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Chapter 143 – Chance Encounter

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Author: Kashiwagi Masato Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2393 characters
Translator: PunishedLyly English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1103 words
Editor(s): Fire

It’s been three months since the incident and while Glen is already awake, Milt’s persuasion didn’t bear any fruit and even now he hasn’t joined in our training sessions. Still, I don’t know if the other first prince faction students have been persuaded by Milt or if they simply turned their back on Glen, but these students have joined the student council’s training sessions.

Furthermore, the two mages from class B invited their classmates, so the students receiving the student council’s training has just exceeded 30 people. Up until now, I’ve somehow managed to teach each student one at a time but as expected, with these numbers, doing this by myself has been difficult.

I’m amazed that the teachers in my past life could handle 30 to 40 people each. The most I could handle is 20, while 15 people is the easiest when coaching exhaustively. Still, if we don’t train these students that took the opportunity to join us, then it’ll damage the student council’s name.

We’re still mainly on basic training, so I can compensate by grouping the students and teaching them by groups but at this rate, it’s obvious that things are going to break down the instant we start attribute-sorted training sessions. I want to drag in somebody from the faculty before that happens, but since the only faculty member I’ve actually conversed with is professor Herman, I’m currently hesitating on going forward.

At this point, should I just try asking the professor that’s always doing the paperwork when we borrow the key? He seems to be a mage, but he seems to have good character and doesn’t seem to be against the academy changing, so he’s a possible candidate.

Still, since it’s been a month since the entrance ceremony now, while the classes in the morning are mainly on the fundamental knowledge and are taught by class, the afternoon classes are separate classes based on the attribute the students choose to attend. I’ll probably meet various different professors during this, so it might be better to decide then.

Most students have 2-3 attributes in general and maybe 4 at most, so they’ll only need to attend roughly 2-3 classes a week. For singular attributes like Tebby, 5 times a week. I heard that many of the professors assigned to these classes, being sorcerers that specialize in their respective attributes, do some pretty interesting lessons, so compared to the boring fundamentals we’ve been learning about up until now, I am looking forward to them.

Despite that, I have a big problem with these classes. Since I took all of the 12 attribute exams and topped them all, I’m required to take the classes on all of them. There’s no way that I can attend to all of these in just five classes a week, so with two weeks, I’ll still be left with two attributes unattended.

I still need a helping hand for the after-class training sessions, if only there were two of me… As that thought ran through my mind, she appeared.


「Bi~g Sis~!」

As I quickly finished my lunch and headed to the academy crop fields for the earth attribute class, someone hugged me while yelling so.

Wa~h, as I thought, it really is you! It’s been a while! Last time was at the mountain, right! Geez! I even went to Motsi to play with you, but you weren’t there! Don’t suddenly disappear like that! Still, that Arisa person from that “Grim” party was super over-familiar with me, what’s with her!? I tasted a bit of her, but she was really salty, so I spat out! Was that okay? Ah, since you don’t like people being hurt, I made sure not to hurt her! She might have gotten knocked out for three days, but she’s fine, completely fine. Rather, where were you? Wait, that’s a Class A textbook!? Wa~h, as expected of big sis! I knew you could do anything with your “dream” but class A! Ah, I’m in class D! The exams seemed really bothersome and he isn’t really that good with magecraft, so I couldn’t be bothered trying! It’s okay, right? The lectures are such a bore too, and this is only for… public appearances? and stuff after all! Ah, but if I can meet with you more, then I guess I should attend the lectures more diligently? Well, who cares! We’re already meeting right now!」

This girl that said all of this in a single breath was, the more I look at her, extremely similar to “Lily”. Her hair was of the same sakura pink as mine, but unlike my gold eyes, hers was deep red. Other than this, the only difference is our clothing.

While I’ve modified the regular uniform without altering its outward appearance and have the white cloak of the white peer household, this girl slovenly has her buttons open up to her chest and has excess sleeves slightly hiding her hands. While she doesn’t have a cloak on, she’s wearing a men’s jacket in exchange.

「…… Ah, ummm, I have no idea who you might be but your clothing is in disarray. I’ll fix it up, so don’t move.」

Well, yeah. I actually have an idea of who she might be. I’m sure she’s the one that hatched from the egg at the sacred mountain. Still, having a person with the same face and voice as me looking like this would bring down my dignity, I want to act like we’re not related. However, with how similar we look, that’s probably impossible.

「Lily, you had a little sister?」
「I had no idea up until now, but it seems like I do.1
「…… I see.」

I’m sure that Urania is imagining that we have a complicated family situation. Still, there’s no way that I can say the truth. If I say that I’m a doujin artist from another world in my past life who was reincarnated by a self-alleged god that said that he’s a fan of my work when I died from overworking and was born from the sacred mountain, who would even believe it? Even I still can’t believe it myself.

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「Here, that should do it. I am Lily, who might you be?」
「Ah, this is the first time we’ve spoken, wasn’t it? Right. Since you’re White Lily, I’m Selena, Black Selena! Your only little sister and the [One that Produces] in [Creation]!」

Proudly puffing out her chest that’s similar in size to mine, she declared so.


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