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Chapter 86 – Succubus Transformation

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Author: Kashiwagi Masato Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 1985 characters
Translator: PunishedLyly English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1043 words
Editor(s): Fire


I continued avoiding the black tentacle whips, but my eyes began to ache. I guess I can’t use my eyes to see magic power for extended amounts of time. Still, with that said, I can’t afford to switch off my magic eyes right now. Having these eyes is exactly why I can perceive the black tentacles. To normal people, like Urania and others, they would probably only see the walls and the floor around the girl exploding by themselves.

It’s not like I’m just mindlessly dodging here. I’ve already tried various different ideas. Similar to “Bind”, offensive magic like “Burn” and “Cut” vanished midair after I shot them. I can’t really use area of effect magic like “Tornado” and “Blizzard”, and “Corona Burn” is out of the question.1

Though with that said, it’s not like I got zero results so far. I have a rough idea of the black magic power’s true nature. It’s probably a magical item that uses the crystal embedded in the girl’s head as a catalyst. Its usage condition is to take over a victim. Its effect is, as seen so far, to increase the number of victims.

「With that said, there’s no chance of winning in a drawn-out battle. Well, no, the chance itself is there, huh.」

I just can’t accept it. The black magic power is gnawing at the girl’s body. It steals her freedom, her consciousness, and lastly, her life. If the girl before me continues wielding that power, her body will eventually break and the black magic power, losing its host, should stop its activity.

Normally, it should disperse when that happens, but since it’s a magical item, it’ll only produce a new victim if left alone. Fortunately, there won’t be a new victim as long as I throw it in my 【Dream Storage】 and it stays there.

「Still, that’s not right.」

Ignoring the victim in front of me is good enough as long as the next one never happens? Like I can just accept that. The people that were attacking the mansion earlier and this girl before me are just victims of some a̲s̲s̲h̲o̲l̲e̲ somewhere. Moreover, it’s the type that doesn’t appear directly, an especially classy a̲s̲s̲h̲o̲l̲e̲ that prefers to watch from a safe place.2

「If Urania learns this, she’d probably cry again.」

Considering that, I was lucky that we split up before entering the mansion. Even if I push myself a bit, as long as Urania doesn’t find out, she won’t get mad or cry from it.3

As I was bracing myself, I probably dived too deep in my own thoughts. Due to that, I couldn’t react in time as the tentacle went around and rushed at me from my blind spot.


I tried to stand my ground, and failed. In the first place, I’m just forcefully moving my levitating body with “Move” right now. Once captured, I don’t have enough strength to break out.

「Don’t, underestimate me!!」

While normally there’s nothing I can do against it, I have one last hand. Just like how I switched my eyes, I switch the consciousness of my body. My clothes got torn, so I placed those in my 【Dream Storage】 and changed into my usual clothes. Black wings sprout from my hip and a black devilish tail similarly extend from behind. I didn’t grow horns, but a Lust Crest appeared below my navel.4

「If magic can’t reach you! Then I’ll blast you directly with magic power!!」

My first Succubus Transformation in a while. Or rather, my first battle in this form, huh. The power that was restricted in my human form overflowed from the Lust Crest. Coating my fist with magic power, I hammer away the tentacle entwined around me. Coating the body with magic power exhausts a ton of it, so it’s hard to do under normal circumstances. It’s a feat that can only be done with the supplies from the Lust Crest.

The source of the power coming from my Lust Crest are the life essences that I’ve accumulated up until now. The life essences I receive from Urania, my source of nutrition, is stored in the usually invisible Lust Crest. Now that I think of it, in some sense, it’s the power of love.5

「What’s, that? I don’t know. Real, no?」
「Again, I’ve already said it before. I’m not Adan.」

Like before, our conversation’s meaningless. Well, it might have some meaning for the black magic power, but since it’s not making sense to me, practically meaningless. I move my wings two or three times, and check its condition. The pain from my eyes, now that I’m in succubus form, is completely gone.

I casually jumped up. Just a casual hop. The next instant, I’m right behind the girl.6

Ho-whoops, almost went too… far!」

As I was about to grab the girl’s head, she dodged and countered with the tentacles.7 Due to my perception lagging behind the unfamiliar high speed movement, what was supposed to be a perfect surprise attack ended up failing. And the first attack is the most important in these sorts of stuff, I guess I should’ve practiced this regularly.8

With this, I can now deal with the tentacle attacks. In the end, they’re just lumps of magic power. While it does use a lot of magic power, I can defend against it and in the first place, my mobility is completely different from before, so how to actually get a hit on me would be the bigger problem.

However, I don’t intend to keep on running around. I have only one victory condition. To extract the crystal embedded inside the girl right before me and save her, nothing more.

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  1. Lyly: The magical equivalent of nuking the city to get rid of a cockroach in your room
  2. Lyly: Kek, an especially bourgeoise a_s_s
  3. Lyly: Don’t jinx yourself
  4. Lyly: Sailor Moon OST playing in the background
  5. Lyly: Cheesy… more please
  6. Lyly: Nothing personal, kid
  7. Lyly: Lol, definitely went too far
  8. Lyly: Yeah, sudden power ups tend to be, you know, hard to handle with you not actually knowing your new limits and all

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