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Episode 49 Talented Manager’s Problems

There is a mansion on a certain remote mountain. It is so remote that, forget about humans, not many monsters are aware of its existence.

This mansion is the residence of the 10000-year-old fox god, Ohi-sama. And by her side, there served an old fox, Sandill. A talented manager acknowledged by everyone.

Recently, Sandill became increasingly worried about Ohi-sama’s diet.

For a whole year, the fox mansion continued to receive certain offerings. A boy, Rinos, brought by the white fox from the Juka Kingdom, ended up offering the so-called「ohagi」and「karaage」on a regular basis.

At first, Sandill didn’t pay any attention, but he heard the supervisor girls singing praises to it. Sometimes, the supervisors nearly fought each other.

Sandill reluctantly tasted it too and was captivated in a second. He especially liked「karaage」.

「Karaage」delivered by Rinos came in two flavors, a sweet one, and a normal one. Ohi-sama preferred the sweet one, while Sandill – the normal one. This normal karaage was extremely compatible with sake. He brought it back home and enjoyed it together with drinks.

A month ago, there was a change in「ohagi」. Different from before, it became much mellower. In short, Peris, the new chef of Rinos’ household, received a hint from Rinos and made something akin to「red mochi」, this「new ohagi」suited Sandill’s tastes rather well.

However, Ohi-sama didn’t like「new ohagi」very much and always discarded it after selectively eating some of its parts. It was the best possible outcome for Sandill.

Of course, he used an excuse of wanting to follow the manners and do not casually throw away the offerings. This「new ohagi」exquisite and showed him the incredible harmony between the ingredients. He deeply enjoyed the feeling of it slowly sliding down his throat. [1]

One day, Rinos delivered another batch of「ohagi」and「karaage」as per usual. Unlike before, there were three of「new ohagi」delivered. Normally, it was just two. And each time, Ohi-sama would nibble on one and let him take the whole one. This time too, was the same pattern.

However, that day Sandill was exceptionally hungry. And at that time, 「new ohagi」was delivered. For starters, he put one in his mouth. Delicious. How can you make something so delicious? The humans couldn’t be underestimated. While thinking that, he unconsciously extended his hand towards the second one. And put it in his mouth. This time, he made sure to properly chew and enjoy the taste. It is indeed delicious. He swallowed it while thinking of the best drink to complement it with.

Once he came to himself, he noticed a single ohagi left. Oh, I did it….was, of course, present in his mind, but it wasn’t going to be a problem. Thinking that she won’t eat more than a half anyway, he carried ohagi and aburaage to her chambers. [2]

As usual, she enjoyed the taste of aburaage before switching her focus to ohagi. This time it was「new ohagi」. Hearing him, she disinterestedly took a bite on her favorite part as usual and tasted it.

「Sandill, one more」

Usually, it was the time for to say「you can take away the rest」, but this time, he couldn’t just produce another one from nothing. After all, there were no more. They were resting in Sandill’s stomach. Given some time, he could have requested more from Rinos, but he didn’t have any.

「One more」

「I have a thing to report to Ohi-sama」

「What is it?」

「Can you see the garden? I took care of it recently. The trees became very tidy and beautiful」

「Garden?……It is indeed beautiful. It seems you planted a tree by the side of the pond, but what about it? 」

While she was distracted, he quickly flipped ohagi in a way where the tasty side was above.

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「One more ohagi, Ohi-sama」

She opened her mouth again and tasted this ohagi.

「It really is great, Sandill, another one」

That was troublesome. Turning it around once again won’t bring any good results.


「Sandill, one more!………Or should I look at the garden once more? 」[3]

After that, Sandill disappeared for a while, and she enjoyed her peaceful everyday life.


  1. That was a difficult one. 
  2. The author changed karaage to aburaage for some reason. Mistake? Intentional? 
  3. Busted. 

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