Chapter 117 – The Academy Dormitory is Big

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Author: Kashiwagi Masato Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2393 characters
Translator: PunishedLyly English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1142 words
Editor(s): Fire

It’s finally the day we head to the academy. Led by Ces, we arrived once again at the royal castle.

To tell the truth, Aureitas Magecraft Academy isn’t ‌in the Royal Capital. Only the royal family and the twelve sages know its exact location, and one can only go there through special means. Being the case that it’s a place where children of the nobility and promising youngsters are gathered, this also serves as a countermeasure to make sure that anti-monarchists and spies from other countries are given no clue to its location.

「Lily, Urania. Here it is.」
「A magic circle……?」
「That’s right, this room itself holds the secret art that only exists in the Kingdom of Aureitas, the magic circle of teleportation. 」

The whole room is engraved with magic circles. On the floor is a standard circular magic circle, on the roof is a similarly circular magic circle, while geometrical patterns and what’s likely to be characters from an ancient language is etched onto the four walls. These patterns and characters are interlinked with each other and the walls… no, this whole room functions as a single magical tool.

「Amazing…… it’s practically a work of art……」
『I agree, this is something that you don’t see every day. Even I haven’t seen anything like this before.』

Even the estimated 1000+-year-old Arytte hasn’t seen a magical tool of this scale before, it seems. From that, I can only guess just how unique this room is.

「Let’s get it ready. Lily, could you help with this?」
「Of course.」

Ces and I inject magic power into the magic circle. This magical tool anchors everything in the space inside the room and teleports it to another location, meaning everything going to the academy should be brought into this room. In reality, cases like these where only a few students use this room aren’t really permitted, but the Iglesio household can’t be treated like commoners and other nobles, so we headed to the academy in advance before any other students arrive.

As more magic power is charged, the magic circles etched into the room began glowing. It gleamed like the starry sky, I nearly let out a sigh from its beauty.

「Charging complete. As I thought, it’s really fast with two people.」
「It exhausts quite the amount of magic, doesn’t it?」
「It really does. Still, despite how it seems, it has been through a lot of modifications. I’m told that it’s a lot better compared to how it was originally.」

I’m told that the creators of this magical tool were the first Sages of Gemini. Other than the Demon Lord of the past and the Sages of Gemini, nobody else has awakened to teleportation magic; for generations, the Sage of Gemini and their relatives have worked on improving teleportation magic and modifying this magical tool. However, they didn’t have any eye-catching results and all they could do at most is reduce the magic power required for activation.

「Now then, shall we go?」
『Let’s go!』
「Some people get nauseated by this, so stay on your feet.」

As we replied to Ces’ confirmation, the magic circle activates. The patterns glistening from the charged magic power increased its glow to a blinding extent and enveloped us in light. Following that, I felt a sense of weightlessness for a moment and then a powerful pull from gravity. I involuntarily staggered and Urania who was next to me propped me up.


It seems like Arytte who was flying lost to the pull of gravity and crashed to the ground. She’s holding her nose in tears. Since it can’t be helped, I picked her up and sat her on my shoulder.

『Uugh…… Thanks……』
「You’re welcome. Ces, have we arrived already?」
「That’s right, we’ve successfully teleported. As for the teleportation nausea…… it seems like everybody’s fine. Except for Hans.」

Hans groaned as he crouched on the floor. Perhaps since he’s more used to driving a carriage, it seems like the elevator-like vertical motion of the teleportation is hard on him.

「I have been expecting you, White Peer Iglesio. And our new students of Class A, Ms. Lily and Ms. Urania.」
「Hey Sammy. It’s been a while, hasn’t it? Lily, Urania, this here is the supervisor of the ladies’ dormitory, Samantha Mauve Tomkin.」
「Oh come now, young master Ces. There’s no need for a formal introduction. Milady Lily and Urania, please call me Sammy.」
「Nn, pleased to meet you.」
「It’s a pleasure to meet you, Lad-…… Ms. Sammy.」

Since she’s an older noble lady, I was about to call her Lady, but then she glared at me. Miss Sammy is a tawny-haired cat ear-kin older lady, she has been working in the academy dormitory for over thirty years if you include her years as an apprentice. By the time Ces was enrolled, it seems like she was already the dorm mother.

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As hinted by the fact we came here through teleportation, this academy is a boarding school. The students can only go home four times annually; once every seasonal break, or when they apply for permission. The students spend their time in the dormitory and we practically never leave the academy grounds.

「Milady, this will be your room.」

The room we were led to was a room occupying the whole top floor of the second ladies’ dormitory. Among the students currently enrolled, with us excluded, there are only three people of the white peer’s household. And only one among these three is female, and I’m told that she’s living in the first ladies dormitory.

Being that the room occupies the entire floor, it’s pretty spacious. There are two bathrooms and five beds. It even has its own kitchen and dining area. I guess the previous inhabitants left these here, but it’s furnished with several magical tools, so comfort here shouldn’t be too different from that of the Iglesio Mansion.

Still, it’s a bit dubious in the security department, so we’ll be remodeling the room later on.

「Now then, let’s leave the room arrangement to Hans and Est, and have a tour of the academy.」

With a matching reply, the two briskly started arranging the luggage and the room. It seems like they’ve already decided on what they would do beforehand, as even without discussing with each other, they’re seamlessly proceeding with their work. It looks like Est is mainly in charge of the bedroom while Hans is in charge of the living room and the kitchen.

Since it should be fine to leave the arrangement to the two, we went with Ces’ suggestion and asked for an academy tour. And as I’ll be meeting with the principal later today, it’s probably just a quick tour.


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