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Chapter 144 – Side Story: The Aldelight Family

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Author: Tensei Mikami Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2269 characters
Translator: Jiro English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1211 words
Editor(s): Robinxen

“Melia, you shouldn’t push yourself that hard!”

Balged caught Melia’s slender body as she staggered about.

Observing her forehead, uncharacteristically devoid of expression yet damp with sweat, he felt a pang in his unexpectedly small heart, as if it were on the verge of being crushed under the weight of his concern for her.

“Melia, let’s call it a day. The way you are now, you should rest.”
“I guess you’re right.”

Frowning slightly, Melia sat down on the wheelchair that the lady-in-waiting had prepared for her. Balged and the servants around her were relieved to see this.

After coming back from the brink of death, Melia’s body was not in good shape.

Doctors had told them that she would no longer be able to wield a sword and that she would have difficulty walking on her own. She would need to go through a protracted recovery process before she could walk by herself once more. But it wouldn’t be guaranteed even then.

When she was in good shape, Melia subjected herself to rigorous rehabilitation day after day, which continued to cause anxiety for those around her.

As Melia’s dedicated staff massaged her, wiped away her sweat, and offered her cool fruits and drink, Balged put his bear-like hand on her shoulder.

“Melia, you’re overworking yourself. You aren’t a warrior anymore. You don’t have to go this far.”

Melia smiled slightly at the annoyance on her husband’s stern, bear-faced face.

“You people worry too much. It’s my body. I know my limits.”
“I know that you’re a hard worker. But could you please try and understand my and the servant’s feelings? All of us love you and are worried about you.” Balged said. Behind him the servants nodded their heads repeatedly, as if agreeing with him.

Melia found them funny and laughed bitter-sweetly.

“With all these limitations being imposed on me I think I can finally understand how Seletina felt all this time…” Melia said, shrugging her shoulders. Balged was about to say something to her when someone suddenly called out to him.

“Lord Balged! You have a visitor. How would you like to proceed?” A maid said as she opened the door to the room.

“A visitor, huh… I don’t recall inviting anyone…”
“Yes, they too said that they hadn’t been invited, but had come due to an emergency.”
“Interesting… So, who is this visitor?”
“It is the Commander of the Royal Knights. Sir Loggins Bell Actoria.”


“I apologize for the short notice.” Loggins said.
“You really should. Though I guess you are always like this.” Melia remarked.
“Now, now, Melia. He has traveled a long way to come here. Don’t be so mean to him.”

Loggins was shown to an opulent guest room, where he sat shallowly on a leather sofa and sipped a cup of tea

Without his usual jet-black Sacred Armor, his clean, light clothes made it obvious at a glance that he had come because of personal affairs.

Melia and Balged sat side by side across from him on the graceful long table supported by four legs.

Melia and Loggins, who had often rubbed shoulders on the battlefield as mercenaries and knights, spoke in a friendly manner.

“You seem like you’re doing much better.” Loggins said, smiling slightly as he set his cup down and looked at Melia.
“It’s all thanks to you. Though I still can’t wield a sword.”
“It’s good that you’re doing rehab, but don’t overdo it. Proper rest is essential when training. I’ve heard that Lord Balged had been quite worried about you.”
“And who might have you heard that from?” Melia asked.
“One of the maids was quite happy to chat with me while guiding me to this room.” Loggins said.

Immediately after Melia turned her piercing gaze to the maid standing in the front of the door. The maid, in turn, could do nothing but turn her gaze away.

The man known as Loggins was a capable individual.

He was not only a gentleman, but also a hero adored by all of the kingdom’s people.

It was natural for a woman to want to get as close as possible to him. As such, chatting with him a bit with the ulterior motive of getting Loggins to remember her name wasn’t unexpected.

With a sour look on her face Melia urged Loggins to continue.

“So, what’s the kingdom’s mighty hero want with us? You didn’t come here to mess with the maids, did you?”
“Please order them to leave for a bit.” Loggins remarked, his mood changing completely.

Even though it had been Melia who’d provoked him, she couldn’t help but frown when she saw the change of his expression.

She looked around with a stern gaze and the maids all straightened their backs, bowed slightly and quietly left the room.

“Thank you.” Loggins said, taking a small sip from his cup and leaving it down on the saucer once more.

As the sound of the cup being placed on the saucer rang, piercing the silence, Balged adjusted himself on his seat.

“Loggins, you came to report something important, didn’t you?” Balged asked.
“That’s right.”
“Tell us.” Balged said, staring straight at Loggins. Loggins, in turn, cleared his throat and spoke,
“It’s about Lady Seletina.” He said resolutely.
“Did something happen to Seletina?!” Melia exclaimed, her face turning pale.
“Melia, wait for him to finish.” Balged remarked, trying to calm down his wife, however, he too was sweating profusely.

Their daughter Seletina had gone to the Gildam Empire, as one of the kingdom’s emissaries.

Just the thought that something might have happened to their daughter was enough to shake them to their core.

Loggins waited a moment for the two of them to calm down and continued,

“The delegation, along with Lady Seletina, were on their way to the Empire’s capital when they apparently encountered a large group of Demons in front of Leverence’s gates. The number of the Demons is constantly increasing, and is still unknown. Given the circumstances the delegation chose to retreat, but…”
“W-What happened to Seletina?”
“They said she jumped off the carriage and leaped into the mass of Demons.”

Melia’s body suddenly tilted forward as she heard that.

“Melia! A-Are you alright?!”

Balged’s arms held his wife’s pale body. He, too, could not hide his shock.

On Melia’s behalf, Balged urged Loggins for more information.

“S-So? W-W-What happened to our daughter?”
“We do not know. She might have headed for the capital or she might still be in Leverence… Perhaps, she might already… Well, we’re still gathering information.”
“S-S-She can’t be… dea–”
“I cannot rule out the possibility.” As Loggins said this, Melia fell, foaming at the mouth.

She collapsed on top of Balged’s knees like an empty shell.
Balged, too, was unable to move.
His tanned skin had turned pale.

“T-That can’t…”
“Anyway, at present we do not have enough information. I came here to obtain the Aldelight Family’s knowledge on the Empire, which is fine with you of course. Would you help me?”
“O-Of course! Of course we’ll cooperate!”

Balged shook his square face repeatedly. A father would naturally want to make sure his beloved daughter was safe. As such he did everything he could to help Loggins find Seletina’s whereabouts.


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