Chapter 142 – A Certain Girl’s Likes and Dislikes

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Author: Kashiwagi Masato Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2393 characters
Translator: PunishedLyly English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 701 words
Editor(s): Fire

—Mysterious girl POV

There’s a lot of things that I like.1

Like jellies of various different colors and flavors.2

When they enter my mouth, they melt into sweetness. They’re like small jewels in my mouth and are super cute.

I like sweets other than jellies too. Each of them are wrapped up adorably, every single one of them.

And when I eat them with the tea from my favorite place, I can’t help but shiver in happiness.

I like him. When I was wandering lost, he took me into his home without any questions and gave me delicious food. I only thought of people as food, so I was surprised but food eaten together with someone else was super delicious.

And also big sister! I was really excited to play with big sis, so I prepared a to~n of pets, but we still haven’t met yet. Unlike me, she seems to be really good with magic, so I thought that I’d meet her if I went to this academy, but is she perhaps not here?3

Unlike big sister, my [Power of Production] is more restricted. Producing, or rather bringing forth creatures is much easier, so I can’t help but bring forth more and more. The pets that resulted from this are usually inside my [Dream Storage] living as they like.

Ropers and goblins aren’t very cute, so I don’t like them but growleus rolling on the ground and showing off their stomachs are very adorable and snuggling the fly-cats while it purred4 is a really pleasant experience; so I also like these pets of mine.

There’s a lot of things that I hate too.

I hate those women nestling close to him.

Taking advantage of how he’s gentle and doesn’t complain much despite being the second son of a purple peer, there’s a lot of women that approach him for their own convenience. He’s mine, so don’t you draw near them as you please.

I hate his older brother who always has something to say against me.

I know that it’s because his older brother is around that I can freely go out with him, but please stop complaining about every little thing I do. He only replies with a troubled smile when his brother does this, but it doesn’t look like he hates his brother, so I don’t do anything as well.

I hate the bitter green thing mixed into my food.

I never liked vegetables to begin with and I don’t actually need that much normal food in the first place. I do fine as long as I have water and a bit of meat. The only things I like eating are small melty sweets. Despite that, these things are occasionally mixed into my meals. The instant I bite on these, the bitterness exploding in my mouth is so bad that it makes my face squinch. Still, when I see his gentle smile, I can’t bring myself to spit it out.

And I hate classes.

Even during the entrance ceremony, when I realized that I’ll have to listen to some important person talking for a long time, I immediately snuck out. Classes are just full of boring lectures and repetitive training, so I got bored really quickly. Class A seems to be doing some interesting stuff but here at class D with him, we just do the same thing every day.

I hate these boring days.

I do like spending time with him and the sweets I have every day aren’t bad at all. Still, these never-changing days, these never-changing sceneries, I’ve gotten a bit tired of these. Could there be something interesting somewhere? Thinking that, I’ve been eating lunch at the cafeteria and skipping classes to go to the roof lately but after three days, this just ended up being a part of my boring days.

Ah~ah, is there anything fun to do?

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  1. Lyly: Mysterious girl POV, who could it be?
  2. Silva: This gave it away, it must be Arytte!
  3. Silva: Oh? So she finally made an appearance?
  4. Silva: purring while snuggling? what…?

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