Episode 38 Peaceful Days

「……T-this thick thing is going to enter my body? 」

「It is all right, leave everything to this big sister. Now relax…..」

「Kuh, ah, it is pushing in, it is pushing in…….」

「Hora, it pierced all the way. This is your first time today, so you shouldn’t move for a while」

「B-big sister, my body is hot!」

「You’ll get used to it after a while~. You will definitely like it once you get used to it. All right, I will start to move」

「Fuh, kuh, kuaaaaaa」

…..I came here for the acupuncture. I liked the needles from my previous life, but I never expected to be punctured in the belly by such a thick needle. [1]

With the issue of my new house settled, I will open the Daquet Company tomorrow. The army and the nobles even asked me to guide them to it. My store is placed between my house and the imperial capital. When I was buying my house, I conveniently purchased a vacant store at affordable price. It is in 15 minutes on Irimo from me, not that big of the distance.

With the opening preparations over, in order to maintain my body, I visited an acupuncturist next to the red-light district. I fully enjoyed the treatment. It was a nice place. When I about to leave, a woman, who did the acupuncture on me, escorted me until the exit. She was young, but had some skills. My body became much lighter. When I said

「Uwa~ I was truly comfortable~. I feel refreshed! 」

「Sometimes, your body just craves for it~. Please come again at any time」

the people around us bitterly smiled. This was right outside the red-light district. They, most likely, misunderstood something there.

…..In reality, my barrier store became a big hit. As for the working hours: the store was opened from 9 to 17, the store is closed for 1 hour during the lunch break. I became famous as a shopkeeper that changes the days off and holidays based on his mood, but I still received about 10 orders every day. There are unexpectedly a lot of customers amongst the army, nobility and even the commoners. I was often asked to put up a soundproof barrier because of the noise.

Since I didn’t have any time to satisfy every order I received, I refused some of them at first. But then, I came up with something.

I picked up some stones from the river and sold them off as「Magic Stones」. It is possible to control my barriers remotely. Then, I enchanted them according to the characteristics of the desired barrier. Like that, 「Barrier Magic Stones」came into being. Of course, it was still just a normal stone, but the customers completely believed me. Since I was “LV2”, the maximum duration was about 3 days. The barrier was also able to withstand only about 5 full force sword blows, but the demand was still overwhelming. I priced them about 100G, quite the price, but they still sold well. The production costs are zero, so every coin is a profit. Don’t call me a scammer. [2]

To my surprise, there weren’t many orders from the royalty. I only sometimes accompanied prince Viras when he had business outside the palace, and even that is estimated to be once a month. The longest time was 1 day. It was when His Highness and his little sister visited a remote town for a local event.

After I closed the shop, I was free, so I spent my time sightseeing the capital. It is quite wide, so it takes a long time to see everything. I discovered a good weapons and armor store. I also found a splendid grocery store. During the days off I eat lunch in the hotel, I spend my days rather extravagantly if I say so myself.

When I moved in, monster often came out of the forest, but they were mostly goblins. They were subdued without any difficulty. Currently, there is an effect from the barrier, so I didn’t see any monsters recently.

My cooking repertoire also increased. I succeeded in making ohagi. It wasn’t the same as my grandmother’s, but I still pride myself in being able to replicate it to a certain extent. Gon was extremely delighted.

I enjoyed myself with Chinese-style rice and onigiri, from time to time, I challenged something like tempura or karaage. This was also popular with Gon. Right now, I’m making a pudding. It is currently in the prototype stage. [3]

I didn’t go to that establishment in the red-light district yet. It is somewhat embarrassing and I often come straight home at night. After all, Irimo wants to go home as soon as possible. Well, considering the size of the stables, Irimo lives quite comfortably. I can easily fit several horses there, so I thought of buying another horse to reduce her workload.

Autumn passed, winter passed, I can finally feel a smell of spring. The business is fine and there is no shortage of orders. I left the stone gathering to Gon, but he brought less and less each time.

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One day, I discovered a drug store close by. It was placed in an inconspicuous corner and sold rather dangerous things. It was a poison store. There, I found something unexpected. A poison named「Cash」, which can cause a heart attack when drunk in large quantities. I appraised it and「magnesium chloride」came out. So-called「Bittern」.

Once I found it, my tension skyrocketed. I can create tofu. My parents owned a tofu store in my previous life. The method of creating tofu was crammed in my head by my father and grandpa. To escape that, I worked as a programmer, but in order to repay my dad and grandpa, I swore to make tofu in this life one day.

Once again, there was a thing called「Aphrodisiac」in that store. There was a description. Helps to convey the pleasure to your partner to feel the pleasure together…..or something incomprehensible amongst those lines, but for some reason, Gon reacted to it.

Helps to convey the pleasure to your partner to feel the pleasure together. Young big-breasted beauty, skin, white as a whitefish. With her beautiful fingers, she will stroke my fur and reach the apex of pleasure with me……how wonderful. Such is my dream. Uhehehehe」

Regarding the drugs, it seems that it is possible to adjust the effect. Gon’s face became even more deplorable. For now, I decided on what to buy from the drug store. I relayed my order to the shopkeeper.

「Excuse me, do you have something to cure the idiocy?」


  1. All right, I became energized for no reason. 
  2. Next step is selling air. 
  3. Cooking parts take thrice the time, gosh darn it. 

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