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Chapter 103 – Heaven Burning Weapon

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Author: Tensei Mikami Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2269 characters
Translator: Jiro English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1145
Editor(s): Robinxen

“Where have you hidden the witch?!”

Lord Zeeney’s frustration had become a cry that echoed through the room of the garrison. He screamed as a wooden chair was kicked away and slammed into the stone floor.

“I’m afraid we do not know where she is.”

The Empire’s soldiers, which had been saved by Seletina, responded in a clear and calm manner. Even if it was a minute, or even a second, the more time they could buy for Seletina, the better.

Perhaps due to their annoying attitude, Lord Zeeney’s acorn-like small eyes become even bloodier.

“Stop lying to me! If you’re going to continue this facade, I’ll have you all beheaded!”
“That is way too irrational… We led you here as you wished. Besides, you saw Lady Seletina resting on the balcony. What more do you want from us?”
“You scoundrel…!”

Lord Zeeney’s anger had already passed its boiling point. The overstress caused his body to begin to tremble, and drool oozed out of the corners of his mouth. The reason for Lord Zeeney’s excessive anger was none other than immense fear.

Frankly, he had been too quick to judge. When he had devised the plan to capture the witch, he had constantly praised himself for his brilliant mind. He had no doubt that there was no better strategy to protect his pride, honor, and position.

However, once again, he had been too quick to act. He’d completely neglected the risk management aspect.

If, and I say if, if this witch, if this Seletina manages to escape, just what will happen?


Something hot rose to his throat from the gut of Lord Zeeney’s stomach. However, Lord Zeeney somehow managed to push back his anger in the presence of his subordinates. Though a burning fire still raged within him.

This is bad. Bad, bad, bad, bad.

Wiping his sweaty forehead, Lord Zeeney recalled the glint in the dark eyes of Virden Gil Lean Alvarez, Emperor of the Gildam Empire.

Lord Zeeney knew about how lightly the young emperor wielded the sword of judgment.

It wasn’t hard to imagine that if this matter were to be exposed and made public, not only Lord Zeeney but also his wife, children, and all those associated with him would be beheaded.
He was sure that his name would be remembered as that of a rare and great simpleton by the next generation.

He didn’t like that and couldn’t stand such a thing, so he shouted, hitting things and people in his frustration. His mind couldn’t think straight, and he could only give abstract instructions to his subordinates, who were already aware of Lord Zeeney’s fear taking over his brain.

“M-Men! Put these men through torture or whatever it is you do to get them to tell you where the witch is! The one who makes them talk will receive two… no, three white gold coins!”
“B-But they are soldiers just like us…”
“Ridiculous! These men helped the witch! We can no longer think of them as people of the Empire! If you peel off their skins I’m sure the devil will come crawling from within! Give me a sword! I’ll purge them myself!”
“L-Lord Zeeney!”

Lord Zeeney snatched the sword from the soldier’s waist and pulled it from its scabbard without hesitation.

Then his vision fell on a young soldier nearby. That soldier was none other than Kauf, who had been dressed as Seletina just a few minutes earlier. Without any second thoughts, Lord Zeeney roughly grabbed Kauf by the collar and shoved him against the wall, placing the sword at the boy’s throat.

“Speak! Where is the witch?!”

Lord Zeeney barked forcefully, his anger evident.

Kauf couldn’t hide the fear in his eyes.

“L-Lord Zeeney, please stop this! He’s just a child!”
“Age doesn’t matter! Whether it’s a woman or a child, helping a witch is treason! All who do will be punished!”
“It is the court and the emperor who decide that! Lord Zeeney! Please calm yourself and think this through!”
“You brat!”

Lord Zeeney yelled, shaking off the soldiers who were tangling around his arm.


A woman’s voice, slightly husky and tinged with the effects of alcohol, reverberated through Lord Zeeney’s mind with a dull resonance.

Lord Zeeney stopped his hand and slowly turned around, seeing a small woman standing at the entrance of the room.

Her dark purple hair was so dark that light could not penetrate it. Her honey-colored eyes, like those of a fox, were narrow and sharp. She wore a violet-colored kimono, fastened with a pure white belt which was adorned with bright flowers.

Younashi exhaled a mouthful of smoke from her bright red lips, and then turned her mousy gaze to Lord Zeeney.

Lord Zeeney slammed Kauf down on the floor and approached Younashi, who had suddenly appeared.

“What is it, woman?”

Lord Zeeney asked in a low muffled voice. The voice had an angular tone, intending to intimidate, but Younashi kept cool.

“You’re one hell of a scumbag to raise your hand on a child under the guise of power.”
“What’s your point? Who the hell are you?”
“If you’re looking for your witch then she’s not here anymore. She’s probably outside of the city by now.”
“What did you say?! No, wait… Just how do you know that? Why did you come here to tell me that?”
“Why? Because I arranged her escape. It’s only natural that I know.”

At that moment, Lord Zeeney’s eyes changed color.

At his cue, soldiers surrounded Younashi faster than the wind.

“So you’re the main culprit in her escape! I don’t know what you were planning by coming all the way here, but if you tell me where the witch is then I might consider sparing your life.”
“You’re quite hot-blooded. That’s good. That’s how boys should be.”

Younashi remarked calmly. She then sucked on her smoking pipe, filling her lungs with plenty of smoke. Slowly, the smoke circulated throughout her body, and then she exhaled again, seemingly satisfied.

After satisfyingly laying her eyes on the smoke, Younashi spoke,

“Are you familiar with the saying man proposes, god disposes?”
“Lord Zeeney, or whatever your name is, you did well. Not many people can use their tiny brains to think so cleverly, so as to throw money around and lay down patrols throughout the entire city all for the sake of their own self-preservation. But,” Younashi’s lips contorted into a twisted line. “This is as far as you go. All you have left is to reap your karma. I will not allow you to do anything else because I am….”
“What are you…”

The next moment, a huge pillar of fire shot up in the Leverence Imperial Guard garrison.

The intense flash of light scorched the night, burning the heavens. Its brilliance was said to resemble the mythical Tzargis’ Light Staff.


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