Chapter 114 – Magic Power Overload

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Author: Kashiwagi Masato Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2393 characters
Translator: PunishedLyly English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1767 words
Editor(s): Fire

Well, it can’t be helped, what’s done is done. The important thing is how to live from now. I’m being a bit dramatic, but in my defense, I only used magic normally. Holding back too much and not getting into A-class would be a bigger problem here.

About the classifications, every lesson is divided into classes A to D. There will be ‌around 130 new students, the top 20 among them are put into A-class, the 30 students ranking 21-50 would be in B-class, the 50 students ranking 51-100 would be in C-class, and the last 30 would be in D-class.

Among them, only the 100 students of classes A-C can graduate while the D-class students would leave the academy without the qualifications to graduate. The members of the adventurer party “Fyne” back at Motsi were D-class students of the academy, so while they were enrolled and took the lessons, they don’t have diplomas. Though I’m told that Audrey, the leader, did barely hang on in C-class, so she has the graduation qualifications.

So yeah, with that said; Urania and I can’t really afford to hold back and risk getting into a lower class. After all, that’s going to reflect negatively on our patron, the Iglesio household, and would be an insult to Ces, the Sage of Leo.

To begin with, Ces himself told me ‌I don’t need to hold back. It’ll make things easier later on, he says.

Getting back into the program, we then headed to the light attribute exam, where I didn’t cause any particular issue. In the first place, light magic is difficult to define and creating anything other than a light source is difficult as well. The clichéd zombie or wraith purification, curse dispel, and so on, are generally included in the life attribute.

For that reason, the test content is only if you can use “Light Ball”, and ‌the students are assessed by the casting speed, size, and so on.

Now, why is this attribute part of the seven great attributes, you ask? That’s because the founder king‌, the hero that subjugated the demon lord, was a user of light magic. Upon reaching a certain level of light magic mastery, the caster would then acquire powerful offensive capabilities.

What comes to mind when hearing light attribute magic is lasers and the like. Now, these would literally fly at the speed of light, making them essentially impossible to evade, and these can reach the same level of power as a highly condensed “Corona Burn”. It’s told that there’s nobody at present that can use these sorts of magic. Even among the sages.

Yeah, if I wasn’t told about this beforehand, I might’ve caused another ruckus in this examination again. It’s really simple in theory, just fire a concentrated beam of light. Since I’ll only have to concentrate light with a mirroring magic power like that lens weapon in that robot show, if I ignore the magic power consumption, it’ll actually be a lot easier than controlling “Corona Burn”.

The space attribute exam measures the size of one’s storage magic. The space attribute mainly specifies magic or magecraft that manipulates dimensional spaces. For example: storage and “Apport”1, which can summon things to the caster’s hand. While they also include teleportation in this attribute, using teleport independently is practically impossible. This one is something even I can’t do.

Haa…… This is giving me a headache.」
「Nn, I’ll teach you a spell that’ll make it better.」
「Excuse me?」
「“It’s Lily, so it can’t be helped.”」
「…… It’s helping somewhat.」

Why!? That almost made me say that out loud! Rather, I didn’t cause any mess this time, did I?!

「Haa…… While it seems like you have something to say, if you can prove that creating a ball of light that can illuminate every corner of a tent or a spatial gate clearly larger capacity than the interior of a tent is ‘normal’, then please ‌make your defense.」

I can’t refute what she says at all……. The light ball resulted from me accidentally tensing up, while the storage gate was me miscalculating the specified space side and making it a digit larger.2 Still, if I confess that, the fact that I’m holding back will be exposed. In the first place, this being possible is the main issue itself, so confessing would be meaningless either way.

「Well let’s end it there. The next one will be the life attribute examination.」
「This one’s a popular attribute too, right?」
「Well, of course it is. After all, skillful users would receive a position at the royal palace regardless of their social status and even those unskilled wouldn’t have any worries in finding employment as long as they can use life attribute magic.」

As its name implies, life attribute specifies various kinds of magic that are related to life. Healing magic like “Heal” and “Cure”, purification, and curse dispel3 are all included in life magic. Unlike other attributes, life attribute magic can directly interact with the body, so physical reinforcement and the like are also a part of life attribute.

