Chapter 68 – Prototype Magical Item: Grimoire

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Author: Kashiwagi Masato Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2227 characters
Translator: PunishedLyly English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1181 words
Editor(s): Fire

Immediately on the next day, or so I planned, we were supposed to start magic training, but since Ada woke up in the middle of the night, she ended up bedridden with a fever. As I thought, post-recovering people shouldn’t push themselves. And while I felt sorry about that, I got a fever too and was scolded by Urania again.1

Well, in my case, I quickly healed myself with “Cure” though. We also considered doing the same to Ada but after looking at her symptoms, it seems that a big part of what caused this is the impact of magic power exhaustion, so we’ve decided that it’ll be best to just let her recover naturally. It’s better to let the effects of magic power exhaustion heal naturally instead of forcing it and letting the body get used to it. By doing so, the impact of magic power exhaustion gets lighter the next time it happens.

Well, since I’ve got some time now, I decided to do something I’ve thought of a while ago in the meantime.

「Lily, I bought it. Is this enough?」
Hm, OK OK. Thank you~」

What I asked Urania for were some white paper and tanned monster hide. The paper was a bit expensive but it was available in the town’s (item) shop. As for the monster hide, I got the one from the big bear monster we hunted at the sacred mountain tanned.

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So, regarding what I’m going to do with this, I’m making a book to put it simply. Of course, it’s not just any book, while the finished product will be a blank book, I intend on loading every page with my magic power.

I only noticed this after seeing another sorcerer other than me use magic, but magic has a set flow. While magic and magecraft both run on the same energy, that is magic power. The only difference between them is that magic needs the user to manually control it while magecraft behaves in a fixed manner after activation.

And so, making magic move like a set program is the goal of this magical item I’m about to make. Its main difference from magecraft is that while the book will assist in the activation and supply magic power to a certain extent, in exchange, the control of the activated magic will be dependent on the user.

I get absolutely no benefit from using this magical item. If I had to point out its only benefit, however, then the part where it can supply magic power would be useful, but this can be done even without it being a book. Rather, gemstones and similar things can hold more magic power in them and they’re easier to use.

This… is a magical item for Urania.2 You see… Urania can’t use magecraft, much less magic, but it’s not like she doesn’t have magic power in her body. In contrast, if I’m only judging by the amount, she has a lot more than the average. It’s just that the outlet needed to use this magic power isn’t there, so to say.

Like a filled water gun with its nozzle plugged up. She’s just like that. In the end, it might be connected to that 『diseased』 thing I couldn’t ask about but that doesn’t matter anymore, and it feels somewhat wrong to ask Urania after being with her so long already.

Anyway, as long as Urania has this magical item, she’ll be able to use magic too and utilize the magic power idle in her body, killing two birds with one stone.

「And then load it with magic power… and done! Urania, can I have a drop of blood?」
Nh, is this enough?」

With her dagger, Urania cuts the tip of her thumb, no questions asked. I mean, just a prick of a needle would’ve been plenty enough, that’s too much blood.3

Well, having too much isn’t really an issue, so I take a small amount and immediately “Heal” her. The purpose of Urania’s blood is to make sure that this magical item can’t be abused by other people. It’s a magical item that can theoretically let anyone use magic and keeping it that way would cause a ton of problems.4

So, to limit the user to only Urania, as well as to mentally link Urania with the magical item and give her control over it, the catalyst of blood is necessary.

「That’s that. The prototype Grimoire is complete. In the meantime, I’ve loaded four attribute magic in it. Try using them.」
Nh, how do I use it?」
「Open the book and chant the name of the magic you want to use. The control will depend on your imagination, so don’t forget to have a clear picture of it.」
Nn, umm… “Wall”.」

Urania opened my freshly made book-type magical item, the Grimoire, and chanted the name of the magic as she traced it with her fingertips. As soon as she was done, a wall of earth rose from the floor and ended up dividing the room into two.

Eh? Awahh!5

I hear Urania panicking on the other side of the wall. The magic’s control is dependent on Urania’s imagination, so if she wants it to disappear then it should do so.

「Urania, stay calm. Focus, destroy the wall. The control is dependent on you. You can do it.」
Nh, I’ll try.」

After saying that, Urania went silent. She’s probably concentrating right now. Soon after, the earth wall dividing the room crumbled and vanished. It seems like Urania’s imagination properly managed to make her magic disappear.

「Good, for now there doesn’t seem to be any problems. Now you just have to get used to it.」
「If I do, will I be able do it like you too?」
「Who knows? But this Grimoire was made so it grows with the user. As you come across more and more magic, the magic registered in the Grimoire will increase too.」

That’s right, I installed a magic collection feature in the Grimoire.6 I loaded 5 magics beforehand. The basic four attribute magics “Burn”, “Create Water”, “Wall” and “Cut”, as well as “Light”, a magic that produces light.

With this, Urania will be able to join in Ada’s training as well.7 While the Grimoire does handle the magic power control, the most important factor is Urania’s imagination. I was really worried about all the things that happened at first, but it’s a relief to see things starting to get back on track somehow.8


  1. Lyly: Make your wife worry two days in a row, perfection
  2. Lyly: Gift for the good girl
    Fire: Best girl
  3. Lyly: Absolutely doggo loyalty
  4. Lyly: Yeah, pretty much a game changer
    Fire: Too OP, please nerf
  5. Lyly: Cute Urania noises
  6. Lyly: Gotta catch them all
    Fire: Magic-dex
  7. Lyly: Rivals
    Fire: I wonder how that will go
  8. Lyly: Yeah, a damn sun running amok really puts a spanner in the works, doesn’t it?
    Fire: It’s perfectly normal…
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