Chapter 54 – Compulsory Admission

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Author: Kashiwagi Masato Original Source: Syosetu
Translator: SirMetathyst English Source: Re:Library

Urania and I were quite exhausted from our trip to the Sacred Mountain so we decided to take a break for three days, ignoring the schedule we decided upon.

In fact, if there’s an expedition like this one, it seems that every adventurer party will rest. “Grim” and “Fyne” have also set up a three-day rest period just like we did.

Even though I said it was a rest period, it was my fault that Urania worried so much about me due to my recklessness, so to make it up to her I went out with Urania as a form of compensation. Shopping, eating, we did various things. But that massage was dangerous. In my previous life I was opposed to having a stranger touch me, but if it felt that good I should have received one even in my previous life.

And like that, I played with Urania for those three days until the following day, when I arrived at the Guild after a long time. It is necessary to go in person and report immediately after returning from the Sacred Mountain, but Grimhart and Audrey are doing it and I had no need to go to the Guild for the reward as Grimhart delivered it to “Grey Cat’s Inn”.

「Now then, Shall we hunt Growleu after a long time?」
「Nn, sounds good. Two, three days adjustment should be enough to challenge the middle layer.」

『The Abyssal Forest』 is a vast dungeon and is said to be divided into three main areas, surface, middle and deep. Although we were pursued by “Gale ” and got lost inadvertently in the middle layer, it turned out to be an area where we can search without problems if we just use our true abilities.

The problem was the know-how of making camp, but we decided it was time to challenge the middle layer of the dungeon because we were lucky enough to learn the methods of camping from the senior adventurer parties “Grim” and “Fyne” in that expedition. In particular, the female-only party “Fyne” taught me quite a lot.

「Then, for the Growleu subjugation, we can prepare on our rest day, and then leave on the following day.」
「Nn, oーk.」
「Sorry, I need you to discard that plan for a bit.」

While thinking of our plans I tried to retrieve the request, but a voice came from behind when I reached out for the request form. Even me who can detect life essence and Urania who can sense the approach of a person by their smell was taken completely off guard and we raised a scream without noticing their approach.

「Aren’t you being too careless?」
「On guard inside Guild, no need.」
「I’m saying you shouldn’t relax completely. If you don’t have a sense of tension before work, you won’t be in the right mindset.」

The person behind us was the Guild Master. Because the Guild is essentially safe, there isn’t a problem to let our guard down to some extent. But, as the Guild Master says, it is difficult to switch from a completely relaxed state of mind to work mode with a sense of tension that quickly.

「Anyway, did you need something? Discard that plan you said? A request?」
「There is also that, but not here. Could you accompany me?」
「That’s fine but…」

We are then guided to the Guild Master’s room. This is the third time I’ve come here now. The first time was when I first met Urania, and the second time was when I received a request for investigating the Sacred Mountain. I think this place should have a more special feeling. It’s not a place where newcomers like me come often.

「What should we talk about? Let’s see… Which do you want to hear first, the good part or the bad part?」
「Alright, the bad then.」
「Is that so? Well then, I’ll be frank; Lily, your academy admission has been decided.」
「The academy, that academy?」
「That’s right, The Aureitas Royal Magecraft Academy.」

It was brought up so abruptly. Why was the academy brought up now all of a sudden, I don’t know why I have to enroll in the academy. When I first came to this world I thought I might want to study at a school but in this world, it seemed like school was only for the privileged class of nobles and wealthy merchants.

It seemed like it would be too stifling to study together with them, and now I am not interested in the facilities of the school as much because Urania has been teaching me a lot. The word “magic school” is like an eye-catching magic school set in the UK, and to be honest the aspiration itself still remains.

「There are many things I want to ask, but first of all, why is that bad?」
「Well, first of all, it’s the reality of the academy. That place is not as glamorous as the general society makes it out to be.」

The Guild Master begins to talk about the reality of the Royal Magecraft Academy. I feel so sympathetic to the students who get involved involuntarily at the convenience of such an adult.

「Ok, I’ve heard it. Alright, I’ll join. But what if I refused?」
「You asked for the bad right? You are obligated to attend the academy regardless of your own will.」
「You, are a magic user aren’t you?」

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I couldn’t deny the Guild Master’s words which held his conviction.

「You didn’t deny it. Well, even if you did I have the evidence to prove it. “Corona burn ” was it? It’s impossible to recreate a pseudo-sun using Magecraft. Furthermore, there is no one other than the Twelve Sages who can use magic, so … Those who can use it are obliged to enroll in the Magecraft Academy under the name of controlling their vast powers. As I said earlier, it’s a place to contend for who has that vast power.」

I was wondering if that might be the case. With cheat power, if the magnitude of that power is found out, it will eventually be used for political gain. However, I was not prepared for what I thought, and I did not think that it would take place at the Magecraft Academy.

「By the way, it is only Lily who was admitted, so you’ll bid farewell to Urania here.」
「No way!」
「Now, the good news.」

The Guild Master continues talking, ignoring my indignation. If I get separated from Urania I won’t be able to suck life essence in a stable manner, it is both physically and mentally problematic, but it is absolutely unacceptable to be separated from her.

「Your admission is originally one week later. Lily will have to enroll without any backing. But I’ll give you both a letter of recommendation to take the Rank-C Promotion Exam. During this test, you can postpone your enrollment because the guild’s requests take precedence over the enrollment of the school.」
「Oh, the Promotion Exam actually doesn’t take too much time. The problem is the location.」

Upon hearing the plan given by the broadly grinning Guild Master, I decided to get on board with that plan of not having to separate from Urania. If the admission to the Magecraft Academy is unavoidable, it would be better for us to enjoy ourselves.

Most of all, I was quite interested in the request that I heard about from the Guild Master.


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