Chapter 49 – Tentacle Monster

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Author: Kashiwagi Masato Original Source: Syosetu
Translator: LylyLovesBDSM English Source: WNovel

「No matter how you cut it, he doesn’t look normal.」
「To begin with~ he doesn’t even look human anymore~」

As Audrey said, he is already very far from being human. Since a while ago, I tried to see if I could immobilize him with 【Lewd Dream】, but judging from the fact that it had absolutely no effect on him, he probably already lost his mind and humanity.

「Well, it doesn’t seem like he’d listen to reason and we’ve already been attacked. No one would complain even if we take him down!」

Jessica said so while avoiding the tentacles attacking her. And to Jessica’s unusually manly words, Grimhart and Audrey nodded. From the trail of footprints, it’s probably safe to say that they’re somehow related to the monster, so there’s really no problem if we end up killing him here. In the first place, in this world, even if you just randomly kill bandits, no one will complain. After all, unlike in my past life, these criminals don’t have any human rights to make things complicated, so in most cases, they’re killed on the spot. Even if they’re lucky enough to survive, most of them become slaves bearing some grievous injuries.

「Well, it doesn’t look like he can work as a slave, though.」
「He’s coming out in the open. That’s a lot better than us trying to fight him inside.」

Grimhart once again readies his sword and lops off the approaching tentacles. These tentacles actually seem to be avoiding the only man Grimhart and are reaching out for Jessica and me. Even though he already lost his mind, it looks like his instinct and desire to 「do it」 is magnified. It’s frankly quite gross.

「Right, since he’s out in the open…… Grimhart! Jessica! I’m going to use something big! Fall back in 10 seconds!」
「Got it!」

Following my announcement, they leap back exactly ten seconds later after clearing away some tentacles. Generally, my Magic doesn’t need any charge time and chanting. However, this time’s Magic is just a bit different.

Like the other ones, it still doesn’t require any chant, but I needed to charge a bit more Magic Power to increase its effect. And this time, I even decided to use a proper chant to maximize the effect. The charging is a little under 10 seconds. The effect of the Magic itself is the same as the combustion Magic “Burn”, but its firepower is literally on another level.

「I ask. To the sinner bearing the weight of their crimes, bestow upon them the burning crown’s blaze. “Corona Burn”!」

After finishing the chant, my Magic Power engulfs the Mana in the surrounding area and causes a certain phenomenon. The phenomenon itself is just simple combustion. But from these flames, the color melts away and only a blinding white light burns into my eyelids.

Even this bright light is nothing more than the aftermath of “Corona Burn”, the Magic itself already lost its effect. This Magic had too much firepower that even using my cheat-like capability to control; I can only maintain it for about three seconds. If I ever exceed that, it would end up burning everything in the surrounding area to ashes.

Finally recovering from the blinding light, I turn my eyes to confirm its effects. The tentacles growing from the bandit are all burnt into black crumbling carbon and its real body? Or what was its real body has already collapsed to the point that we can’t even recognize its form.

「This…… this power……」
「Is it dead!?」
「You idiot!」

I thought so too. If I burn it with this much firepower, it’ll definitely die. But Grimhart, you absolutely can’t say those words, you know. And sure enough, the black carbonized body split into two and from there, a strange cylindrical object peeked out. And throughout that shaft, new tentacles began to grow and wriggled in a strange rhythmical motion.

「A Roper!? Isn’t that a Special A class designated subjugation target!?」
「Special A class?」
「Yeah, it’s something that’s specified to be killed immediately when found.」

It’s a one-eyed cylindrical monster with a ton of tentacles all over its body. In my past life, it was a monster that’s responsible for the mass production of erotic scenes in various games and it seems that even in this world, it still the same female harassing monster.

Is there even any meaning for a monster to target females? Is what came to my mind, but it seems that there are some occasions in which monsters use human females to increase their kind.

We’ve already discussed again and again that monsters are born from Magic Cores, but Monsters like Ropers, Orcs, and the like seem to be able to shoot out their own Mana and plant it inside the female body. The Mana inside then develops into a Magic Core and is born as a new monster.

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From the fact that the capture of even a single woman will lead to an explosive increase in its number, it’s a monster that is designated to be exterminated as soon as it is discovered and the Subjugation Request are to be only commissioned to male-only parties just to make sure.

In this kingdom, there haven’t been any sightings of it in the past three years. And from the fact that even the Dungeons that would produce Ropers are tightly controlled, it was thought to be completely wiped out in the wild. However, it seems that they were wrong.

「Hey, Grimhart?」
「What is it, Lily?」
「How many men do we have again?」
「Well, just me.」
「Hey, Grimahart?」
「Can I just leave it to you?」
「Hahaha, sorry but that’s impossible.」

I know, right?… It even lived through “Corona Burn”, you know? Using something more powerful than that would be a bit problematic. For starters, the biggest problem is my remaining energy. If I knew this would happen I should’ve kissed Urania before the departing.

「Hey~ just a thought, but~」
「What is it Audrey?」
「Well~ there were two eggs~ right~?」

If that really came from the egg, then there’s a possibility that there’s still another one left. Well, I really don’t want to believe that I came from the egg, okay? I don’t even want to think that I might be related to that, you know!?

And as though it heard our thoughts, along with a loud noise, a low groan could be heard from inside the hut.


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