「Well, at the very least, Lily shouldn’t be able to do anything weird with life attribute magic.」
「I had no intention of doing anything weird to begin with……」
「I’m amazed you still have the gall to say that after all you’ve-, kyaa!?」

While Sola was scolding me, we entered the life attribute tent and were about to line up at the reception desk when suddenly the ground rumbled and I heard a loud sound from outside. We hurriedly exited the tent and what I saw with 【Magic Sight】 was an incredibly large storm of magic power.

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「What on earth just happened!?」
「It’s a magic power overload! It looks like an examinee overloaded their magic power at the star attribute4 examination!」
「They what!?」

Magic power overload is the general term for the wild rampage of magic power, like what happened the first time Adan used “Corona Burn”. It ‌happens when the caster loses control of their magic, becoming magic power only given a meaning and runs wild, causing destruction. On top of heavily injuring the nearest individual, the caster himself; depending on how much magic power there is, the rampaging magic power could cause an alarming level of destruction to its surroundings.

「…… This is bad.」
「Yes, this is terrible…… With a magic power overload happening, this year’s exams will-……」
「No, not that.」

Sola probably can’t see the enormous amount of magic power enshrouding this area. Arytte said it before, that the sloppy use of magic power would cause it to scatter. In this place, examinees, individuals that haven’t learned the proper way to use magic yet, have used a variety of magic multiple times. And their magic power, a lump of energy, is currently like fuel waiting for ignition.

In this situation, a magic power overload. Free from its caster’s control, it’s vacuuming up the magic power in the surrounding area. At this rate, this whole place could get blown to hell.

「Sorry! I need to go!!」
「Ah, wai-!? Lily!?」
「Kya!? Urania, what are you-!?」

Before I could run off, Urania grabbed me by the collar and kissed me, injecting me with life essence. Upon witnessing that, Sola was naturally in wide-eyed shock and flushed a deep red.

「H-how indecent!」
「Come back safely.」
「Of course!」

After getting energy and life essence from Urania, I headed to the star attribute examination hall while accelerating with “Wind”. By the time I arrived, the star attribute tent was already partially destroyed. Within the ruins, there’s a boy on the ground and a dark sphere next to him. That’s likely the star attribute magic “Gravity Ball”.

Star attribute magic is a composite attribute with earth attribute at its core and is an attribute that borrows the power of gravity to cause many different ‌phenomena. This includes increasing or decreasing gravity, summoning a meteorite with “Shooting Star”, and so on.

However, this magic here is still in a dormant state. It likely doesn’t have enough magic power required to activate it. Possibly because it exhausted a sizable amount of magic power from the first overload. The issue here is that this lump of magic power is currently gathering the magic power in the surrounding area.

「No other choice but to directly touch it, huh…」

I can interact with it from a distance if I use my magic power, but if I do anything like that right now, there’s a chance that it could turn into an unneeded trigger. Unlike before with the “Corona Burn”, it won’t really do anything to my arm if I touch it, so that’s a comforting thought.

「Ah, you there! Evacuate along with-……」

The examiner seems to say something, but we have little time left, so I ignored him and approached the dark sphere. Upon touching it, the sphere seems to be completely free from the caster’s control, so I hijacked it with ease. Since it’s currently linked with the magic power in the surroundings, I made it so ‌it doesn’t activate while also gathering the surrounding magic power into a single lump.

「This should do it.」

As I finished gathering the magic power, I now have to overwrite the “Gravity Ball” into another magic. It’s going to end up disastrous if it activates as it is after all. Since it has already been given the meaning ‘star attribute’, I’ll need to find another star attribute magic to…… Yup, this should do.

After deciding on the magic, I turned all the magic power into magic. I carefully made sure that it didn’t result in any magic power loss, and as the black sphere glowed white, I hurled it into the sky.

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「”Meteor Shower”」

The moment I said the name of the magic, a meteor shower visible even while it’s still daytime begins blanketing the sky. Being positioned in a way that they won’t crash to the ground, these meteors glittered in various different colors as they incinerated themselves high above. Yup, that was perfect. Looking around me, I don’t see the storm of magic power anymore, so there shouldn’t be any problems now.

While I’m at it, I cast “Heal” on the collapsed boy and the injured examiner. With this, everything’s resolved!5


  1. Silva: What’s Apport again?
  2. Lilith: Sounds like she forgot the decimal
  3. Lilith: This seems more like a light magic thing than life magic
  4. Silva: star attribute? What does it do?
  5. Silva: With this, you are now officially the first ever S-class student.

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