Chapter 69 – Adan’s Training

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Author: Kashiwagi Masato Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2381 characters
Translator: PunishedLyly English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1308 words
Editor(s): Fire

— Old man Kent’s POV

A week has passed since the little sorcerer arrived at our home. It’s a mystery how a precious sorcerer had spent a long 15 years without being discovered by anyone but above all, the fact that a prodigy like her has been unmarked up until now amazes me more.1

Particularly, the “Corona Burn” that she used three days ago was a genuine article, supposedly only inherited from the Sage of Leo of the generation to the next. And that was suddenly used by some commoner born from who knows where. Anyone, not only my granddaughter, would’ve been struck by awe and indignation.

The Sage of Leo and the other sages inherited the magic of the original twelve that defeated the demon lord. My son, the Sage of Leo, inherited the magic that calls forth the sun, the ruler of all creation, “Corona Burn”. For the Sage of Cancer, it was the magic that halts the flow of time as if it was water, “Clock Freeze”2, while for the Sage of Taurus, it is the magic that transmutes non-metals into gold, “Sublimation”.

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Of course, the other remaining sages have their own magic inheritance as well, but they’re secrets that are only passed down to the sage’s only disciple. The sole exception is probably the inheritance of the Sages of Gemini’s “Position Jump”, a magic that eliminates the distance between two. After all, by the nature of the art, it would need at least more than two to make use of it.

With that said, because of the magic that was suddenly used right before our eyes, our astonishment is nothing but understandable. Particularly for Adan, as she considers herself the next-to-be Sage of Leo. And with that in mind, it’s no surprise that she couldn’t keep her composure after seeing that symbolic magic being used by another. Still, on the next day, she declared apprenticeship with a nonchalant look. A bold move as to be expected from our bloodline, I suppose?

In actuality, the Sage of Leo, who’s the other person who could use “Corona Burn”, is still in good health and it’s improbable that he would step down from his duty without consulting us. One possibility that comes in mind is, in some way or another, the murder of the current sage, but I’ve had a discussion with him on a telepathy spell tool on the exact day that Lily arrived. And right after her use of “Corona Burn”, I’ve also got in touch with the sage for verification.

It’s uncertain why she can use the genuine article but according to Grou, she has once employed its use while working at Motsi. From the fact that she can use the four attributes of magic, it’s possible that she has a magic affinity similar in nature to the magic of all creation.

In regards to Adan’s apprenticeship, she’s currently juggling a glowing orb under Lily’s instructions before my eyes. At first, she spouted nothing but complains yet as it continued on, it seems like she has found it enjoyable now as she’s smiling without any care in the world.

Nevertheless, it’s quite skillful. Well, Adan’s juggling is as well, but Lily’s way of teaching is what I mean.3 The only way to become proficient in magic power control is repetition, but even adults find it somewhat difficult to repeat a single thing again and again. Even I disliked magic power control training and my son didn’t seem to favor it as well.4

That same training was brilliantly transformed by this young sorcerer. The thing Adan has been juggling since earlier, that glowing sphere, is a spell tool that has the property of glowing for a set amount of time after being filled with magic power. With it being made intentionally brittle, it is structured to rupture with too much magic power and has a strict time window as you’ll need to grasp the time it continues glowing as well as the timing of when it falls down after being launched to the air.

Adan at first forced too much magic power, causing it to burst, and on her second time, there was too little, causing its light to simply flicker. The interesting part of this training is that it requires you to only fill the ball with magic power the instant you catch it as you continue to juggle. It demands a strict regulation of magic power, as putting too much in a hurry would cause it to burst and too little in contrast would cause it to not glow.

In my opinion, teaching this strict magic power regulation with a game is quite an interesting endeavor. It has been two days since this training began, Adan can still only keep it flickering and she seems quite frustrated about it, but at least she’s not breaking it any more.

Argh! Dammit! I can do it about 10 times though!!」
「It’s proof that you’re not focused enough. Look at Urania, she just passed 30.5

A shocking thing is the participation of Urania, a 『diseased』 dog-kin girl, in this training. 『Diseased』 beastkin practically cannot make use of magic power. As they cannot put magic power into magic, magecraft, and even items such as spell tools and magic tools, they nearly don’t use them.

While its only function is to glow, the fact that she can use that spell tool is unprecedented for 『diseased』 individuals. As I tried to ask about it, Lily spouted some drivel. 「Since magic power is still there, the flow just needed an adjustment and a proper exit」 she says. If that can be done so easily, then the term 『diseased』 wouldn’t have been spread as an insult.

Speaking of shocking, there’s one more thing. It’s the book-esque magic tool Urania has been carrying for the last three days. It seems to have some sort of concealment, but the amount of magic power loaded into that6 is nothing short of abnormal. I have not the slightest clue of what that magic tool is for and what purpose it was made for, and even after I questioned Lily, she would only reply with nothing but 「It’s a secret for now」.

While the sight of that mischievous smile of hers almost felt like a tightened grip on the heart of this withering old bones7, I already know that she’s not the kind to do evil. So in the meantime, I decided to simply wait for the time to come. To begin with, even if she does intend to do something, it would be generally faster and easier for her to just use her magic in doing so. There’s no need for her to go through the effort of making a magic tool.

「Okay, you’ve just passed 20.」
「Alright! Urania! I’m going to catch up soon!」

And as I was delving into my own thoughts, it seems that Adan has achieved her 20th juggle. She was an extremely talented child to begin with, so as she starts training properly, it’ll only further develop her capabilities. I would have loved to nurture this talent of hers myself, but I suppose watching over her this way is the duty on this old bone as well.

Author’s Note:

Old man Kent is aware that Lily’s arm can heal.

The difference between Magic tools and Spell tools lies in whether the item is recreating the effects of magic or magecraft.
Both of them fall under the umbrella term of Magical Items.


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