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Episode 6 I’m 7 Years Old Now

I am now 7 years old. The content is still 34 though.

It has been a year since I was bought by the Versam family from a slave market, and I am almost dying from everyday training to become a barrier master ever since.

In the first place, the barrier master is a rare job. There are not many people with this job, but for some reason, it is not so popular. The reason is they can do nothing but defend. They cannot be in the front of the battlefield, nor do they have particular leadership capabilities. You can say that it was the unsophisticated profession.

Most of the times, the job of the barrier masters was to protect the king from arrows or magical attacks. Because of that, they can’t move around. In extreme cases, they can’t even go to the toilet. You need to keep maintaining the barrier until the order comes to dispel it, extremely mentally tiring work.

To erect a proper barrier you need to consume MP. If your MP was depleted, the barrier will disappear. It is said that even the super-class barrier master that serves the king can only maintain the barrier for 12 hours. Therefore, it is difficult to determine the right time to erect and dispel the barrier; it is not unusual to make a mistake.

So you want to know what kind of training I’m currently experiencing?

「Fireball! 」「Burst! 」

I need to survive from Falco’s magic attacks by casting a barrier.

At first, I didn’t even know how to use mana, forget about setting a barrier, that was a painful time. However, if this was accepted, that would have been a loss of 500G for the family. Well, even if I said that it would be a loss, 500G is about 50000 Japanese yen. This pitiful amount won’t even make the Versam family flinch. [1]

Falco’s, no, teacher’s method was crude but to the point. It was quite effective.

「Be aware of the current flowing in your body. You should feel the heat. This is mana. Imagine this current flowing out of your body. Image is important」

I practiced doing it for 2 months and finally mastered the「Low Barrier」.

「Grasping「Low Barrier」in two months is good. I guess this should be relatively easy for children」

The teacher was happy, but that happiness became the bane of me. Particularly, teacher’s magic with his tension at MAX. 「Low Barrier」was quickly destroyed under the barrage. My teacher was good at「Fire Magic」and I often ended up as a daruma in the beginning. No, you could say it was an everyday occurrence. By the way, the teacher’s skills are:

Falco (Magician, 52 years old)
HP: 184
MP: 395
Fire Magic LV4
Water Magic LV3
Wind Magic LV3
Earth Magic LV2
Lightning Magic LV1
Healing Magic LV3
Appraisal Magic LV2
Life Magic LV2
Body Strengthening LV3
Chanting LV3
MP Recovery LV3
Intimidation LV3

You can be considered as the first class if you reach LV3. LV4 is the super first-class. LV 5 is considered god class, and among those of the LV4, only 1% can reach it. In other words, only one in 100 million people can achieve that. The teacher is best at fire magic, but the level of other types of magic is also high. He has a lot of MP and recovers fast, so even if he operates at full power during the day, he will recover overnight.

Therefore, teacher gladly launches spells my way when he is free. Of course, he mainly uses LV2 spells, but sometimes it’s LV3. If I am injured he will heal me with healing magic, but recently he stopped doing it. He said to fix my wounds myself. Moreover, he wants me to erect a barrier while simultaneously healing myself, what a magnificent recklessness. He said that if I become the「Moving Hospital」it would be very strategically valuable. I can understand his logic, but my MP is too little. Being hit until my barrier dissipates from mana depletion, this was a recent pattern for me.

By the way, if your mana hits rock bottom, you will be attacked by intense sleepiness. In the end, I will lose to the sleepiness, pass out, then, after I recover my mana by 1P (around 5 minutes), I will be forcibly woken up, and repeat the same thing again.

Right now, my status looked as such:

Rinos (Slave Barrier Master, 7 years old)
HP: 38
MP: 122
Barrier Magic LV2
Recovery Magic LV1
Life Magic LV1
Chanting LV1
Appraisal Magic LV3

Compared to any other child of my age it is quite high. Judging by common sense, if either you HP or MP passed 100 you reached the values of an adult person. However, compared to the teacher my MP is too little. Even though my MP is that of an adult person, I will still have 0 in the end. You can imagine how hard my training is.

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For some reason, my level of appraisal magic was quite high. I desperately tried to understand when the teacher’s spell will activate and ended up being somewhat able to see his flow of mana. At this point, I’m able to perceive the true status of a person. It’s a pleasant miscalculation. As appraisal magic grows in level, you can read other people’s statuses and at the same time hide your own skills. Not just that, you can detect people and their movements in a certain area, or maybe even detect if they are allies or enemies. It seems that the founder of Versam family was able to do that, but right now, it is considered a legendary magic. I definitely want to master it.


  1. Every protagonist just feels obligated to convert every currency into yen. Reasons are a mystery. 

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