Chapter 48 – Realization

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Author: Kashiwagi Masato Original Source: Syosetu
Translator: LylyLovesBDSM English Source: WNovel

Isn’t this bad…? It’s bad, right…? Like, really bad…?

Even though I know for a fact that the bandits were at this mountain and that this was where I was first at, in my mind, it just didn’t connect.

At this rate, if we reach and enter the hut, they’ll probably be there. It hasn’t even been three weeks since then. No matter how dumb those bandits seem to be, they probably won’t forget about me in just half a month. And I do remember leaving a quite strong impression on them too.

Wait? Rather, how did I get here? I remember my encounter with the Pig God and the sharp-tongued angel itself, but what happened after that, I don’t really know. When I came to, I was tied up, naked at the bandit’s hut. Naked…? Naked, like, in my birthday suit, right…? Huh? Birth…?

「What’s wrong!?」

I ended up with a certain answer. And if this is true, then it would actually explain a lot. But, if it is actually true, then I……

「What’s wrong~ Lily~? Did you see something~? 」
「Ah, well… it’s nothing. It’s probably just my imagination.」
「Hmm? But for that, you’re quite… Well, never mind. Stay focused; it’s definitely not normal for anyone to live in a place like this. 」

I ended up getting lost in my thoughts and even made the others feel a bit suspicious. But then, if what I’m thinking is true, I absolutely can’t afford to let them know. If possible, I should probably keep it secret even from Urania. I don’t mind it myself, but if by any chance I get exposed, it’s possible that it could get dangerous for her if she knows. That’s why it’s probably for the best if she knows nothing about it.

Really, it seems like I’m just gradually getting more and more things to keep quiet about. If I just want to stay alive, then there isn’t any particular need to hide stuff. Even if my Magic gets exposed to the world and even if my Skills get exposed to the town’s nobles and important figures, I’d probably just get involved with some trouble, but if things get really bad, I can always just run from it all.

If it happened when I first arrived in this world, I wouldn’t have minded that. But now, I’ve met “Grim”, Urania, and I even have some other acquaintances in Motsi. I’d hate to leave my new friends, and most importantly, getting separated from Urania would be a bit too hard to take.

「I can see a hut now.」
「A hut in a place like this, huh? Which means…」
「Someone’s living here, right~? On this~ mountain~」

While I was deep in my thoughts, it looks like we’ve reached the hut. Yup, it’s the exact hut in my memory. I’ve only gotten a glimpse of the exterior but I still vividly remember it. Silencing our breath, we draw closer to the hut. Lysha moves to the nearest window, and as she was about to peek inside…

「Lysha! Move away!」
「Eh? Hyaa!?」

Bursting out of from the window, a large number of slimy tentacles spurt out from inside. The tentacles grab Lysha’s limbs and were about to drag her into the hut.

「Like I’d let you!」
「I’ll take the ones above! I ask! With the blade of judgment, let the wicked sinners be! “Cut”! “Cut” “Cut” “Cut”!!!」

In any case, there were a lot of tentacles coming out of the window, absolutely more than what Grimhart could handle with just a sword. I leave the tentacles that captured Lysha to Grimhart and cut the tentacles moving to restrain her.

This time “Freeze” would probably affect Lysha and even “Burn” would do the same, so I decided to use “Cut” even though I have some difficulties controlling it, that’s the best choice considering that it is a Magic that can be aimed at specific areas and will only cause a simple cut and slash. Incidentally, this and “Levitation” are both wind attribute Magic. I’m really glad I didn’t think of limiting myself to only using certain attributes. If I had, it would’ve been too late.

「Got it!」

While I was cutting away at the additional tentacles, it seems that Grimhart managed to free Lysha from the tentacles. Jessica carries Lysha and falls back behind us.

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At a glance, she doesn’t seem to have any injuries, but it looks like she lost consciousness, probably from being swung around by the tentacles. Just in case, I cast “Heal” on her, but it’ll be best to properly check on her afterward.

「What the hell is this?」
「Who knows? I don’t know any monster with tentacles as thick as these.」

Moving away from the window, Grimhart replied to my grumbling. I’ve drawn some tentacle 𝐩𝐨𝐫𝐧 before, but actually seeing it in reality, it’s really gross.

The tentacles are still wriggling around as though it’s searching for something, but seemingly noticing that Lysha is nowhere near its vicinity, it slowly crawled back inside the window.

「It gave up…right?」
「I’d like hope so but….looks like we’re wrong.」

As Grimhart said, even though it went back into the hut, it doesn’t seem like it has given up on us. A human-like hand grabs on to the window frame and a large man comes out from inside. I recognize that man.

If I’m not wrong, he’s the guy called Henther, the first one of the bandits to try and assault me. However, even though he still looks like one, it seems that he’s no longer a human. Some gross tentacles extend from his nostrils and mouth; and on his back are the thick fat wriggling tentacles that attacked Lysha earlier.

「WO! WO,M,AN!」
「I definitely don’t want to end up like that…」

Even if you failed to graduate from virginity, there’s really no reason to grow tentacles and hunt down women, right?


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