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Episode 21 Fierce Fight! The Dragon


I slowly breathed out. I looked at the giant rock that was once a royal palace. I spent quite a bit of MP to erect this barrier but I do not feel it lessening at all. On the opposite, my body and my mind are in the best condition.


Suddenly, I felt a shock from my flank. Looking there, I found the dragon attached to my side. Then it started swinging its long neck. My body danced in the air. Its head movements kept accelerating.

Of course, its head, together with my body, collided with the buildings in the vicinity and the west wall, thus destroying the city. Then it took off from the ground with me in its mouth, destroying the walls of the way. It left the boundaries of the city and collided with the ground again. The dragon wasn’t satisfied and fired a breath upon landing. [1]

With a big explosion, the area was covered in smoke. The dragon tried to find my figure in the smoke. And I appeared from it completely unscathed.

That is a matter of course. Although thin, I have my hardest barrier cast on me. It’s not so weak to be destroyed by this dragon.

Still, I feel something pressing on my head. Most likely, once the dragon determined that it was unable to bite through my barrier, in addition to his most powerful attack, breath, showing no effect whatsoever, it lifted me by the head to try to swallow me whole. [2]

However, the dragon’s movements stopped.

「Gigigigi, bakih! Bakih! Pakyin!! 」

Once inside, I quickly erected a barrier. Then I just compressed it. It resisted for a while, but it very soon hit its limit. The dragon was slowly getting pulverized together starting from its scales.

「Goruaaaaa!!! Goruaaaaa!! Goruaaaaaaaaa!!!」

It raised a scream of despair. It tried to escape but my barrier didn’t move an inch. Its tail and legs were crushed. [3]

「Masters! Eril! Teacher! His highness! Taste this! I will never forgive you! You destroyed this city! I will kill you! However, your death will be slow and painful!!!」

「Half of your body is crushed. His highness was just like you, enjoy it thoroughly! 」

With the dragon’s voice about to vanish as a sign, I restored its body. Of course, the missing parts were restored too. The dragon was surprised at its wounds and pain disappearing, but hatred soon filled its eyes again.

「Don! Don! Don! Don! 」

The dragon’s limbs exploded and scattered. It raised a tremendous cry. I exploded its eyes, nose, and fangs one after another.

「Kuruaaa! Kuruaaa! Kuruaaa! Kuruaaa! 」

「You can’t see? Can’t you breathe? Can you only feel pain? It’s my teacher’s pain! Enjoy it thoroughly! 」

The dragon stopped moving again. I cast a recovery spell and healed it in an instant.

I’m not satisfied yet. This time, I dispelled a part of the barrier around his head and raised the temperature inside. [4]

「Kuruaaa! Kuruaaaaa! Kuruaaaaaaaa! 」

「It is funny seeing you「Kuruaaaa」all of the sudden. Mm? Are you crying? 」

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The dragon sheds tears and desperately tries to escape. It no longer looked at me. All of its attention was on escaping.

Its previously black scales are now burning red. And I heal its wounds for the third time.

People say the dragons are very proud creatures. However, the dragon before me looks like a frightened little animal. You can’t call it a dragon anymore.

「Those are Eril’s regrets and pain. How does it feel? Life without pain is a bliss, right? And finally, taste the suffering of my Masters, die! 」

I enveloped its whole body in the barrier and pulled out the air, creating a vacuum.

This kind of dragons lives in water, but it can’t survive without the air after all. It was enduring for a moment, but it finally felt the suffering. It trembled with its eyes opened wide.

「Haaa, haaa, haa. Serves you right! 」

Confirming that the dragon breathed its last, I finally exhaled. As expected, this time I used my MP to the limit. I feel sleepy and tired.

「The enemy was vanquished」

I muttered this, fell on the grass and fell into the deep sleep.


  1. Seems rough. 
  2. Get a grip. 
  3. From what I understood, he erected a barrier around it while being inside. 
  4. Do not be an enemy of this guy. 

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