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Chapter 26 – Mistake

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Author: Kashiwagi Masato Original Source: Syosetu
Translator: LylyLovesBDSM English Source: WNovel

The sound of heavy rainfall woke me from my sleep. I look over my surroundings and Urania isn’t there. She’s gone!? Did she leave me behind!? Or have those bastards caught up already!? I started thinking with my confused brain, but I can’t organize my thoughts.

「Ah, are you, awake?」

Urania suddenly peeked from the entrance headfirst and came inside. Since she’s carrying fruits in her arms, she probably went outside to gather some food. I see, we can’t start a fire inside the tree cave, so the meat from the Monsters we hunted today is pretty much useless as food. And in the first place, I ended up losing consciousness, so Urania has no way of taking it out of the 【Dream Storage】

Urania sets aside the fruits she gathered and taking a Ria in her hand, she approached me. She went outside while it was raining this much. So naturally, she’s dripping wet, to the point that she can’t possibly dry up by just wiping off with her hands.

「The Ria fruit’s medical properties mostly reside in its seed. But, there’s some in its flesh too.」

Saying that, Urania holds the Ria out to me with her usual 「Nn!」. At this moment, my heart started beating heavy and fast. The raindrops trickle down from her beautiful hair, her clothes clung tightly to her and her skin can be seen through it. Probably worrying about me, her eyes are choked with tears, and her red puffed lips look…… so delicious.

Ahh, I remember now. The reason for my current condition, it’s hunger. I ate a proper breakfast today. Just as usual, I ate to the point that I thought it was maybe even too much. However, it’s impossible to quell my hunger with just that. My food isn’t just any ordinary thing; it’s a human’s Life Essence. Ever since I arrived in this world, I still haven’t eaten Life Essence.

That’s probably the reason why this body, which should have been unable to eat that much, won’t get full no matter how much I eat. Even if I can distract my body with food, I’m not getting the necessary nutrition. Ahh, this is bad. Now that I’ve realized that, I can’t hold myself back anymore.

「Sorry, Urania.」
「Lily? What are you…Mmh!?」

I ignored the fruit Urania held out to me, and directly went for her lips. I didn’t forget to release some aphrodisiac for sucking out Life Essence too. Even without that, I can still suck out Life Essence, but it’s a lot more delicious when they’re aroused after all, and I can take a lot more, too.

「Mnh…… hah… hah……Mh, mnh!?」

I heard people say first love tastes like lemons and stuff, but the kiss with Urania tastes amazingly sweet. Every time I suck on her puffy red lips, I feel my body being filled with that something I’ve been lacking. My lower abdomen’s gradually getting hotter, but I don’t have the time to be distracted by that. It’s my first meal. I need to enjoy it to exhaustion.

「Mnh…… mh…… ahh……」

I separate our lips and look at Urania’s face. Her tear choked eyes look intoxicated, and her skin’s flushed a deep red. I suck from her lips once again and move to kiss her cheek and nape. Everywhere I suck it from, Urania shows sensitive reactions, but I wonder what’ll happen if I touch her most sensitive place?

While I suck on Urania’s nape, I slowly lay my hands inside her wet clothes and……


Who are you, trying to get in my way? You can’t expect me to stop now when there’s a feast right before my eyes, you know?

『I don’t really mind, but are you really fine with that?』

What do you mean?

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『She’s going to die, you know?』

Taken aback by that indifferent voice, I take a look at Urania’s condition. Before I noticed, it seems like I fell over her, and Urania is breathing heavily, laying down and already unconscious. Her flushed cheeks, chest moving up and down matching her breath, and the wet clothes clinging to her body gets me feeling aroused. But right now, I’m looking at something different.

It’s Urania’s Life Essence. Life Essence is something that approximately all living creatures have; it’s the origin of everything and the source of their power. Naturally, it’ll increase and decrease at times during their lives, but if they run out of Life Essence, at best they’ll be crippled, lose their will to live, and just die.

Urania has about two-thirds of Life Essence left. That means in this short amount of time, I ended up sucking a third of it. If I had continued some more, I would have ended up taking all of Urania’s Life Essence the very moment she climaxed.

「Ah, ahh……」
『Have you noticed?』

I finally realized what I was about to do. Even if I was in a starving state, I forced myself onto Urania and was about to take her life.

『It’s alright. If it’s just this much, then she’ll recover soon. Besides, it’s often the case when a Succubus has her first meal.』
「That’s, not the point… What have I done… 」
『If you really feel guilty, then at least let her have a peaceful sleep.』

The angel, right, the owner of this voice is the angel I met before I came to this world. Doing as she says, I clean up the cave that we’re in using Magic. Of course, I’ve used “Heal” on Urania, dried her clothes, and lay her down on a bed made from 【Dream Fabrication】.

Even though my condition deteriorated to that extent, sucking Urania’s Life Essence brought me back to perfect condition. I can control my Magic just as I want to, so may it be “Gale Viper” or some Growleus, I feel like I can take on anything right now. Rather, I feel like I’m even better than I was before my body got ill.

『That’s natural, since the first stage of the seal has been released.』
『The requirement for the first stage release is to devour Life Essence. I thought you would have released it earlier, but you were surprisingly well-behaved. Would you like to hear about the unsealed abilities?』
「…… Please.」

According to the angel, it seems like my physical abilities were greatly increased. Rather, it may be better to say that my body itself has been restructured to a Succubi’s, I guess. I took out a mirror to confirm it, and it’s pretty clear that my body has changed. There are twisted horns on my head, black wings on my back, a tail, and even a heart-shaped crest on my lower abdomen. Rather, it’s really embarrassing how it looks pretty lewd, you know? No, well, it doesn’t just look lewd; it’s a Succubi’s Lust Crest.

And after that, I also gained a new skill. It’s a skill called 【Human Transformation】, and when I tried using it, my appearance turned back into the same human form that I had earlier. So I guess I can now choose between taking on a human’s form or a Succubi’s form.

For now, I wait for Urania to wake up in the human form. And after escorting her to Motsi City, we’ll go our separate ways. No matter how much I apologize, I don’t think Urania will ever forgive me after doing that thing; she probably wouldn’t even want to be near me anymore. If possible, I even want to run away right now, but that’ll be too irresponsible of me.

After arriving at Motsi, she might hand me over to the garrison, but it really is entirely my fault. If Urania wants that, then I can only leave myself to fate and accept it.


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