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Chapter 87 – In the End, It’s Brute Force

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Author: Kashiwagi Masato Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2971 characters
Translator: PunishedLyly English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1524 words
Editor(s): Fire

This is a splendid opportunity, so let me explain my abilities. I ‌have seven skills I can use. [Dream Fabrication], [Dream Storage], [Magic], [Lewd Dream], [Charm], [Magic Sight] and [Human Transformation]1. Incidentally, these skills come to mind when I concentrate‌.

[Dream Fabrication] is the ability that lets me create things from my dream. As long as I can imagine all of its minute details, I can create anything. However, I can’t create living organisms, precision equipment, and other things I can’t imagine. As for the things I can fabricate, if they get even a small nick or are altered from their original form, they return to being a dream and vanish.

[Dream Storage] is the ability that allows me to store the objects in this world inside my dream. The dream space is a place that I can change as I want it to, so I can alter the objects I’ve stored to some extent. Naturally, I can also have it so that the objects wouldn’t change. There aren’t any particular limitations on what I can store, but I’m scared of putting living things inside, so I haven’t tried it at all.

[Magic] probably doesn’t need any further explanation. It lets me use magic. That’s all.

[Lewd Dream] is the ability that lets me show the people I touch, as well as the people that see me, a dream. While it has “Lewd” in its name, the dreams that I can show them aren’t just limited to lewd dreams. I have full control over what they’d see.2 Nonetheless, I can only use it on people, or rather living beings that have intelligence and reasoning, and it has no effect on monsters and non-humanoid beings. Just like earlier, it doesn’t work on people that have lost their mind and reasoning, so it has a lot of limitations.

[Charm] does just as it says. The conditions for using it is to look the target in the eyes or to have physical contact with them, it’s like [Lewd Dream] in this regard. Probably because it’s something that affects the target’s mental state. Incidentally, I’ve never used this skill. I really don’t want to use it on Urania, and I absolutely don’t want to use it on anybody else.

[Magic Sight] is the skill I unlocked the other day. In the first place, my eyes can already make people see dreams just from eye contact, but thanks to this skill, I can now see the normally invisible flow and color of magic power. While it doesn’t really have too large of an effect, to be honest I’m hoping that this would allow me to see more unusual beings, like spirits or fairies or something. Well, I didn’t see any in town though.

And lastly, [Human Transformation]. That’s right, Human Transformation, not Succubus Transformation. The name is probably that way since my true form isn’t my usual human form, but my current succubus form instead. During the use of this skill, it seals my physical capabilities and total magic power with limiters. It’s especially striking regarding my physical abilities, considering that not only are my normal physical capabilities, like grip and leg strength, limited, but my flight by use of wings is sealed off as well. In the first place, I don’t have wings in human form.

Well, anyway, all of those are just extra. The biggest benefit of releasing [Human Transformation] is the increase in total magic power and my ability to control it. Converting the life essence in my Lust Crest into magic power, besides undoing the limit on the magic power I can use in human form, my total magic power right now is five times compared to when I was in human form. I can now freely use my suppressed magic power, and it’s easier to control it now. In my current state, I can probably stop Adan’s “Corona Burn” with just a finger.3

Naturally, I can now put that black magic power under my control, but it won’t be of use against those tentacles. If I grab them and put them under my control, the crystal—their core body—is just going to cut them off. I must touch the head where that crystal is to save the girl.

With my high-speed movement4, I tried to come in close contact with the girl two or three times, but it seems like she has lost sight of me during that first surprise attack, since every time I try to touch her now, the tentacles wall up and I can’t reach her head.

「I still need to do something about the tentacles, huh. Though I guess it’s not that bad, since it looks like she can only erase magic and not actual flesh and blood.」
「Everything you do is useless. Give me the real one.」

I should’ve learned some proper close quarters combat from Urania for this sort of situation.5 Still, that’s not something I should focus on currently. What I need to focus on is to break through these tentacles with all means necessary and reach the crystal.

「I’m sorry about this, but I’ll heal you properly so just endure it.6

I guess I’m just not suited for thinking of smart solutions. I don’t particularly mind getting down and dirty though. I stood directly in front of the girl while punching the approaching tentacles with all my might and grabbed the escaping girl’s body with my other hand. Naturally, the girl’s practically breaking body let out a grinding shriek.

「Let… go!」
「Behave a little!」

As I showered her entire body with “Heal”, I fought off the tentacles attempting to thrust me away with bursts of magic power. I feel my “Heal” disappearing the moment I cast it, but ‌it does heal the girl’s body to some extent, so it’s not like it has no effect at all.7

Black tentacles coil around the girl’s head as if to guard it, but I don’t have any time to waste right now. With the arm I punched the tentacles with, I broke down the tentacles’ defenses.

The casting of “Heal”, the magic power blasting from my whole body, and the MP control scramble to break down the tentacle guard. Simultaneously controlling the three of these is considerably taxing even in my succubus form. Before I noticed, a viscous fluid had dripped from my nose. My joints are creaking, and I can feel exhaustion all over my body. Even still, as long as I can break through this guard even for just an instant and pour magic power directly into the crystal, it’ll be the end.

Ou… oooooo!!!!」
「Let go! Let goooooo!!!」

While holding down the struggling girl, I continue breaking down the tentacles’ defenses. With only a few millimeters left, just when I could barely almost reach it, the tentacles’ resistance suddenly loosened up.

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「Letgoletgoletgoletgo! Let…… help… me…」

It was faint, but I absolutely heard it. An instant of resistance from the girl. Just hearing that is enough for me.

「Leave it to me!」

With a smile, I touched her forehead and poured in magic power. At that moment, malice flowed into me from where I touched. The guy who made this isn’t just nasty, how the hell did they think up something this repulsive and what even made them consider creating this. Good grief, if not for this crying girl’s (in my imagination) plea for help, I would’ve started bawling just from the malice.

I enveloped the crystal embedded in the girl’s head with magic power and tucked it into my [Dream Storage] so‌ it does no more damage. I put more magic power into “Heal” and continued healing her.

As I extracted the crystal, it seems like the girl lost consciousness, and the power that erases magic power has disappeared‌. I still don’t quite know what that was, but, well, we managed somehow. Since that thing was literally embedded into her head, there might be some damaging after-effects, but we won’t know until she wakes up.

As I incidentally saw the girl’s neck, I saw a familiar-looking black pattern. How can I say this, I impulsively poured magic into it, temporarily putting it under my control, and removed it. That guy is just really damn dirty, it’s really aggravating.

「Still, that was exhausting… Just a short… rest…」

Perhaps because of me overexerting myself in succubus form, severe exhaustion hit me. After confirming that the girl is just asleep, I lean against the wall and close my eyes. Haa… after all of this… it’s going to be a lot of trouble…8


  1. Lyly: Oh.
  2. Lyly: Wait, what
  3. Silva: Come again? I think there are some dirt in my ears
    Lyly: Nah, it’s probably just the damn overspec you get for getting exp from divine babyseed
    Fire: Lily is just too OP
  4. Lyly: Practically Goku-ing
  5. Lyly: Now that’s going to be interesting and maybe wholesome
  6. Lyly: Is it Crazy Diamond time?
  7. Lyly: It’s Crazy Diamond time
  8. Lyly: Yup, time for the cleanup party

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