness.”
“T-That’s… T-Thank you!”
“Um, could you step out for a moment so that I can change?”

The girl’s face suddenly went red and she exclaimed, “Hya! U-Um, I-I I didn’t have any ulterior motives like that! I-I just…”
“I know. Relax.”
“U-U-Um, t-take your tiiiiimeeee!”

The girl said so and ran outside to the hallway.

Seletina could do nothing but gape a little and let it go.

(What a busy girl.)

The new clothes were light and easy to move in.

The white-colored clothing did not interfere with any movement of the body but rather helped Seletina carry herself. The breastplate, shin guards, and partial armor, seemingly tailor-made to avoid hindering movement, were lightweight.

From the tightness of the outfit, to the way it perfectly outlined the lines of Seletina’s body, and the shoulder-revealing design, all screamed that this was an outfit made for battle.

Seletina twirled her tattered hat around her finger and let out a sigh as she looked at the clothes she had been wearing. They were covered in sweat and dirt, and she’d hastily put them together at Leverence, so they looked quite shabby.

Seletina was deeply grateful for Remilia’s concern and inserted the Sacred Sword Elyutinias into the clasp at her waist.

She then looked at herself.

The contrast between white and gold was a sight to behold, and the partial armor and other parts of the body gave off a sense of bravery rather than a staid atmosphere.

Because the outfit showed the lines of the body, Seletina had to wrap the cloth around her chest a bit tighter.

She tried swaying her body left and right, making sure that no one would notice the bulge in her chest.

(This outfit is made of good materials. It seems it’ll be able to absorb some damage.)

The armor seemed to also have Mondo grass weaved into it, and the shimmer it showed when basked under the morning sun’s light also showed that it was likely to have resistance to magic and shock.

Seletina moved her body lightly once more to check the movement of her outfit and nodded in satisfaction.

“Haaa, Sir Tieck, he was so cool…” The girl with the blue pigtails, Vivicy, let out a troubled sigh. There was a slight hint of red over her thin freckles.

The way Tieck had captured the heart of every woman in the caravan was still fresh in her mind, and even she too had fallen for his charms, despite being timid.

Of course, Vivicy would never speak of these thoughts.

Then, when Remilia asked for someone to go and wake up Sir Tieck this morning, war had broken out.

Given that Tieck was a male, it was only natural that a male would wake him up, however, the caravan’s strong-willed women would’ve never passed up such a delicious chance.

The battle of rock-paper-scissors had been fierce, and in the end Vivicy had won the honor.

(I never thought I’d actually win… What should I do… Are the others mad at me now? I sure hope not…)

Vivicy suddenly remembered Seletina’s sleeping face from just now, and her complexion began to both blush and turn pale. She completely got lost in her thoughts.

“Excuse me… I’m done changing.”

At that moment Seletina called out from right beside her, letting her know that she’d gotten dressed.


And needless to say, Vivicy couldn’t hold back her inaudible cry as she saw Seletina donning that pure white noble attire.


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