Chapter 118 – Academy Tour

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Author: Kashiwagi Masato Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2393 characters
Translator: PunishedLyly English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1141 words
Editor(s): Fire

While the dormitory was big, the academy was even bigger. Currently, Urania and I are in the sky. I repeat, we’re in the sky.

I shouldn’t have taken Ces’ quick tour at face value. After all that’s said, Ces is considered a Sage, a sorcerer of the highest peak, and no matter how sensible he sounds, he’s still an individual beyond the norm.

「Can you see it? That large building is the training department. It’s three storeys high and five floors deep. The underground floors also function as experimental facilities. Next to it is the alchemic tower. The alchemy classes will be held at that tower, so be sure to remember it, Lily.」
「Got it~」

To fly up here, Ces cast “Levitation” on Urania while I cast it on my ‌body. Looking from above, the academy ground is extremely wide and other than the academy facilities, there aren’t any other buildings around.

There are four large buildings, each named the first academic department, the second academic department, the third academic department, and the training department. The training department is basically a gymnasium. Besides that, there’s also the teacher’s department, but these four buildings are so big that it’s hidden behind their shadows.

And the most eye-catching structures would be the twelve research towers surrounding these four. As hinted by the fact that there’s as many towers as there are sages, these towers were bestowed to the sages of each generation to use for their research. Ces owns one of these towers as well, but it seems like it isn’t open for the students. Though I’m told that there are a few researchers working there.

Concerning these towers, there are ones that are open for student entry, but it depends on the sage. The two best examples would be the Sage of Taurus, an alchemic sorcerer, and the Sage of Virgo, a life sorcerer. It’s said that as the sages in the past concluded that these two magics are critical to the advancement of the kingdom, they took the initiative to teach and disseminate their craft to the public.

Incidentally, the place we were teleported to was the teleportation tower owned by the Sages of Gemini. It’s the only entrance to the academy and there are no other means of getting here. Or rather……

「Ces, where actually is this place?」
「I really can’t answer that question. But, well, I wouldn’t recommend trying to get here with any method other than teleportation. Though if you’d like to go for a dip in the ocean, I won’t stop you.」
「Well…… I’m not really into getting stranded at sea myself.」

From the sky, I can understand why. North of the academy is a towering mountain, while to the south is a small prairie. Surrounding the prairie is an absurdly thick forest and if by any chance you get to the other side, it’s all sea. Yup, it’s the ocean. It seems like this academy was established on an island that’s not on any map.

Considering the land area of this island, it should be completely visible to any passing ship, but this island is enveloped by a barrier which makes it so that people can’t approach it. Monsters and magic beasts are roaming the forests and the mountain, and the mountain is also a dungeon.

Naturally, the dungeon and the forests are used to train the students, but there have been a lot of students that have gone too deep and never returned. And since there have been many cases where the noble sons and daughters got ‌overconfident with their abilities and dove straight into the danger zones, it’s also a source of distress for the teachers.


「Then, Lord Ces, what sort of character does the principal have?」
「To sum it up, he’s an average guy. While being a sorcerer, he’s not a noble and so he’s weak to pressure. And, well, the one practically manning the academy as of now is the vice-principal Purple Peer Rois. While the principal has the highest authority, he doesn’t make use of it. So why don’t we get off his backside from now on, shall we?」

As he said so, Ces makes an evil grin. He normally has a kind of harmless-looking smile, but he gets rowdy and demonic in battle, and when he’s thinking of some sort of scheme, he’d have an expression that would make him look like the devil himself. I always wonder which is the real him, but I’d say that the affectionate side he shows towards Adan is probably the one.

「H-h-hello, it’s a pleasure to have you here. A-ahh, please come and sit.」
「Principal Peram, would you mind if we do the introductions beforehand?」
「A-a-ah, of course, forgive me.」

This slightly chubby man with the appearance of a mouse is the principal of this academy, Principal Peram. Considering his grey ears and bare tail, it seems that he’s a mouse beast-kin of the fanged rat-kin. From what I’m told at a later time, the lion royalty Ces and the Cat ear-kin Ms. Sammy are just inexplicably terrifying to him. That terror is engraved in him on an instinctual level or so.

「It’s my pleasure to have your acquaintance. I am a guest apprentice magician of the Iglesio household and a student of Class A this upcoming opening, Lily. 」
「Similarly, I am Urania.」
「I’ve heard about you two. Congratulations on having the top assessment, Miss Lily. And to you as well, Urania. I am the principal of this academy, Peram. 」

After formally introducing ourselves, we exchanged a handshake with the principal. Hmm, his magic power is leaking out a bit. I guess he’s nervous because he’s in front of Ces?

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「Miss Lily, as the top passer, you will be expected to give a speech during the entrance ceremony program. Regarding your family status, as you have the direct support of the Iglesio household, there shouldn’t be any issues.」
「Of course, I am ‌thankful to have this honor. I am sure my speech will meet your and Lord Ces’ expectations.」

As I said so, I handed the principal a sheet of paper. Seeing its contents, the principal turned pale and Ces’ eyes shone like a beast’s finding its prey. Incidentally, Urania is just calmly drinking tea with no concern for what’s happening. Urania’s turn to shine is still far off in the future. Until then, she’ll be spending her time as a normal student.

Afterward, thanks to Ces’ persuasion, if you don’t call that coercion that is, the principal gladly agreed to our proposition. I’ve cleared the first barrier to the plan. For now, why don’t we make a big bang at the entrance ceremony, shall we??


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