[Vol 1] Introduction – The Myth of Creation

Long long ago, in the time of legends ——

When they created this world, they set three rules.

First, the gods cannot bring their war into this world.

Second, no gods are to excessively intervene with this world.

Third, all gods had to give this world a “gift” ——

One god created “humans” for this world.

Other gods prepared “soil”, created “trees”, gave “water” and “air”, left behind the spirit powers of “fire”, “water”, “thunder”.

These gods also created many ferocious beasts, as well as many non-human races such as goblins, naiads and fairies.

When all of them had presented their gifts, it was finally the turn of the new gods.

However, everything the world needs were already prepared by their predecessors.

Due to this, these new gods each gave the world one of their possessions.

The magic god, Orlaido, gave out his valuable staff.

“The one who possesses this staff shall have obtain the power of creation. As for how to use this power, that will be left to this world.”

The music god, Letia, gave out her beloved harp.

“This harp can touch the hearts of many. For what purpose will it be used for, it too shall be left to this world.”

The sacred god, Iska, handed over the jewellery that was being worn.

“This pearl holds my blessing. This power will become a divine protection that supports the people that lives on this land.”

The artisan god, Nirwario, presented a used hammer.

“Then let me give out this golden hammer. It holds the power to reforge anything. Whether the owner will be able to use it freely, that is not my problem.”

The war god, Seshi took down the blade on his waist.

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“I shall give out a weapon used for protection and warfare. It doesn’t hold incomparable power like everyone else’s gifts, but it will definitely come in handy.”

Finally, the dragon god, Draukairas, pondered a moment, then broke off his own “horn”.

“I don’t have any items on me like everyone else. Because of this, I shall hand over one horn.”

The dragon god was intent on giving out a present at the cost of harming his own body. This action triggered the respects of the other gods.

And so, dragons were born from the horn of the dragon god.

Due to this, dragons are revered as the sacred beasts of this world.

It is said that no matter how many humans there are, none will be able to trespass into their territory.

From then on, this world began to revolve.


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