Chapter 113 – Overdoing It Even in the Examinations

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Author: Kashiwagi Masato Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2393 characters
Translator: PunishedLyly English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1145 words
Editor(s): Fire

Walking before me is a seemingly exhausted Sola. And beside her, Urania is patting her on the shoulder as if to console her, while Est is behind me wearing a strained smile.

「Lily, you’re just too much!」
「Nn, it’s Lily so it can’t be helped.」
「You two……」
「Rather, Lily being abnormal is completely normal.」

From their harsh remarks, I honestly feel depressed. Why did it end up like this!? It’s true that I might have overdone it a bit, but did I really go that far……?


It was right after we finished the fire attribute examination, when we were doing the earth attribute test.

The earth attribute examination was to sculpt something, anything, with earth magic. I expected there to be some heckling like back then on the fire attribute test, but although earth is one of the fundamental attributes, it’s not really popular, and there weren’t any examinees other than Urania and I.

Among the fundamental attributes, the earth attribute can bring forth material objects. While there are some, like “Needle” and “Wall”, that require materials from the surrounding area, earth attribute magic has a lot of utility.

While Urania created a cute stout golem, I made a detailed 1/1000 miniature of the castle, which surprised the examiners. I was also surprised with how easier sculpting with a model in front of me was compared to making a magical item, but I was told that something that small and detailed would normally collapse on itself.

After that was the water attribute examination. Sola was with me this time. The test subject differed from the others up until now, there’s a specified magic and magecraft to be used, and we were required to produce water, freeze the water, change water into vapor, and control the flow of water.

Water magic is difficult to use in combat as it is. However, it can be transformed into various different shapes and, similar to earth magic, can leave behind a material object when turned into ice. Anyhow, since it’s extremely versatile, it’s the second most popular attribute right after fire.1

As we were told to produce the maximum amount of water we can control, Sola brilliantly brought forth 20 liters of water. And not learning anything from my mistakes ‌until now, I produced the maximum amount of water I could control. As a result, the tent was completely flooded out.

Thankfully, the water is completely filled with my magic power, so I immediately gathered it and turned it into vapor. Copying Sola, I left 20 liters of water and continued the examination.2 Yeah, while the tent didn’t get drenched since it was water produced from magic, I seriously panicked. Let’s be careful from now on.

After this, we headed to the wind attribute tent. With that, I was about to complete all the four fundamental attributes. The wind attribute’s advantage is its extremely wide area of effect. It’s to the point where weather-type magic, Adan’s specialty, is completely out of the question if one can’t use wind attribute magic.

The wind attribute test is, just like the fire attribute one, to attack a doll. Unlike the fire attribute test, the doll isn’t fitted with armor but, in exchange, each examinee are given ten dolls each, I guess?

Urania and I chose the basic combat magic “Cut”. It activates extremely fast and the magic itself is quick, so it’s really easy to cast multiple or expand its range. Urania fired “Cut” on each of her targets and received an A-class assessment, while I made a “Cut” large enough to hit all 10 of them in one go.

And it was probably a mistake, as when the gigantic “Cut” magic touched a doll, it vacuumed the dolls and shredded them into bits and pieces. From this horrific result, it wasn’t only the examiner and Sola who were taken aback, but even I who caused this can only barely muster a cramped smile. Rather, I’m glad I didn’t try this against people…… It would have been too much of a splatterfest.


「…… Did I, perhaps, go overboard?」
「If you realized it, then I’d be extremely delighted.」

It seems like I did worse than I imagined. Urania is looking at me like she’s a disappointed mother.

「Next would be the alchemic examination, the only one taking it will be Lily, yes?」
「That’s right. I have experience in producing magical tools, so I’m hoping that this would be of use but……」
「If that’s the case, then you can present one of your past works instead of taking the test.」

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Alchemy is a form of magic and magecraft, and its function is specialized in crafting and modification. Even in my past life, I think it was considered to be a technique for creating gold, and in the same way, alchemy is a form of magic that uses magic power to transfigure objects into something of a higher level.

「Lady Lily, is it? We’ve been informed by the great sage that you will submit your craft for the test. Additionally, we’ve been left with the message, “Don’t you use that stone,” but……」
「Uhh, right. Understood. Then please accept this.」

The stone refers to the mock 『Philosopher’s Stone』 I made on a whim. Since we’re in a fantasy world after all, I tried making one, but then it went better than I expected. A 『Philosopher’s Stone』 is said to be capable of turning metal into gold and water into a potion of immortality, the elixir, but the one I made was just somewhat inferior to that.3

It can’t turn metal into gold, but it can turn an ordinary pebble into iron. It can’t turn water into an elixir, but it can turn it into a potion that can heal injuries and cure diseases to a certain extent. This is clearly an overspec’ed item, so I sealed it into the deep depths of the 【Dream Storage】.

And so what I submitted was the anti-intruder magical tool I’ve installed all over the Iglesio estate. It looks like an ordinary ball, but it’s designed to detect nearby magic power, and will sound an alarm and electrify anyone coming near it. I was pretty fussy about the magic power detection feature, so there’s a setting for making exceptions for magic power that was registered in advance.

In cases of magical tool submission, the examiners would have to dismantle it for a thorough analysis, so they can’t give an immediate assessment. For now, I just presented it and then we headed to the next examination area.


  1. Silva: So “Fire” is really popular eh, you really can’t judge a “person” by their attributes eh.
  2. Lilith: Humidity spike throughout the kingdom
  3. Lyly: Did you try sacrificing a human soul yet?

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