[Vol 1] Prelude

Please look——

There is a parchment here.

Under the blessing of time, the tiny characters written on the parchment seemed somewhat blurry, many of the characters were hard to differentiate.

On the middle of the parchment was a picture that resembled a child’s doodle.

This was a ring drawn using slanted penwork——

Since ancient times, power normally dwell in ring shaped objects.

Bracelets were symbols of power, rings were proofs of contract, necklaces were brandings of loyalty, and the crowns were evidences of authority.

But the “ring” drawn here was not any one of those.

Due to the crude penwork, it was hard to identify the materials of the ring. Since there were no reference, its size could not be determined. Additionally, the absence of humans (in the drawing), made it impossible to tell if it was an equipment.

Furthermore —— from the moment this ring was drawn onto the parchment, it had already became a non-existent item.

Actually, this was just the design of a special magic tool left behind by a certain sorcerer.

At the time, many sorcerers thought it was impossible to bring about this magic tool. In fact, even the sorcerer who had come up with the design had passed away without making it a reality.

From the bug-eaten description, the power stored in the “ring” was not beyond understanding.

However, looking at it from various point of views, it had too many contradictions.

The name of the ring was “The Ring of Backflow” (Solid Torus).

Since it was never realized, there is barely anyone that knows this name. Even those with an immense knowledge about the history of magic tools will tilt their heads and give a bitter smile.


If this design was to become reality ——

At that time, all sorcerers will be shocked and terrified.

“The Ring of Backflow”

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To the magic tool craftsmen, it was a legend as well as an unsolvable problem.


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