Chapter 183 – The Sage’s Summons

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Author: Kashiwagi Masato Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2393 characters
Translator: PunishedLyly English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1287 words
Editor(s): Fire

「President! I look forward to meeting with you again after the break!」
「I look forward to meeting with you again as well. Have a great break.」
「Likewise, have a great break!」

At the usual student council room, I saw another student off as she left for summer break. If I’m not wrong, the student that left just now should be Nicky from Class B. She’s an apprentice mage from a yellow peer household who successfully climbed the ranks of Class B from Class D as a result of my training.

「With that, the only ones left are us four.」
「Yes, that’s right.」
「In other words, the first four, huh.」

In the student council room, there are three more people other than me. Urania is staying here to go home together with me, while Tebby and Sola delayed the start of their vacation a day due to a certain reason.

「Nonetheless, summons from gramps, I wonder what we’re summoned for?」
「Don’t act like you don’t know. Being that you, me, and Lily were the ones called for, it’s clear what’s the purpose for this is.」

The three of us, Tebby, Sola, and I were summoned here via letter by the alliance of White Peer Bodwin the Sage of Aries and White Peer Iglesio the Sage of Leo.
As for why, it wasn’t specified in the letter but two among the three are competent sorcerers that are capable of Beast Transformation at this early age. Meanwhile, I have magical talent surpassing both of them and have presented a teaching method that has never been done before.

「Well that aside…… Miss Urania, are you really feeling alright?」
「I’m, fine. Just… a bit, tired.」

Incidentally, Urania is currently lying down on the student council room sofa. We’re in the middle of getting her accustomed to magic power for her treatment, but even if it’s for medical treatment, I might have gone too far this morning.

「Treatment for the diseased, right? If that really is true, then it’ll turn the world on its head.」
「It’s that groundbreaking?」
「That disease is the incurable disease afflicting this country and the nearby empire for several hundreds of years, you know? You should really study about the world more, Lily.」

Saying so, Tebby gave me frank advice. I was aware that what I did was somewhat amazing, but it seems like it was a more significant issue than I thought.

Still, if that’s the case, then there are going to be some issues. The treatment that Urania’s having is only viable because it’s specifically done between her and me. I can’t just stick my hand up the crotches of other women after all, and how should I even start trying to treat men afflicted with this condition?

Besides, it’s currently only possible in theory at this stage. It’s fine with Urania since I can support her if anything ever might go awry, but that wouldn’t be the same for other patients. At any rate, a clinical trial will be necessary.

As I was pondering on the cure for the {diseased}, there was a knocking on the student council room’s door followed by the entrance of two people.

「Oh? Have we made you wait?」
「Foh foh foh, we got caught in a bit of traffic, you see?」

One of them, with his unusual 7:3 parted hairstyle and slightly skinny build, is Ces.
Ces, the culprit behind me being here, energetically winked at me as he entered the room and noticed me, so it seems like he hasn’t changed a bit.

The other person is a benevolent-looking old man with a white chest-length beard and curly white hair covering his whole back, the White Peer Sir Rolando Arvun Oveja Bodwin.

「First of all, let’s start with the introductions. My name is Rolando Arvun Oveja Bodwin. I have been bestowed the White Peerage and I am the Sage of Aries.」
「I’m honored to meet you. I am a guest magician of the Iglecio Household, Lily. The other house guest Urania is currently ill, so please pardon us.」
「Foh foh, it’s alright. You may rise.」

I’m not really good with formal greetings, but it’s not like I can’t do it. I kneel before Sir Rolando, showing the highest sign of respect. Originally Urania should similarly greet him here as well, but since she isn’t feeling well, I asked for his pardon. Fortunately, Sir Rolando seems to be as benevolent as he appears, so he didn’t see Urania’s absence as an issue.

「Oh! If it isn’t Tebby, it’s been a while. Have you been doing well?」
「I have! What about you gramps, have you been feeling well?」
「Foh foh, to think that young Tebby is worried about me, do I seem that senile? Don’t worry, I’ve been doing well.」

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It seems like Tebby who’s been rumored to be the next sage and Sir Rolando have a considerably close relationship, as their closeness can be felt from this short exchange.

「It’s been a long time since we last met Solarima. Has our Lily been causing you any troubles?」
「Troubles, of course not! Rather, I’m quite grateful to her.」
「Hahaha! Is that so? I haven’t been with her for too long myself, but despite how she is, she’s the type to act thinking of other people. I hope that you two stay on good terms in the future as well.」
「Yes, of course.」
「Geez! Ces! You didn’t come all the way here just to say that right?!」

What the heck, is all I can say to this. After hearing the abrupt conversation between Ces and Sola, I’m sure that my face is red with embarrassment. If I have to describe it, I feel like a middle school boy that invited a female friend home thinking that no one’s at home but for some reason, dad’s there relaxing in the living room.

「What is it, Lily? You’re already practically family, so it’s naturally my duty to greet your friends properly, isn’t it?」

Saying so with a wide grin, Ces is completely enjoying this. He’s absolutely enjoying the sight of me being red and flustered and he can’t hide it from his expressions. In that case, I have my own plan as well.

「Is that so? Then I’ll pass this on to Adan as well. “Your father butts in his own daughter’s interpersonal relationships.” and so on. What a young girl hates the most are over-meddling parents. How nice, now even if you don’t go back home, she won’t grumble about it.」
「W-wait, stop! P-please, anything but that!」

Ces’ weak point is unquestionably his daughter Adan. Being so busy with work that he can’t quite return home, Ces values the times he has with Adan the most. Adan herself loves Ces as well, so their relationship is pleasantly harmonious; but once Adan gets into the phase where she starts hating meddling from her father, this relationship will crumble.

「Haa, what are you even doing there rattling about?」
「Old Ron, my relationship with my daughter is a serious matter!」
「Enough about that for now. More importantly, let’s move on to the main subject.」

With Sir Rolando’s words, the room is filled with a tense atmosphere. Is it his position as a sage that makes him skilled in producing this sort of tension, or is it the wisdom of age he’s amassed staying alive until now?

「Hm, it appears that you three have figured out the gist of things, so I’ll omit the cumbersome preface. We’ve come here to assess you three as to be sage candidates.」

The time has finally come.


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