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Chapter 177: All of You Go Away

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Bu Qianfan
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17k Novel
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Ye Qian smiled slightly and said, “Is Wei Daguizi getting scared? This doesn’t seem like your style, Wei Daguizi.” His words clearly revealed a hint of disdain and contempt.

Wei Chenglong suppressed his fear and said, “Ye Qian, I know you can fight, I’m no match for you, but I hope you consider the consequences.” Although he tried to sound tough, his tone clearly lacked confidence. The fear in his heart was not something he could easily restrain.

Ye Qian sneered and said, “Oh? Well, I’d love to see what consequences there are.” With that, he suddenly pulled out a blade and thrust it towards Wei Chenglong.

“Ah…” Wei Chenglong screamed in fear and closed his eyes. But after waiting for a while, he didn’t feel any pain. He opened his eyes in surprise only to find Ye Qian looking at him with a wicked smile. Well, it turned out to be just a scare. Wei Chenglong finally let go of the big stone in his heart, but he still dared not speak recklessly, afraid of provoking Ye Qian and making this madman really do something crazy.

Ye Qian also restrained his smile, slowly retracting the blade into his embrace, and said, “Go away. Today, this grandpa is in a good mood, so I’ll spare you this time.”

Wei Chenglong breathed a sigh of relief, glanced at Ye Qian, and confirmed that Ye Qian’s words didn’t seem like a lie. He wouldn’t stab him in the back. Wei Chenglong hurriedly ran away. Wei Dongqing didn’t dare to speak either. She clung to Shen Yuan with a terrified expression on her face, unsure if Ye Qian would unleash his anger on her. Poor Shen Yuan was already frail and weak, struggling to breathe while being held tightly by Wei Dongqing.

“Stop!” Ye Qian suddenly called out.

Wei Chenglong hurriedly halted his footsteps, a chill rising from the depths of his heart. He secretly wondered, “Could he be having second thoughts?” In his mind, he cursed Wei Dongqing from head to toe. If it weren’t for her, he would still be lying in the arms of a beautiful woman. He wouldn’t have to endure this humiliation.

“Wei Chenglong, I don’t care if you’re the crown prince of Dongxiang Group or one of the Four Young Masters of SH City. If I catch you doing any sneaky activities in front of me again, you won’t get off as lightly as you did today,” Ye Qian said coldly.

Wei Chenglong’s heart turned cold as he thought to himself, “Does he know about Ouyang Tianming and last night’s incident involving me?” However, what’s done is done, and it no longer matters whether Ye Qian knows or not. Wei Chenglong realized that Ye Qian wasn’t easy to deal with. Even the mercenaries from Black Hawk weren’t his match. He wondered if he should consider seeking assistance from elsewhere.

Wei Chenglong glanced at Ye Qian and hastily fled.

A slight curve formed at the corner of Ye Qian’s mouth. He deliberately said those words earlier to test Wei Chenglong’s reaction. As expected, from Wei Chenglong’s response, it was clear that he was responsible for last night’s incident, and the ones who attacked were indeed the Black Hawk mercenaries. However, Ye Qian wasn’t entirely certain whether their target was himself or Qin Tian. Judging from the trajectory of the bullets last night, the likelihood of being the target was high, but one couldn’t dismiss the possibility of Qin Tian being the target either. After all, Dongxiang Group and Hongmen were on the verge of conflict. Otherwise, Dongxiang Group wouldn’t have hired Night Lily assassins to deal with Qin Yue back then.

As Ye Qian’s gaze turned towards her, Wei Dongqing couldn’t help but shiver all over. Trembling, she asked, “What… What do you want to do?” However, judging by her appearance, it seemed more like she was afraid that Ye Qian would do something despicable, as if he would harm her in some cruel manner.

Ye Qian let out a bitter smile and said, “What can I do to you? If you speak disrespectfully again, I’ll pull out all your teeth. Do you understand?”

“I… I understand!” Wei Dongqing replied in fear. Although she was frightened, she felt somewhat relieved, knowing that Ye Qian wouldn’t make things difficult for her anymore. Just the thought of losing all her teeth made her worry about her once beautiful appearance getting completely ruined.

“Go away!” Ye Qian shouted.

“Thank you, thank you!” Wei Dongqing didn’t dare to linger any longer. She hurriedly pulled Shen Yuan and fled in a panic.

The onlookers, realizing that there was no more spectacle to witness, dispersed one after another. Since they didn’t particularly like Wei Chenglong and Wei Dongqing, no one bothered to call the police. However, they felt a bit regretful. Ye Qian was too merciful, simply letting them go. They couldn’t help but feel somewhat dissatisfied.

Ye Qian didn’t actually want to let them go so easily. After all, this was a hospital, and he couldn’t be too excessive or ostentatious. He glanced at the four Black Hawk mercenaries struggling to get up from the ground and smiled faintly before walking towards the nurse’s lounge.

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After flirting and teasing with Lin Rourou for a while, Ye Qian left satisfied. After all, Lin Rourou still had work to do, and he couldn’t just focus on lovey-dovey matters and forget about his business.

He went to the ward to check on Wang Hu. The guy’s condition had improved a lot. The bandages had been removed, and he looked much better. Ye Qian asked Li Dong about the situation at the Enchanted Bar and was surprised to hear that the Qing Gang seemed to have acted as if nothing had happened. They didn’t go to the bar to reclaim their territory. Logically speaking, this should be impossible, and Ye Qian couldn’t understand the meaning behind the Qing Gang’s actions.

However, Ye Qian still instructed Li Dong to be careful and to call him if anything happened. Li Dong nodded in agreement. In his heart, Ye Qian was already the boss, and with just a word from Ye Qian, he would risk his life without hesitation. Of course, this was different from the other brothers in the Wolf Fang who were willing to give their lives for Ye Qian out of pure brotherhood. Li Dong had some aspirations to stand out.

After leaving the hospital, Ye Qian strolled aimlessly on the street, holding a cigarette and squatting in a shady spot by the roadside. His eyes occasionally scanned the sexy and coolly dressed beauties passing by. Ye Qian couldn’t help but sigh, summer is truly beautiful, with endless scenery.

Just when Ye Qian was feeling bored, he received a call from Song Ran. Ye Qian couldn’t help but shiver all over. Whenever this little devil called him, it was never for anything good. He suspected that this time wouldn’t be an exception. However, when Song Ran mentioned wanting Ye Qian to accompany her for dinner, Ye Qian couldn’t help but pause. He couldn’t figure out what scheme this little devil was up to. Nevertheless, Ye Qian agreed. In fact, he had a kind of inexplicable sentiment towards Song Ran. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have spared her when she tried to assassinate him in the past. Song Ran had been diligently managing clear sky(haotian) Group for all these years, and Ye Qian could feel her sincerity.


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