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Chapter 176: Ye Qian Seven Swift Strike

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Bu Qianfan
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With a single move, the enemy was defeated, and the Black Hawk mercenary member fell to the ground, losing the ability to continue the fight. This unexpected turn of events left everyone astonished.

The other three members of the Black Hawk mercenaries finally understood why Ye Qian has been so confident in urging them to attack together. He possessed genuine strength, causing them to abandon their contempt and dismissiveness towards him, and adjust their mindset accordingly.

In truth, the Black Hawk mercenary member was not as inept as they had presumed. Ye Qian’s ability to defeat him in a single strike was a result of the opponent’s severe underestimation. This became the reason for his swift defeat

Ye Qian never underestimated any opponent, regardless of their strength. He knew that such an attitude would only lead to overestimating his own abilities, potentially resulting in fatal errors. Why did many skilled individuals ultimately fall at the hands of an unknown soldier? It was because they had underestimated their opponent, leading to irreparable consequences.

Observing the expressions of the remaining three mercenaries, Ye Qian could sense that they had abandoned their previous contemptuous mindset towards him. He  smiled bitterly.

Although Ye Qian had hoped for their disdain, which would greatly increase his chances of victory, he had lost interest in that particular aproach. What truly mattered to Ye Qian was the exhilarating sensation of engaging in a battle of wits with a formidable opponent.

The three remaining members of the Black Hawk mercenaries had completely forgotten their earlier words. They attacked Ye Qian simultaneously, engaging in one-on-one combat. While their punches seemed repetitive, their strikes were fierce. Ye Qian, however, refrained from immediate retaliation, instead focusing on evasion, all the while keeping a vigilant eye on his adversaries

Although a strong offense is often the best defense, Ye Qian’s current objective was to assess the Black Hawk mercenaries’ capabilities and identify their weaknesses. It should be noted that combat skills alone do not solely determine the qualifications of a mercenary. Proficiency in marksmanship is equally indispensable.

While this confrontation shed some light on their hand-to-hand combat abilities, it did not definitively reveal their true strength. Mercenaries emphasize individual combat proficiency, yet they also value teamwork. Nevertheless, studying their combat techniques would provide valuable insight for future encounters with the Black Hawk mercenaries.

Sensing the opportune moment, Ye Qian transitioned from defense to offense, employing a move that astonished everyone present—the Groin Kick. Instantly, one of the mercenaries clutched his groin, hopping in agonizing pain, his face distorted. Fortunately, Ye Qian had exercised restraint; otherwise, the man’s prospects would have been grim. The term “shameless” permeated the thoughts of all onlookers.

Unfazed, Ye Qian bore a composed expression. He had never regarded himself as an upright gentleman. After all, who said that a fight prohibited the use of a Groin Kick? Its effectiveness spoke for itself, yielding remarkable results.

The remaining two mercenaries instinctively shielded their vulnerable areas, wary of a potential repeat of the previous move. However, Ye Qian was not the unchanging Iron Sheng from the legends. Employing a swift punch, he targeted the chest of one mercenary, channeling an invisible force that struck the man’s heart. His countenance darkened as he experienced an intense, stabbing pain in his chest, ultimately collapsing to the ground with a resounding thud.

Though not a fatal blow, given adequate medical attention, he would eventually recover and resume normal activities. However, deprived of such treatment, his life expectancy would be significantly shortned.

The remaining person  clearly lost his fighting spirit. he shifted from attacking to a complete defensive stance, skillfully evading Ye Qian’s attacks.

One strike targeted the space between the eyebrows, the second struck the area between the nose and upper lip, third hit the ear canal, the fourth struck the chest and lungs, fifth targeted the acupoint behind the knees, sixth attacked the tendons of the calves, and seventh shattered a thousand-pound pot.

Ye Qian unleashed a rapid seven-hit combo, each strike landing on the remaining person like raindrops. Accompanied by Ye Qian’s words, the person flew out like a kite with a broken string, crashing heavily to the ground. The person’s massive body was sent soaring by Ye Qian’s punches, indicating that Ye Qian’s punching power was not inferior to that of Western fighters.

Ye Qian retracted his punches, took a deep breath, and slowly suppressed the surging energy within him. Ye Qian practiced the Dark Energy technique, taught to him by a martial arts expert in Huaxia, who emphasized cultivating internal energy for many years. Although this energy was not the true qi described in martial arts novels, it enhanced his body’s ability to withstand attacks and the destructive power of his punches.

After all, they were in a hospital, in a public space. Ye Qian couldn’t afford to be ruthless, so he had already shown some mercy earlier. Otherwise, that seven-move combo would have been enough to kill the opponent instantly.

Seeing the four Black Hawk mercenaries he brought lying defeated under Ye Qian’s fists, Wei Chenglong couldn’t help but feel a trace of fear. He never expected that the mercenaries his father had paid a high price to hire would be so helpless against Ye Qian. Wei Chenglong had personally witnessed the mercenaries’ strength, so seeing this, Ye Qian was truly a terrifying existence. Wei Chenglong even began to doubt whether it was right or wrong to oppose Ye Qian.

Wei Dongqing had long obediently closed her mouth. At this critical moment, she didn’t dare to act arrogantly and pretend to be in charge. Otherwise, she wouldn’t even know how she would die. She still had some self-awareness. Her obese body trembled incessantly, and the fat on her body jiggled like a piece of pork hanging in a meat stall.

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Watching Ye Qian approach step by step, Wei Chenglong’s fear grew more apparent. However, he also knew that Ye Qian wouldn’t dare to kill him in this situation, nor did Ye Qian have any reason to do so. With this in mind, Wei Chenglong’s fear diminished somewhat, but the deep-rooted fear couldn’t just disappear with a thought. Wei Chenglong anxiously said, “Ye Qian, what… what do you want?”

A slight curve formed at the corner of Ye Qian’s as he lightly said, “What do you think I want?”

“Don’t act recklessly, this is a hospital,” Wei Chenglong said in a flustered manner, cursing the woman in his heart countless times. If it weren’t for her, he wouldn’t have experienced such a fright, nor would he have been embarrassed like this. He, the prince of the Dongxiang Group, actually made such a big scene in front of so many people. How could he face others in the future?

The onlookers were also completely shocked, not only by Ye Qian’s demonstrated skills, but also by him daring to threaten Wei Chenglong.

Who was Wei Chenglong? He was the prince of the Dongxiang Group, known for his arrogance in the SH city, with a reputation as foul as it gets. But what could they do? After all, he had power, influence, and money. However, things were different now. Seeing Wei Chenglong’s cowardly appearance in front of Ye Qian, they couldn’t help but feel delighted. Evil begets evil, and they wondered if he would dare to be so arrogant in the future.


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