Chapter 72 – Fusion and Simultaneous Activation

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Author: Kashiwagi Masato Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2920 characters
Translator: PunishedLyly English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1297 words
Editor(s): Fire

Today as usual, after plenty of strict coaching, Adan still asked for more after dinner, so I entertained her for 2-3 more rounds. While she’s definitely putting up a better fight compared to before, it’s just that I can’t easily steal control from her now. Although, she’s still absolutely far off from being a competent magic sparring partner, seeing her improve day by day makes me happy as her teacher.

Particularly today, I feel it all the more. In our last round, she actually created two light balls and simultaneously manipulated them with great control to my surprise, even if it was out of desperation. I definitely didn’t teach her that, but in the first place, she was a girl that pulled off the feat of simultaneously activating two different types of magic and combining their characteristics to increase the raw strength of one magic. Now that she learned how to control her magic, I suppose her true strength is beginning to manifest itself.

「As her teacher, I can’t just lose to her.」

After escorting Adan from the underground training room to her room, instead of returning to our room where Urania is, I headed straight to that courtyard I’ve visited before. I could’ve gone back to the training room but while it is spacious, being secluded in an undecorated room for a long time feels somewhat claustrophobic. On the other hand, in the courtyard lightly blowing with the cool night breeze, as long as I don’t make strong lights or loud noises, I can practice magic without having to bother the Iglesio household.

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「”Shadow Ball”1

I didn’t make a ball of light, but instead a black ball. It’s the dark attribute counterpart of the light attribute “Light Ball”. While it seems like there’s barely anyone that has an affinity with the dark attribute, I guess it’s because of me being a succubus, I can use it without any issues. So what about the light attribute then? That part I absolutely have no idea at all.2

I’m not sure if this is because that pig god tampered with something or if it’s thanks to some experience points I’ve earned or something. Well, being able to use it doesn’t really bother me, so I have no complaints, but being able to do practically anything like this makes me feel awfully suspicious.3

Still, while there is information on the technique of using two magic simultaneously in my knowledge, there wasn’t any about the technique of manipulating two different magic at the same time. Rather, to be more exact, I guess the concept wasn’t there at all.

「Now then, I guess I’ll try mixing in “Burn” first.」

Muttering so, I tried adding “Burn” to the “Shadow Ball”. Both of them are just simple magic, so it seems that I succeeded in mixing them without any particular trouble.

「Hmm, this should fuse them together but…」

For now, I used 【Dream Fabrication】 to create a stick and thrust it into the “Shadow Ball”. One reason I didn’t just snap some nearby twigs is because this is obviously another person’s house, and another reason is because I didn’t want to damage this pretty courtyard with this experiment.

As the stick hit the ball, it completely burned up and vanished without even leaving a trace of scent. “Shadow Ball” is a magic that simply makes a sphere that shuts out light, it can’t burn things. In other words, this was a success.

「That was surprisingly easy to do. Well, not that I planned on failing anyway.」

It was easier than expected, but all I made was a black ball that can burn things. That’s so plain. Ah, I have an idea.4

「For now let’s get rid of this, “Shadow Ball” then “Thunder”.」

This time, I loaded the “Shadow Ball” with “Thunder”, a magic that produces thunder. The floating sphere of shadow is just a ball that can blend in the darkness of night, but as I chucked a stick to it like before, the stick makes a crackling noise as it crumbles away and disappears. The surplus energy appears as a bluish-white spark glowing for three seconds before returning to the black ball.

「I call it the “Thunder Ball”, I guess? It’s hard to see in dark places, so it should come in handy as an anti-intruder trap. 」

By setting the travel route of the floating “Shadow Ball” beforehand, I can set it up as I like. Even when I fall asleep, magic that’s already activated will continue existing as long as its magic power doesn’t run dry. However, since it activates indiscriminately when it’s that state, it’ll only be useful in places that people don’t usually go to, like under the roof and stuff.

Hmm, I just keep coming up with these kinds of stuff.」

Now that I think about it, most of the magic items I loaded with magic are made for outdoor camping defense use. Even now, the first thing that came to mind with this magic fusion technique was an anti-intruder crime prevention tool.

It’d be nice if I thought of something more in the lines of a flashy power move,5 but I guess this is just what comes out when I think about utility. It’s easy to dispel an activated magic, so if I can set up a few of them around when camping inside a dungeon, monsters and thieves shouldn’t be able to come near.

Hmmm. Well, I should try making more in the meantime.」

Concentrating, I imagine a black ball. Instead of adding magic after the fact, integrate the magic from the start as it takes form. And instead of just one of them, five at the same time.

Just a small loss of focus ended up making my mental image break apart. After failing three times, I finally grasped it after the fourth try.

「”Thunder Ball”」

With a small voice, I say the magic name I decided on to signal its activation. Behind me, five black spheres levitate, with each of their internalized lightning reacting to each other, making the bluish-white lightning run around and visible to see.

「I did it.」

Turning around, I look at the five spheres while slightly moving them away from each other. Without the bluish-white lightning, they practically melt into the night sky. Still, since I made them, I can feel their magic power and know that they’re definitely there.

While this is still the first one, it’ll be pathetic if the pupil can use magic fusion and simultaneously activate different magic while her teacher can’t. Though, I am practicing all sneaky like this since I absolutely can’t have Adan knowing about it.

As I look up at the five spheres floating midair, I sense something out of place in my field of vision. I can’t say for sure, but I think I’m seeing something move when it shouldn’t, or see something that shouldn’t be there.6

「…… I guess, I should check it out.」

I quietly cast “Levitation” and headed towards the top of the roof. While I can practice anytime, if I overlook something suspicious, I’m just going to end up regretting it later.

As I think about how I’m immediately getting a chance to show off my new magic, I got just a bit excited, so I hope my inappropriate grin won’t be any issue.7


  1. Lyly: Geng*r, Shadow Ball!
  2. Lyly: Honesty is good
  3. Lyly: Exactly
  4. Silva: I have a bad premonition, something is going to go boom, isn’t it?
    Fire: Lily’s experiments are scary
  5. Lyly: Make a kameh*meha
  6. Lyly: Oof, absolutely bad luck for whoever you are
  7. Lyly: Time to fry the fool
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