Chapter 182 – Lily’s Intentions

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Author: Kashiwagi Masato Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2393 characters
Translator: PunishedLyly English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1081 words
Editor(s): Fire

As I couldn’t help myself from making a grin, I quickly hardened my face. It’s been five days since the Magic Mastery Festival, and once today’s classes end, it’ll be the start of our long summer vacation.

However, the reason I can’t stop smiling isn’t related to the long break. No, it’s not completely unrelated but more than that, something very important happened. The other day, Urania and I finally did it!

The way Urania was on the bed, desperately holding her voice back while clinging to me as she wanted more pleasure was absolutely the cutest. After that, the way she couldn’t hold her gasps and moans back anymore was just so arousing that it blew my reasoning away and I couldn’t stop myself anymore.

Even so, it seems like I’ve gotten used to this body, to the point where I don’t drain life energy completely. Well, I do have some insurance in that regard.

One reason I thought of doing our first in this timing is because Urania being so self-absorbed made me snap.

After making me so entranced with you, you think this far into our relationship I’d hate you, that I’d just abandon you? Like hell I would ever do that! I’m sure that Urania had her own worries and seeing Tebby and Sola probably made her feel anxious. Even so, I wanted her to have some trust in me.

The other reason is to cure Urania’s disease, or rather treat her current condition.

These past few months, while teaching various beastkin students about magic and magecraft, I have been observing the source of their power. I particularly observed Tebby and Sola since they were able to reach the beastkin’s peak, beast transformation. That really helped considerably.

Being a sheephorn-kin, Tebby naturally has a horn even before his beast transformation. By transforming, his horns enlarge so that he can use his full power and when this happens, I feel a swelling surge of magic power.

With Tebby’s permission, I examined his horns closely and discovered that the horn stores magic power inside its tough outer layer. Whenever he transforms, the stored up magic power would flow into his whole body, enveloping him like armor, giving him excess energy so he can use more power than he usually does. In this situation, a small horn would produce a large energy loss since it can’t conduct well enough, so by enlarging, the loss is decreased.

And while the magic mastery festival was my first time seeing Sola’s beast transformation; being a fox ear-kin, I observed that she regularly stores magic power in her tail. Just to be sure, I checked with Magic Sight and it seems that there’s a magic core-like organ inside her tail.

Similarly with Tebby’s horn, this magic core-like thing transmits magic power into her whole body when transformed, creating an armor of magic power. In Sola’s case, instead of enlarging, the increase of the number of her tails was her way of decreasing energy loss.

Now then, with that I was somehow able to understand the mechanism behind the beast transformation.

And here we go back to Urania. Why is Urania being called “diseased” and why has she been considered a failure that can’t do beast transformation. That’s because of the drug used to treat the epidemic that she caught, which had the side effect of causing the magic power storing organ that should be within her body to malfunction.

The thing that’s inside Tebby’s horns and Sola’s tail, an organ that works similarly to a monster’s magic core, should be present in Urania as well. However, as a side effect of the magic power dispersing drug, I suspect that that organ could have vanished, if not shrunk to an extremely small size.

Since it was when she was young, the magic power it could store shouldn’t be particularly much and was likely dispersed easily.

The remedy for this would be to implant that said organ or if regeneration is possible, that would be the fastest alternative, but since Urania has lived as a “diseased” for too long, even I can’t regenerate it anymore.

In that case, is there no other possible treatment? No, that’s not the case. While there are some differences, a beastkin’s body is not too different from a regular person’s body and my body isn’t that different from them both as well.

And I noticed that my succubus transformation works on nearly the same mechanism as the beastkin’s beast transformation.

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So, considering this, if I can prepare Urania a magic power storing organ-like mine, then it should be possible for Urania to transform. And after examining Urania’s body, the organ most suited to storing magic power in Urania’s case is one located at what’s called the lower dantian of the human body.

This is probably a result of Urania acquiring the ability to control life essence from her sharing her life essence with me. And this location in question is practically the most compatible place for a succubus like me.

The dantian is, for humans, the place where magic power gathers the most and it’s also near the place where one would feel pleasure. There’s probably no other place more compatible than this.

So with that, I decided on my treatment method with Urania, but the issue is that this is a medical treatment. In other words, I’ll be obligated to touch Urania. The best way to access the dantian is from the lower half of the body. Still, would it really be fine for our first time to be that done out of obligation, without any ounce of romance? No, it’s not.

That’s why before I do it out of obligation, I decided to do Urania on my own terms.

It might not have been as romantic as I liked and it’s extremely different from my ideal first time but even so, Urania and I successfully had our first time. After that, we had more fun time under the pretext of medical treatment. This is Urania’s fault for being too cute.

There’s nothing I need to hesitate about anymore and considering that we’ll be having our long break from here on out, there’ll be even more fun times with Uraina in the future. So with that, the fact that I can’t stop smiling is unavoidable.


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