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Episode 48 Split a Bush and Pull out a Snake

Inside the cell, Serias seemed to be asleep.

The magicians probably forcibly keep him asleep. They stand around him and cast extra heal one after another.

「What did that prisoner do?」

I asked the guard.

「Ah, that is a certain person of high standing. He was subjected to confusion since a long time ago, and there are always magicians casting healing spells around him」

Extra heal takes a lot of mana to cast, but it seems that extra heal can at least keep a person alive after「Onigiri」.

「Are you applying recovery magic to him? Oi, Shera」

「If it is recovery magic, even I can do it. Be grateful」

The guards prevented the idiotic cat princess from approaching Serias.

「Why!? I was going to help! Why do you need to stop me!?」

「That’s right! We are being merciful to you! Why can’t you gratefully accept it?! I’m surrounded by idiots」

The two complained to the guards. While I was thinking of punching them, Serias stood up


He suddenly grabbed the neck of a magician and snapped it with little effort.

「Your Highness! Please calm down! 」

The guard approached Serias’ cell in a fluster.


Maybe because magicians didn’t lock the cell, Serias was able to rush out of the cell. He swiftly stole a sword from the guard and stabbed it into his chest.


Releasing a voiceless scream, he fell on the ground. I released a wind spell at Serias. At that moment, he cut my wind spell apart and dodged to the side.

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「Hyahha! Your Highness! Kill! Kill them all! 」

Looking closely, I noticed Visto Zai in a cell next to Serias’. He pressed the place, where his hand was, on the prison bars and screamed with all his might. His eyes were completely insane.

「Kill! Kih, gaha」

Without any trace of hesitation, Serias pierced his throat through the gap between the iron bars. Zai’s body collapsed like a puppet with its string cut. A group of soldiers rushed in after hearing the commotion, but Serias cut them down in a matter of moments.

「Stop it, *******! I won’t forgive you for showing such violent behavior before the hero! 」

The idiotic prince shouted towards Serias. Serias’ eyes flashed with a strange color when he looked at the idiotic prince. They turned dark. In that moment, Serias moved. With a speed completely incomparable to before, he dashed in our direction. I let my guard down.

In a blink of an eye, Serias approach the idiotic prince and cut with his sword.


The female cat, Amalia, covered him and was struck instead.

「Ah, aaaaaaaaa」

The idiotic royalty became weak in their knees. A part of our surrounding turned into a sea of blood. I released a fireball at this slaughterer. However, it was split apart by Serias’s sword. He managed to resist LV3 magic.

「Gaaaaaaaa, waaaaaaa, di-e……di-e………」

He spoke as if vomiting something. Serias was strange since a while ago. I used appraisal to look at his skills.

Hideta Shua Serias (Demon, 19 years old) LV26
HP: 101/208
MP: 47/58
Sword Arts LV3
Body Strengthening LV3
Evasion LV2
Etiquette LV1
Curse LV3

His 「Curse」 leveled up. Because of that, he became a demon. His skill also became higher overall.

It was a bit narrow, but I still released a wind blade. Yet Serias deflected it with his sword again. He turned away from us and escaped.

「Hey, stupid cats! Don’t move from this place! 」

I chased after Serias.

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After leaving the basement, I found Serias surrounded by soldiers while he was wildly swinging his sword around. I immediately trapped him inside a barrier and deprived him of his freedom. The soldiers pounced at him and successfully captured him.

Serias was escorted away by soldiers. He will probably die very soon from the mental breakdown.

I returned to the basement to secure the idiotic cats. It wasn’t possible to keep them in the prison anymore, so they were transferred to the royal palace. Amalia, who covered for the idiotic prince, wasn’t breathing. I attempted to bring her back with ultimate heal, but her brain was seriously damaged by that slash, which in turn caused me to fail. The others were pierced in their hearts, and I wasn’t able to revive them either.

I embraced Amalia and carried her into the room allocated for the idiotic cats.

As expected, the idiotic cats were depressed. When I entered the room with Amalia in my hands, the idiotic princess approached her.

「Amalia! Amalia! Open your eyes!! I beg you, wake up!!」

「Is there someone who can revive her!? This is the Hideta Empire, right? You should have someone who can resurrect a person. Hey! Hurry up and call a magician! 」

The idiotic princess was desperate.

「Amalia’s brain was damaged. When the damage to the brain is excessive, it is impossible to resurrect a person anymore」

「What do you know!? Look! She doesn’t have any wounds! Don’t lie to me! 」

「I closed her wounds with magic. Otherwise, she was too sorry to look at 」


I heard the idiotic prince’s crying voice. At that time, the prime minister and Princess Ricolette entered the room.

「So one of your servants died. It is great that you, the royalty, weren’t hurt」

「Hmpf, it would have been better for you to be cut. Your selfish decisions can easily harm other people around you. You just use your position as a royalty to satisfy your desires. As a result, you lost a servant. Whom are you tears dedicated to exactly? Are they truly for your servant? Aren’t you crying because she won’t be able to accompany you in your stupid game anymore? 」

Princess Ricolette didn’t have any mercy. The prime minister looked like he swallowed a bug. The idiotic prince and the idiotic princess glared at Ricolette without wiping their tears.

「Now, get out of here. You do not deserve to live, but cutting you down here will create a stain on our reputation. You are nothing but pests. Leave the Hideta Empire as soon as possible. We will hold a funeral for your servant. You aren’t qualified to mourn that person. Rinos fellow, throw them away from our country」

As ordered, I dragged the idiotic cats out of the royal palace.

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The carriage was rather small. There was barely enough food stuffed inside. I took a position of the coach, and together with Irimo departed towards the border.

The three inside the carriage didn’t say a single word. Well, there was also the fact of Irimo running at incredible speed. Before I noticed, it was already evening. A very beautiful setting sun was slowly sinking beyond the horizon. When I looked at the sky, the stars appeared one after another. It was a little more to the border.

I stopped the carriage near the river, which was close to the border. For the time being, I cast a barrier that should last for several days on the three.

「If you follow this river for half a day, you can reach a village. Go there first」

「What should we do?」

The idiotic prince opened his mouth.

「Meet all kinds of people and talk with them. There are plenty of ways to live. You should learn them. Notice that you aren’t able to survive by yourself. Before, you were provided with everything by your country. You didn’t even do anything. However, the reality is different. If you won’t do something for others, they won’t bother with you either. You need to comprehend it. That’s how people live」

The idiotic cats were silently depressed.

「You are probably hungry. Take this」

I handed them ohagi from the infinite storage.

「Be sure to remember this taste」

Having said my piece, I mounted Irimo and headed home. [1]


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