Chapter 179 – Event No. 8 Conquest Part 4 (Finale)

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Author: Kashiwagi Masato Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2393 characters
Translator: PunishedLyly English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 851 words
Editor(s): Fire

—Hermie POV

Fuha, hahahaha!! I lost, done, completely destroyed!」
Hie, hehehehe!! Imposhirrl! Kaank Wii!」

Urania and I laugh as we lie down sprawling. The difference in strength was so great that the two of us couldn’t help but laugh.

Our reckless challenge to them from the front ended with an obvious conclusion. I’m burned all over and it’s painful to move while Urania has it worse since she received a direct hit from Sola’s lightning and is numb all over, it’s difficult for her to even speak.

Despite this, we did give our best.

I offset a fire vortex Tebby made with my own water vortex and extinguished the firebird that attacked soon after with a waterspout. Since Tebby’s firepower in beast form is much greater than ever, I needed it to come as close as possible to extinguish it. Due to that, I ended up getting hit with hot steam and boiling water.

Even so, I managed to come close and throw a muddy steam with all the magic power I have at Tebby, but that ended with the stream evaporating before it could reach him. And as I ran out of magic power, I was blasted away by a steam explosion.

On Urania’s side, she headed to Sola and blocked the crackling lightning with a dagger made with earth magic. It’s a feat made possible by her amazing physical ability and incredible kinetic vision that supports her in high-speed combat, but, even with this, it seems like she couldn’t reach Sola.

I became too occupied with my own battle so I couldn’t observe Urania’s fight to the end, but since I saw Urania get sent flying as I was blown away, I imagine that she might have gotten close with her attack short of reaching Sola similar to me.

While we received injuries so heavy that it’s hard to believe that we’re alive because of our rashness, the reason we can laugh like this is probably because we trust that Lily will help us with this.

No, really, I can’t believe we’re still alive, but something more unbelievable is happening right in front of us.

There are bubble-like transparent spheres floating in the sky with each of them having class A students inside of them. Some of them are unconscious, while the others are in wide-eyed surprise. Ah, I met eyes with Mahara. It seems like she’s safely protected as well.

I’ve been trying to distract myself from reality for a while, but as I shift my gaze right below me I see the mountain of rubble. That’s right, after Tebby and Sola kicked us out, they then proceeded to use their full power against each other and completely destroyed the chalk-white castle Lily constructed. Lily frantically came to the rescue and that’s the reason for the bubbles currently floating in the sky.

She gave every participant a sort of barrier that can block the magic of those two and, furthermore, grabbed the two rampaging problem children by the band of their collars and chided them. How can I describe it? This scene just shows that there’s always someone better.

And those two culprits are currently kneeling in front of the rubble mountain while receiving a scolding from Lily.

「I’ll admit that I misjudged your strengths. I’m in the wrong for that, definitely! Still! Think about the surroundings dammit, limit yourself!!1
Uh-…… B-but……」
「It was so fun, so…… I forgot…… 」

After Tebby said so, Sola nodded in agreement. Rather, Lily, you’re too agitated that your mask is completely off right now, you know? Are you fine with showing your true personality in front of all the first years?

「Are you battle junkies!? Was it really damn necessary to destroy the stage!? If I didn’t do anything more than half of the people would’ve died crushed by the damn rubble!! 」

Seeing the two of them hang their heads, I can’t believe that these two miserable-looking people here are the same people that destroyed the chalk-white castle. Are these two really the same sorcerers that we lost to?

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And is that some sort of demon floating behind Lily…..? I’ve once heard that in the empire there’s a method of summoning guardian spirits passed from generation to generation, but might Lily be a practitioner of this as well?

Haah…… Anyways, continuing is impossible with how it is, so the eighth event is invalidated.」
「Don’t Eh!? me. Even I can’t make something this big with zero preparations prior, you know? There’s no stage, the fight didn’t get settled, so there’s no other choice but to invalidate the event. Also, your teams get -5 points as a penalty!」

Umm, in that case, the current points are… teams A and B had 19 points, so minus 5 and they’re at 14, my team C had 14, and Urania’s team D had 18, so……

「So it’s an upset victory for team D.」
「「「Are you serious!??!?」」」


  1. Lyly: Lol, “Think, Tebby! Think!”

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