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Chapter 94 – Romance in the Mansion

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Author: Tsunose Bun Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 3024 characters
Translator: Jiro English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1512 words
Editor(s): Robinxen

“Come to think of it, that girl is still in the guest room… I should go see her.”

Count Fonan recalled the girl he’d left in the guest room during a pause in his discussion about the future with his head butler, Porto.

“Girl? What girl? Is she an acquaintance of yours?”
“No… I ran into her on my way back from the Guild this morning. She’s extremely gorgeous for a country girl, and I couldn’t help but bring her with me.”

Porto frowned at the Count’s remark and looked at him suspiciously.

“Is she really nothing more than a country girl? To think she’d show up now, of all times… She’s far too suspicious.”
“Don’t be stupid. She can’t possibly be the Duke’s or Empire’s spy. Her beauty transcends this line of work1. There’s something divine about her… She can’t possibly be a spy.”
“Are you truly certain, Master?”

Porto stared at the Count, who spoke with a completely straight face about something that had no validity, and shook his head sideways, saying, “I’m not sure what kind of woman she is, but this is not the time to get sidetracked with love affairs. Please double-check the room with the documents just to be sure.”

“Porto. Even if the girl is a spy, as you claim, do you believe she could locate that room and dismantle a powerful magician’s barrier in such a short time?”
“I don’t know… But we can’t be certain. So, if nothing else, please take a look around the room.”
“Good grief… You’re such a worrywart.”

The Count reasoned that it would be quicker to examine the room than to try to persuade the stubborn Porto to reconsider.

Besides, even though the chance was minimal, it wasn’t zero. The Count and Porto exited the Count’s room and made their way to the room disguised as a study near the mansion’s entrance, where the important documents were kept.

“I doubt that something has happened. After all, I even attached a maid to that girl. She won’t be able to act as she pleases.”

As they reached the room, the Count said as he put his hand on the doorknob. Porto, on the other hand, did not answer and merely urged him to open the door.

“Good grief.”

The Count entered the room, mumbling languidly once more as if mocking the unyielding head butler.

“See. Nothing wrong.”
“It seems that way…”

The tiny room disguised as a study appeared to have remained unchanged.
Even if it was small, there would not have been enough time to rummage through it and then rearrange everything. After all, not much time had elapsed between the Count’s first visit to review the documents and this one.

In such a short period of time, determining which room had the documents and then locating them, behind the barrier, would have been impossible.

“Just in case, please check the documents as well.”
“Don’t be stupid. There’s no need to go that far. Everything appears to be in order. There’s no need to double-check them.”
“However, only you, Master, can determine whether the barrier is functioning properly.”
“Porto, that’s enough! For starters, she was empty-handed. Even if she did steal them, she’d have nowhere to hide them. Just confirm for yourself once you see her.”

The Count admonished his overly concerned subordinate in a somewhat harsher tone, fed up with him. He reasoned that if Porto had this much time on his hands, he should go into the guest room and look at the girl in person.

The Count slammed the door to the study shut and hurried to the guest room.

“M-Master! If something actually happens, it’ll be too late!”
“Porto, enough already! You stated that all I had to do was examine the room.”

The Count moved quickly, and Porto struggled to keep up with him. When the Count finally arrived in front of the guest room, Porto stood in front of him.

“Porto… This is crossing the line.”

The Count roared angrily at the head butler. In turn, the old man knelt and bowed.

“Master, please reconsider… I have a bad feeling about this…”
“Porto… Fine! You should thank yourself for being so loyal all this time. However, know this. There won’t be a second time.”

Porto’s voice was laced with anguish as the Count slowly turned around.

“Although it’s annoying, if double-checking the documents will make you listen then so be it. Don’t dawdle. We’re going back.”
“U-Understood. T-Thank you.”

Although irritated, the Count knew he wouldn’t be able to enjoy his time with the girl he had brought back unless he first addressed his nagging butler.

So, for his own sake, he decided to double-check the paperwork, which he still considered pointless. Regardless, this left a very good impression on Porto.

Porto hurriedly followed the Count as he turned back and walked to the study.

“Count Fonan, where are you going?”

The door to the guest room, which the Count had just turned away from, opened, and he was stopped by a clear, lovely voice. As though ensnared by the lovely voice, the Count came to a halt and turned his body back toward the guest room, his smile unmasked.

“Zera. I apologize for making you wait.”

When the Count turned around, he saw a woman of otherworldly beauty. Zera shook her head and raised her concerned eyes toward the Count.

“It’s okay. You don’t need to apologize… I can see that you are a busy man, and it appears that I have arrived at an awkward time. I appreciate you inviting me here, but I’m afraid I’ll have to leave.”
“What? Please, wait. There’s no need to go. I’ve finished my business, so let’s go and talk.”

Zera was not from the City of Logholt. Count Fonan realized that if he let her go now, he wouldn’t be able to see her again for a long time. So he resolved to make her his today.

Count Fonan attempted to keep his avaricious intentions disguised as he convinced Zera to return to the guest room, but Porto, who stood next to him, protested.

“Master, you can’t! We must go and check!”
“Porto. You…”

When Zera heard Porto yell, she shuddered in fear. Because Count Fonan was enthralled by Zera’s delicate appearance, he was enraged at Porto for inadvertently scaring her.

“Please, let her wait a bit longer. The documents should be prioritized!”
“Silence! Look at her! Does she really look like someone who would approach me with some kind of scheme? The documents and such can wait!”

After the Count chastised Porto for his opinion of Zera, he smiled softly at Zera.

“Zera. I apologize for my butler’s behavior.”
“I-It’s okay… However, I really should go. Please excuse me.”

Despite the Count’s smiles and interventions, Zera seemed terrified of Porto. She attempted to leave the mansion while glancing fearfully at Porto.

“Master. Now is not the time to be distracted by women. The Fonan family’s life is at stake. Please, reconsider.”

Count Fonan was about to yell at Porto for whispering in his ear when it occurred to him that his head butler could have a point.

If the Fonan family was disposed of, just as Porto feared, then he himself would perish as well. He wouldn’t be able to spend time with women if that happened. Count Fonan had an innate sense for self-preservation. The fear of ruin rattled his head, which was imprisoned by the gorgeous woman in front of him.

“Y-You’re right…”

As though she couldn’t bear seeing the Count’s anguish any longer, Zera approached him and handed him a piece of paper.

“Zera, what is this?”
“This is the address of the inn where I’m staying. I was planning to depart tomorrow, but I decided to extend my stay. You are welcome to come see me once your business is completed.”
“Thank you. I’ll definitely come!”

The Count grabbed Zera by the waist and hugged her passionately as she stared up at him with moist eyes. Zera let out a tiny cry of shock at the unexpected embrace, but after a moment, she slid her face hesitantly toward his chest2.

“I’ll be waiting.”

She whispered, her voice shaking, as she gently pressed her palm against the Count’s chest and stepped away. She then raised her dazzling jade eyes to the Count. The Count’s heart stopped just by glancing at Zera’s expression. He felt like he’d just discovered love for the first time.

He believed that Zera was truly a magical woman.


Count Fonan sensed an odd sensation during their embrace, but he chose not to dwell on it and instead placed his right hand on Zera’s head.

“I’ll definitely come. So don’t go anywhere.” The Count said with a smile.
“I won’t…”

Zera also smiled in response.
Her beauty tempted the Count to make her his right now, but his butler’s tactless words jolted him back to reality.

“Ahem! Our guest is leaving! Have someone escort her!”



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