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Chapter 180 – At the End of Festivities……

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Author: Kashiwagi Masato Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2393 characters
Translator: PunishedLyly English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1157 words
Editor(s): Fire

「Geez, to think that they’d completely demolish the field…….」

In the usual training area now devoid of people, I couldn’t help but talk to myself.

This time’s game participants, the class A students, fell to the floor completely exhausted after the brief closing ceremony, so I had the students of class C and D who were watching to escort them to their rooms. I had Shogo follow them, so it should be fine.

Until a few minutes ago the other students that supported the magic fest were still present, but since the cleanup was practically done, I had them head back to rest. Since this magic mastery festival is something of a personal recreation event I held on my own and not an actual school event, there are regular classes tomorrow.

Since the exams are already finished, it’ll be more like a review of the topics that the class isn’t too good at, but since this is our main duty as students, we can’t just neglect it due to playing around.

Besides, the final thing needed to finish this clean-up is to return the training area’s expanded magic mastery festival use space to its former size, which is something that only I can do. And with that, I’m the only one here left.

Training started with the chance encounters in spring, gradually we grew in number, and now we’re greeting summer. The students of class A became much stronger than I expected. There were some that were already powerful to begin with, some that could finally make use of the weapons that they couldn’t use before, some that were hiding their fangs, and even some that awakened new powers and abilities.

While Tebby and Sola absolutely overdid it in the last game, that was also a result of me underestimating their growth. While I did scold them for rampaging to the point that they forgot their surroundings, I was honestly full of praises for them on the inside. Seriously, great job on actually destroying my castle.

While I am pretty happy about their growth, at the same time, I found different new issues that need solving. Particularly, I suppose I should correct their magic manipulation to be more thorough?

For example, Tebby. With how high Tebby’s affinity with fire magic power is, he shouldn’t have needed to waste energy in scattering hot air all over the place. In the last clash with Sola in particular, while he was probably also quite heated up, there was a lot of wasted magic power.

That resulted in the destruction of the white chalk castle but originally it should be possible for him to direct all that firepower towards Sola alone. It’s the same case with Sola, if she had better magic power control, all that destructive energy from her lighting could have been focused on Tebby. In other words, both of them wasted magic power.

With even the first two to undergo my training in that state, there’s no need to look at the others that joined afterwards.

Regarding this, it’s something that could directly clash with the academy’s educational policy, so it’s something I’m worried about. In my training, what I teach is that even with a small amount of magic power and the use of elementary magic, as long as one has proper control, it can perform evenly with large magic.

In contrast, what the academy’s educational policy focuses on is the use of large amounts of magic power with high level magic to bring out maximum results. They work on the same mindset with sorcery as well, simply emphasizing on force and scale.

Honestly speaking, it’s not that only one of these ideas are correct. If you get used to large magic in the way the academy teaches, you’ll be able to remember the flow of this massive volume of magic power.

However, this is highly dependent on the amount of one’s magic power and their instincts in manipulating magic. In other words, it requires natural-born talent, something that people can’t really control.

Examples from class A would be Tebby and Sola. Even if I don’t correct their habits, it’s likely that they’ll eventually manage to use powerful magic without any waste. However, people like Kut and Mahara would eventually hit a wall with the amount of magic power they have, something that they can’t do anything about, and their growth will be halted there.

Maybe if they advance to the 2nd or 3rd year then there might be guidance and coaching on how to break through that wall, but from what I’ve heard, I can’t expect too much from the academy’s treatment of students that have halted in growth.

「Well, in the end, I guess we’ll just have to manage it when the time comes.」

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Which method is suitable for a person is something that you wouldn’t know until you try. I’ve already explained my policies to the students and I am training them, but in the end, whichever method they want to go with will depend on them and them alone.

Speaking of which, the fact that Liev and Joaquin were able to use magic was a great shock to the class C and class D students.

I’ve talked with various other students about this while we were preparing for the Magic Master Festival, but nearly everyone said that they would accept a grimoire. While I won’t say that magecraft is bad, the feeling of being able to use magic freely is something I really want many people to experience.

I plan to distribute the grimoires after the break, so we’ll have to finish it up during summer. I also need to go to the hot spring for the team’s prize and I need to go back to Gateskeep to see Adan too. I’d love to see “Grim” and “Fyne” as well, but since we’re also going to assist with Ces’ work, it might be impossible this time.

It would be great if I could use teleportation magic, but there’s no magic like that among the ones I can use. It should be a part of the spatial attribute magic, but all I can do right now is expand or reduce space and summon objects that were marked prior using “Apport”.

If I could analyze the teleport magic circle, I might be able to get some clues on how to use it, but since it’s a state secret, there’s really no way that they’d let a first-year student analyze it.

「Okay, that should finish it.」

Perhaps due to me thinking about other things while doing so, it took more time than expected but with this, the training area is now back to its original size.

Now then, once I return to our room, I’ll have to check up on Urania……


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