Chapter 53 – Coming Home from the Sacred Mountain

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Author: Kashiwagi Masato Original Source: Syosetu
Translator: LylyLovesBDSM English Source: WNovel

「Mmh!…… ah, that’s-!」
「Nh!… Haa haa…… Wow… it’s so stiff……」

After finishing the investigation on the sacred mountain, the night we returned to Motsi, Urania is straddling over me on my usual bed. In the beginning, her hands were quite tense, but gradually getting used to it, her movements became a lot smoother and now she can even feel out my weak points with accuracy.

「Nhm, is it good, here? Or maybe, here?」
「Hua… Stop…… Urania! That’s-」
「Lily, you’re so cute. Ei!」

On top of me, Urania firmly thrusts her finger on my sensitive spot while flashing me a smile. Feeling an extreme jolt that I’ve never felt before, I couldn’t keep my voice down.

The intense shock felt like electricity running through my spine. I turned beet red from the loud voice I unintentionally let out. Noticing me, it seems that my reaction pushed Urania’s buttons, as she started brushing her fingers gently all over my skin, as though she’s trying to pinpoint my weakness. And as I inadvertently quiver from her touch, Urania’s finger halts at a certain spot.

「Wha-! Wait, Urania! Don’t, not there! Please!」
「No~pe. This cute Lily, show me more of it, okay? Ei!」
「Nhaah! Mh… Kgh… Ahhh!?」

Ignoring my plea, Urania strikes my weak point. After the pain from her first thrust, I gradually felt pleasure welling up as I got used to her touch, but once again she jams her fingers hard. Unable to control my voice, moans escape my lips, all as she desired.

「Ahh… Mm…. Urania… please… let me resttt-!」
「No, this is punishment. Lily, you were too reckless.」
「Ugh… Well, that’s-ah! Mnn!……」

Though I begged her again for the second time, as if to say she’s not lending an ear to my words, Urania runs her fingers along my body, assaulting me unceasingly. Thanks to that, even if I open my mouth to say my objections, I can only form meaningless words. It seems that Urania is extremely angry right now.

「Lily, you’re not reflecting.」
「I am! I really am! I’m sorry! I made you worry!」
「Mnh… You only sound desperate. This calls for more punishment.」

Saying so, Urania turns around on top of me. I can feel the texture of Urania’s soft, toned butt directly on my skin, but my current body isn’t really much different from hers. I also ended up feeling the full weight of her body, causing me to unintentionally groan.

Perhaps displeased with my reaction, Urania abruptly lifts my foot and……

「Wai-!? Urani-agh!?」
「I’m not done yet.」
「Hgk!? Hgah! Please! I-it hurts!!」

From the excessive pain, I ended up screaming in agony. I never imagined that the small, puppy-like Urania would show such a strong sadistic temperament. Wherever did the gentle Urania that I entrusted everything to at the [Abyssal Forest] disappear to?

「Does it only hurt? No, it feels good, right?」
「Hii! Aa ahh! No, not there!」
「Mhmph, it’s your punishment, I won’t stop.」

Saying so, Urania becomes more and more relentless with her onslaught. I squirm and writhe, trying to escape from the intense pain that I’ve never felt even in my past life and from the great pleasure welling up inside of my body. However, with the physical strength I have in my human form, I can’t even hope to overpower a Dog Ear-kin like Urania. Much less when she’s straddling over me. Even if I turned into my Succubus form, the chances of me pushing her aside are probably still fifty-fifty.

Perhaps being pleased with my reaction, Urania strikes my foot’s pressure points one after the other. It’s been a while since she last did an upper body massage, she had a hard time in the beginning, but it seems that she’s got her senses back and on the foot massage, she’s going all out from the very start.1

I don’t know if Urania’s massage skills are from her hand’s sensitivity or resulted from the knowledge she gained in her childhood but whenever she precisely hits my pressure points, she nods her head to herself in satisfaction.

The scream-inducing pain is quite intense, but at the same time, it also does feel quite good, so I can’t bring myself to run away. It’s quite clever of her to call this a punishment. After enduring the pain without running away, what awaits you is a reward of pleasure. Urania herself is a cute girl that looks good with her dog ears, but she may have a talent for disciplining too.

「Nn, next is here.」
「Hya… U-urania, please, I beg you, just for a bit…」
「Right…… Ughii!」

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While reaching out to my left foot as she was seemingly done with the right leg, I tried begging her for the third time, but as expected, she denied me once again. After that, until Urania was satisfied, I ended up being forced to enjoy a full three-hour course of her full body massage.

The next day, as the effects of Urania’s massage left my body feeling as light as a feather, I never thought that I, after being left floating in the boundary of pain and pleasure, would repeatedly do the mistake of asking her for more.

※ After this, Lily sucked a lot of Life Essence.


  1. Silva: yea… of course it’s a massage, I knew it but still imagined something else though. Thanks for the beautiful imagination.
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