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Chapter 178: The Lonely Song Ran

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Bu Qianfan
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17k Novel
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After agreeing on a time with Song Ran, Ye Qian hung up the phone.

To Ye Qian’s surprise, someone like Song Ran, who always pursued a high-quality lifestyle, chose to eat at a street stall. To Ye Qian, this was even more unbelievable than encountering a Martian on Earth. Despite his bewilderment, Ye Qian didn’t mind. In Song Ran’s eyes, he was someone without any sense of fun, incapable of enjoying life, and he never cared about how luxurious the dining setting was. His only requirement was to have enough food to fill his stomach.

Continuing to stroll on the street for a while, Ye Qian took a taxi to the agreed location at the appointed time. It didn’t take long for him to arrive at the meeting spot. He saw Song Ran dressed in a simple yet elegant professional suit, standing at the entrance of a convenience store with an excited expression, as if she had seen a wolf among sheep. However, her movements graceful and alluring. Under a big tree on the side of the street, couples who were passionately embracing and kissing came to a halt. The men, with their eyes wide open, stared at Song Ran like infatuated bulls, wishing to rush forward and do as they pleased. However, the result of their desire was a sharp pinch from the women beside them, instantly causing them to make grimacing faces and obediently continue their own “kissing” business.

Helplessly shaking his head, Ye Qian walked over. This enchantress didn’t even drive her car. He had no idea what tricks she had up her sleeve.

“You’re late,” Song Ran coquettishly smiled and said.

“What kind of trick are you playing?” Ye Qian, still suspicious, decided to ask directly because he couldn’t bear the anxiety in his heart.

“What do you have that’s worth me playing tricks for?” Song Ran glared at Ye Qian, pouting in a spoiled manner.

Upon thinking about it, Ye Qian realized that she was right. What did he have that would make her play tricks? Facing Song Ran, Ye Qian always felt like he was in a disadvantaged position, and he couldn’t figure out why. Whenever he saw this enchantress, Ye Qian would always feel a bit restless. Perhaps it was because this woman was too seductive.

“Why did you suddenly decide to eat at a street stall today? It’s not like your usual style,” Ye Qian asked.

“Do you think I’m the kind of woman who only pursues material enjoyment?” Song Ran glanced at Ye Qian and said, “You should understand my situation. If you were by my side every day, I would be willing to eat even the simplest meals. But you’re not always with me. How could a weak woman like me dare to go to a street stall? What if I’m harassed by hooligans?”

“And you call yourself a weak woman?” Ye Qian said, “With your abilities, even if someone bullies you, I bet you wouldn’t need to lift a finger. There would be plenty of protectors rushing to your aid.”

“Are you jealous?” Song Ran narrowed her eyes and smiled seductively.

“Why would I be jealous? Am I that kind of person?” Ye Qian raised an eyebrow and said.

“Stubborn as a mule,” Song Ran laughed happily. She knew very well that Ye Qian had feelings for her, but he pretended to be indifferent on the surface, which frustrated her. So, in their interactions, she always took the dominant position. “Let’s go. I heard from my colleagues at work that there’s an exceptional spicy boiled fish in a roadside food stall up ahead. And their stinky tofu is really delicious,” Song Ran said.

“Aren’t you afraid of ruining your image as a beauty by eating stinky tofu?” Ye Qian remarked.

“No one can resist my charm, don’t worry,” Song Ran confidently replied.

Helplessly shaking his head, Ye Qian followed along. This woman is right; there arent many men who could resist her allure. Moreover, she seemed to understand men’s minds very well, knowing when to resist and when to be alluring. She always had a good grasp of the balance, making men feel like they were about to capture her but couldn’t quite have her. As a result, they were willing to give up anything.

“Are you afraid of me? Why do you keep your distance?” Song Ran glanced back at Ye Qian. He always maintained a certain distance from her, as if he were afraid she would devour him. She expressed some dissatisfaction.

“I want to be like them too, but I’m worried about ruining your lifelong happiness,” Ye Qian pointed to a couple passionately embracing under a nearby tree and said.

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“Stop being sarcastic. Let’s go!” Song Ran laughed happily and reached out to hold Ye Qian’s arm, leading him forward.

“Why didn’t you drive over? We wouldn’t have to walk if we went by car. It would be so much better,” Ye Qian said, feeling annoyed.

“Driving is not fun. Walking together like this is much more romantic,” said Song Ran.

What is romance? Ye Qian didn’t understand, but he understood a little bit. It seemed like it was about facing the scorching sun and saying, “The moonlight tonight is so beautiful.” Song Ran rolled her eyes at him, and Ye Qian obediently followed along.

The roadside stall wasn’t big. It was a simple structure made of tarpaulin, just a place to shield from the wind and rain. Five or six tables were irregularly placed under the tarpaulin, but the business was good. When the two arrived, there was only one empty seat left.

Ye Qian carefully wiped the chair with a tissue for Song Ran and then politely invited her to sit down. Song Ran, the little enchantress, didn’t react much, which was quite different from her usual behavior. In the past, she would never have come to a place like this to eat. Perhaps, as she said, she was too lonely without Ye Qian by her side.

When the owner came over with the menu, the smile on his face was as bright as the spring sunshine. He could tell from Song Ran’s designer clothes that she was either rich or noble, and she looked tempting, It was a great honor for someone like her to come and eat at his small restaurant, so the owner naturally improved his service attitude and became extremely attentive.

Song Ran had long been accustomed to the **lecherous gazes of men looking at her, but she never took it seriously. In her eyes, her beauty was reserved only for Ye Qian. Therefore, Song Ran didn’t react much to the owner’s attitude. She quickly ordered several dishes, including boiled fish and stinky tofu.

Ye Qian also ordered a beer. Although alcohol could lead to recklessness, it could also numb oneself. Ye Qian looked at Song Ran’s seductive and disastrous appearance, and he felt that if he didn’t heavily intoxicate himself today, he probably wouldn’t be able to escape from this enchantress’s clutches. Who knows, she might drag him to a hotel and take matters into her own hands.

“How’s the company doing?” Ye Qian dared not look into Song Ran’s bewitching eyes anymore. He lowered his head, eating the peanuts in his plate, and asked.


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