Chapter 71 – Training Scenescape

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Author: Kashiwagi Masato Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2493 characters
Translator: PunishedLyly English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1213 words
Editor(s): Fire

Two weeks have passed since we started the training. In the end, they did the ball passing training 10 times with Urania winning 7 times earning her a complete victory. This was already a somewhat expected result, so it wasn’t that surprising.

Since Adan only had a crude control over her magic power up until now, she still hadn’t completely gotten rid of her bad habits. In contrast, while Urania is a beginner at controlling magic power, she’s practically a master at the art of moving her body like stamina management and muscular tension control.1 According to Urania, since magic power control is similar to these, it’s not that difficult to do, it seems.

Still, while Adan had a hard time at first, she is now capable of juggling the small ball more than 100 times without any issues and can now pass the big ball around like she’s playing dodgeball thanks to daily repetition.

Urania’s reward is currently on hold. Well actually, she asked for a date for one whole day but I don’t really want to go outside much until my arm heals, so I requested for a delay to a later time.2

Speaking of my arm, my wound is getting pretty stable now. And with my magic power almost fully recovered as well, I could probably heal it as early as tomorrow. However, if I do heal my arm, I’ll end up exhausting both my magic power and bodily strength and I won’t be able to move for the whole day. I feel bad for Urania, but I’ll have to stay like this until Adan’s training reaches a good pausing interval.

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Adan’s training is now in the fourth phase. The first phase is consistent magic power control through juggling. The second stage is using fluctuating amounts of magic power with the ball pass. The third phase is training to sustain an amount of magic power. Consistently sustaining a certain amount of magic power is surprisingly difficult.3

This time around, I used a trump-like card game for training. The magical item is made so that patterns only appear when it’s loaded with magic power, there’s a need to continuously supply magic power while playing. At first, the cards kept on turning blank, barely allowing them to play, but as they got used to it, they gradually started to put up a good match.

All of these are still being done before we move on to the actual training of the day. Their results for both charging fixed amounts of magic power and sustaining it are now at a passable level to move on to the next phase, but there’s still a long way to go. These still need to be done daily to increase precision and accuracy.

And at present, we’re at the fourth stage: a mock battle utilizing magic.

「Come on! With your weird magic power distribution, it’s too easy to hijack! Focus more on control!」
「Like hell! You’re the one being weird!4
Nh, that’s true.」

Even Urania agreed with Adan’s words. Is what I’m saying really that weird? I’m just doing it because I can and in fact, Adan’s magic power control really does lean too much on strength, with her magic control becoming lax as a result. With what she’s doing, she’s practically begging me to hijack it. I absolutely don’t want to see Adan self-destructing after getting her magic hijacked in the future, so I’ll have to correct this no matter how harsh it gets.

Speaking of which, what we’re using in this training is the magic “Light Ball” that simply creates a ball of light. Since it moves to the caster’s will to some extent, using this ball of light, we simulate a magic battle by hitting the opposing party. After all, if we use real combat magic, although I can use “Heal”, accidents are pretty scary. Moreover, losing another arm’s going to be a problem and it really hurts like hell.

「If you get hijacked again, this will happen!」
Eh? Gyaa!!

Taking control of Adan’s light ball, I shot it back to Adan. Not only did I steal it from her control, but I also overwrote the property of that magic as well, so upon impact, it made a ‘Snap!’ and assaulted Adan with the pain of a rubber band snap.5 It seems like a bit of pain will be necessary to keep a suitable level of tension.

「Why… did the magic even change…」
「It’s because you didn’t control it properly.6
「I know already… Teacher’s definitely the weird one here… You’re wide open!! “Light Ball”」

While she continued grumbling so, she made a new ball of light and tried hitting me with it.

「Like I am.」

I held my hand out against it and checked the magic power distribution. Hm, it’s a bit better than before, but since it was made hastily, the balance leans too much on control now. In this case, just being hit with magic power from the outside would break it easily. In an actual fight, being hit with a different magic would erase it without any resistance.

With that in mind, I shot a light ball myself which erased Adan’s light ball as it flew directly towards her. After another loud snap, Adan shrieks once again. while it sounds pretty loud, it shouldn’t be that painful.7

「This time you’re too focused on the control side. Balance remember, balance.」

Adan looks quite frustrated about it, but there’s a remarkable improvement compared to her first time. Since Adan gets cocky and loosens up control when praised too much, being strict should do her better. The maids and old man Kent are praising her anyways.

Incidentally, Urania’s not joining in the fourth phase. It’s because she still can’t produce her own light ball. While I did drill the fundamentals of magic into her to some extent, Urania can only use the magic registered in the grimoire. Moreover, it seems like there’s also attribute affinities. While Urania can use “Wall” without any problems, she can’t use “Cut” to the same level. And as for “Burn”, she can’t even activate it.8

This is probably the operable attribute thing I’ve heard before. In my case, it’s probably all attributes. For Adan, from her lineage, she should be able to use the four attributes. Urania probably has a high affinity with earth and bad compatibility with fire. “Light Ball” itself is a light attribute, so generally anyone should be able to use it… I think.

Actually, she is capable of producing a light ball, all that’s left is to learn how to move it. This can only be solved by repeated practice and it also depends on Urania’s imagination. By the time Urania learns “Light Ball”, Adan’s training should be already on the next phase.


  1. Lyly: Ninja dog scout?
  2. Lyly: DAte daTe DatE!
  3. Lyly: Learn by Play
  4. Lyly: Kek, more protagonist call outs plz
  5. Lyly: Elementary flashbacks
  6. Lyly: “It’s because you didn’t brush your teeth” Jabs the dentist thing to your gums causing you to bleed
  7. Lyly: Lol, loud things are scary, ever heard of a jumpscare?
  8. Lyly: Doggo on sideline

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