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Episode 5 The Buyer is the Marchioness

Versam von Elsa. She is the marchioness of 60 years old. The Versam family is a famous family which excels in sorcery, and in the war with the Hedeta Empire 250 years ago, Versam family made numerous contributions to the Juka Kingdom’s victory. After that, they were granted a title of marquis and ascended from their commoner status.

…And this is a short story of my buyer, at least that’s what I heard from other people.

「Thank you very much」

She saved my life, I need to show some gratitude.

「You should refer to her as Master」

Said white-haired man beside Versam-san. Who the hell is he?

「My name is Falco. I’m a magician of Versam family. At the same time, I’m Elsa-sama’s escort. Thanks to Elsa-sama’s mercy, you are now a slave of Versam family. Rejoice」[ 1]

「Thank you very much, master」

「Mrs. Versam, thank you very much for visiting our establishment. I will carry out the procedures to change the ownership of this slave immediately」

Before I noticed, the slave dealer was already beside me, and then he graciously asked for Versam-san’s hand and muttered something. Elsa extended her hand as asked and it shined, and at the same time, my hand shined too.

「This slave is now a property of Versam-sama. We can also repurchase slaves. Please do not hesitate to come if you ever need it」

First, he was saying that I will be disposed of, and now he talks about repurchase with respectful expression.

「That won’t be needed, please transfer the ownership to me. Also make Falco an overseer」

「Acknowledged, well then」

Elsa’s body shined again, it seems the procedure was completed.

「Madam, what should we do about this slave’s name?」
「Let’s see….Rinos. Let’s call him Rinos. All right, Falco, the rest is up to you」

Elsa turned around and entered the carriage. Apparently, there are guards inside the carriage. Falco silently follows the carriage with his gaze, and I stand beside him with a lowered head.

「I will take you to the mansion, but before that」

I was brought all the way to the well, stripped and splashed with three buckets of water. After that he passed me a piece of cloth.

「Wipe yourself. I will give this piece of cloth to you, use it however you want」

The climate wasn’t too cold or too hot, but it felt pretty cold with all this water splashed on me. A hard cloth is better than nothing at all. I washed away my dirty body and wiped myself.

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Then Falco casted a spell called「Clean」. The smell and the small dirt all vanished without a trace. Apparently this spell makes something dirty clean again. [2]

「Follow me, Rinos」

It seems the servants are required to go on foot. After a while we passed by a big castle in the middle of the lake. Seeing the castle I spaced out for a little.

「This is the Juka Castle belonging to his highness the king, gaze upon it to your heart’s content」

It’s a western-style castle, but still, it’s just too big. If you ask someone, you can know that this castle is  considered impregnable. The are farms behind the wall, so until the enemy broke through the wall, the people inside will not starve. Besides that, there is only one bridge extending to the castle gates. It really is difficult to siege this castle with power alone.

「Emm……..why was I bought?」

「You don’t even know about your own skills? Well, it’s understandable. You have a「Barrier skill」. Still Lv1 though. My Versam family has a lot of political opponents. For the sake of Elsa-sama’s protection I thought of developing your barrier skill」

Eh? I can use magic? Falco looked at me with a heavy gaze.

「If you learn how to use magic, you will be able to see other people’s skills. So called「Appraisal」. You seem to have a fair amount of mana, it should be worth training you. Since you are a slave, the barrier magic might be enough for you, but still, might as well learn other kinds of magic. Prepare yourself」

Looking at the grinning man, I figured that my life would be filled with thorns from now on. I dropped my shoulders in resignation.


  1.  No. 
  2. Sherlock. 

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