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Episode 37 Moving

I decided to accept His Excellency’s proposal. It was unexpectedly easy to reach this decision.

On the next day after the dinner party, some figures from army and nobility swaggered into my room. With quite the vigor that is.

「Become the barrier master for our house! I will take care of you! 」

「We will attach you to our flying dragon’s corps, be grateful!」

No matter how hard I refused, more and more kept coming. Some soldiers even fought in the lobby. As expected it wasn’t a good development so I was somehow calmed them down.

On the other note, I decided to set up a company. I named it「Daquet Company」. As expected, it was too embarrassing to use my own name in the company name. There, I borrowed a part of the name that the late regent prince came up with when he proposed to Versam family to adopt me. [1]

Next, I searched for a house to live in. Seono from the Knight’s Order introduced me a real estate company. Although, he had a cramped expression when he did that.

A real estate agent introduced me three houses. There is Irimo, so there were only three places that suited my requirements and had stables attached. First was a ridiculously large mansion near the residence of the prime minister. It seems that a rich retired merchant lived here before, as expected, it is too much to manage for the lone me, so I refused.

Following after that was a sturdy stone building in the area where the imperial knights live. It wasn’t that bad, but since I had my fill with soldiers recently, I refused.

The last building was at the edge of the capital. There was a spring in the forest nearby, it also had a farm field attached. A two-story building with stables. The second floor had four rooms, it is said that it was built to resemble a small Versam mansion. It seems that the royalty lived here long time ago, it had a wide area of land to use. The land goes as far as I can see. Adding to that, it was 100G per month. 10000 in Japanese yen. The reason is simple, recently, there were monsters coming out of the forest, so it wasn’t very popular amongst the buyers. Of course, I have a barrier, so there is no problem. The mansion was protected and kept clean, but the real estate company wanted to pass this hot potato as soon as possible.

After the negotiations, they agreed to sell it for 1000G, like that, I became a mansion owner at 14 years old.

It takes an hour to reach the palace from here, but with Irimo, 20 minutes is enough. Well, this much is acceptable.

After that, I gathered the daily necessities, bought bed and sheets to bring home, I also purchased a mountain of food ingredients. Of course, I bought a lot of rice and beans. And of course, it was the glutinous rice. I bought it without any hesitation. Different kinds of beans were also bought in excess. Different kinds of seasonings were also available for purchase, with this, my repertoire should increase.

The hospital and other health institution were close by, it seems this city is rather kind to its inhabitants.

The preparations were over after two weeks. Following after that, we moved out of the hotel. The dishes in the hotel were more delicious than I expected, so I decided to visit that place from time to time. With this in mind, I left some tips behind when I checked out.

When I left the hotel and was walking around the capital, I noticed a commotion in the red-light district. Apparently, a woman was arguing with a soldier. [2]

「Why are you trying to detain us! We didn’t do anything!!」

「Shut up, ******! You are the villains who disturb the public morals! I’m capturing you for the sake of public order! Hurry up and walk! 」

「Wait! We are permitted to our do business here of behalf of His Majesty the emperor! You need a special decree to capture us! 」

「From the looks of it, the soldiers often stay in our place too! Don’t you spout some nonsense! 」

「S-shut up, shut up, you ******! There is no need for the emperor’s decree. This is the order of the first princess Ricolette! This vile place has to be demolished!!」

A soldier tries to bring the prostitutes away, someone related to them tries to stop him and the gallery is being noisy. And once the soldiers grabbed them by the hair and tried to bring them away, they walked in my direction.

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「Brat, move!!」

「You just mention that you wanted to demolish this place, but there are plenty of less violent ways, you know?」

「An? What did you say??」

「You are going to capture these big sisters, right? Such a bother. There is way to deal with this situation even without that」

「A brat that spouts bullshit. What is it, try to say it! 」

「You just need to stop visiting this place」

「Ah!? That’s it!?」

「There is a saying in my homeland:『There is no sin in selling, only in buying』. In short, their establishment is not at fault. The customers are at fault. If no one ever pays for their service, they will be gone in no time. That’s why, people just need to stop coming here, including you 」

「Chi! This brat!!」

The soldiers pulled out his sword and slashed at me. There is now way such crude swordsmanship will work. I knocked his sword away in a moment.

「If you are insisting on continuing, instead of a sword, your head might fly away next」

I clad my hand in fire. Maybe because I’m a magician, the soldiers faltered.

A red dot appeared on my map. It is behind my back. I glanced behind my back and noticed a big carriage.

「Hey, you! Well done!! I felt a throbbing in my chest!! Good job! 」

「I never liked those troublemakers! They didn’t even pay occasionally! 」

A fat aunty, who looked like an owner of this place, slapped me on the shoulder. Hurts! It hurts! On the other hand, I’m deeply grateful towards a big sister, who pushed pressed her impressive valley against my arm.

「You are interesting! I’m the owner of this「Miraya」establishment, my name is Akima. Follow me! 」

The fat aunt Akima entered inside with great vigor. The breasts sister, who still didn’t let go of my arm, dragged me to follow. I also brought Irimo with me. She seemed to be hesitating though. On the contrary, Gon, who was on my back, laughed happily. Such a carefree fox. [3]

Once inside, aunt Akima brought out a single card and handed it to me.

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「Show it and you can play here for free! It is supposed to be one-use only, but you can come here until the end of this year! 」

「Do you want to play? Big sister will teach you everything」

「No, I will accompany him myself! It is so cute when he calls us「big sisters」. I will be gentle! 」

「We have all kinds of girls here! I will definitely find a girl to suit your tastes, leave it to me! 」

No, no, I’m not even adult yet……Big sisters? approached me with overwhelming vigor, somehow I was able to escape.

This card, when would I use it??


  1. Versam Daquet Rinos. 
  2. How did you even get there? 
  3. Is Gon really a male? I didn’t want to believe it but I guess it’s fate. 

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