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Chapter 27 – Confession?

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Author: Kashiwagi Masato Original Source: Syosetu
Translator: LylyLovesBDSM English Source: WNovel

Urania won’t wake up. I thought that she would get up in about two hours, but it’s already been five hours since then. That said, since her condition’s stabilized, it’s probably just her body wanting rest because of the usual daily fatigue coupled with the heavy work of carrying me while we were running away.

She’s sweating a lot, so I take a towel from 【Dream Storage】 and reach out to wipe her down. Lightly soaking it in water, I wipe from her forehead to her face, and when I was about to wipe her neck, my arm was grabbed.

「Y-you’re awake……」

I reflexively tried to pull my body away, but since she grabbed my arm tightly, I couldn’t do that. I need to apologize and bring her home immediately, I thought to myself, but I couldn’t put it into proper words.

「Nn, I was, asleep…? Ah! Lily! You’re up!? Are you alright!?」
「Y-yeah. I’m, fine now. Thanks to you, Urania.」

She doesn’t remember that? If I remember correctly, I’m sure that, although I didn’t use 【Lewd Dream】 in the middle of it, she did receive my aphrodisiac at full power, so it’s probably natural. But that doesn’t mean that I can be happy about this. Even if Urania doesn’t remember, that doesn’t undo the sin that I’ve committed.

「Urania… I… I … you…!?」
「It’s alright, you didn’t do anything wrong, Lily.」

Saying that, I can feel Urania’s warmth as she embraced me. Trying to comfort me, the way her hand caressed my back was earnestly kind. How comforting would it be to simply stay in her gentle embrace. However, I can’t do that. In Urania’s arms, I confess what I’ve done. About what kind of being I am. About how I forcefully took her lips, about how I was about to kill my own partner because of my desire. Everything with no details omitted.

「…… And so, what’s the problem?」

After listening to me, those are Urania’s words. According to her, she doesn’t really hate the fact that I took her lips. She’s still alive right now and I’ve reflected on it, so it’s fine as long as I don’t make the same mistake. Since I was in a starving state, it can’t be helped; rather, it’s her fault as my partner for not noticing that.

「Sorry, for not realizing it.」
「It’s not something you should apologize about, Urania! Even I didn’t realize it……」
「More importantly, is the Succubus thing true? I haven’t heard of that race.」
「Y-yeah. It’s true.」
「You don’t, look any different from a human.」
「Ah, that’s because I’m in human form. When I cancel it, I look like this.」

I cancel 【Human Transformation】 and return to my Succubus form. Black horns, black wings, a black tail, and the crest on the lower abdomen. No matter how you look at it, I’m a Succubus.

「This? A Succubus?」
「No matter how you look at it, I’m a Succubus, right?」
「…… Haven’t seen one before so I can’t tell.」

Well, that’s true. If you haven’t seen one, you can’t really tell whether it’s real or not, I guess. Rather, are the horns and wings that unusual? Urania’s touching them a lot. I don’t really hate it. Rather, it feels really good. How can I describe it? Maybe it’s like how a cat feels when you touch below its chin or something.

「Ah, sorry.」

While I was thinking about that, she suddenly grabbed my tail. Unlike the ticklish, frustratingly incomplete sensation that I’ve been feeling up until a while ago, the intense stimulation made me reflexively raise my voice. Since animals have a lot of nerves concentrated on their tails, they don’t like it being touched. Is it the same for Succubi? Still, can you please stop groping my tail while apologizing?

「Mh… Hyah!? Mnh! P-please, stop it!」
「Nn, it’s real. It doesn’t look artificial.」

Ugh, Urania has a tail too, so she probably knows how it feels. Urania enjoys groping my tail for a while. If I seriously tried to escape, I could, but with me feeling guilty with what I did, I can’t do that.

「I understand that you’re a Succubus. Can you only take Life Essence from humans?」
「Uhh, I haven’t really tried, but I think I can’t take it from things that don’t have a certain amount of intellect. It seems like animals and plants also have Life Essence in them, but even if I tried taking it, it doesn’t feel like I can.」

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Life Essence is something that all living creatures have. To the extent that even monsters, animals, and plants have it in them. However, I can’t suck it out of them. Life Essence is the origin of all living creatures. That origin is something that doesn’t usually rise to the surface, so there’s a need to create an opportunity to suck it out. There are a few ways to do that, but as I’m a Succubus, having my target feel aroused makes it easier for me to suck their Life Essence out.

I don’t even know if monsters and plants can feel sexually aroused after all, and since a Succubi’s seduction won’t work on beings that aren’t close to human form, I can’t take it from animals too. I feel like people with those kinds of fetishes may be able to do it, but I can’t really see them in a sexual way, so that’s probably one of the reasons too.

「Next question. After sucking out my Life Essence, how long would you last?」
「Umm, probably about a week. Normal food nourishes me too, so if I don’t overdo it, I can probably last that long.」

This time, as soon as I arrived in this world, I used 【Lewd Dream】 on the bandits and used Magic so much that I collapsed in hunger. Even though I can make do with normal food to some extent, when I use a lot of power I always end up getting hungry.

The reason for this is because a Nightmare is an existence that’s half-dream and half-real. For this, the physical body needs regular food and the dream body needs Life Essence. If I don’t overdo it, I’ll only end up using the physical body’s energy, so I can probably last a week from the amount I sucked out earlier.

「Then, last question. My Life Essence, was it delicious?」
「!? Uhh… umm… It……was…?」

Since I was hit with an unexpected question, I ended up answering back with a question. Frankly, Urania’s Life Essence was absurdly delicious. For example, I can compare it to a mont blanc from a popular cake shop that takes customers three hours to line up and buy it, I guess? Its rich sweetness melts in your mouth, a delicacy that makes you end up eating more and more.

「Then, it’s fine~♪」

While saying this, Urania’s ears start flopping happily. Uhh? In the end, what was that about? My confused brain couldn’t quite organize what happened just now. Huh? Wait, did Urania say that she doesn’t really hate the kiss…… Wait, she didn’t hate it!?

「Eh? Ehhhh!?!?」


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