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Chapter 521 – After This Shot, All Of You Will Become My Toys~

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Author: Mad Flower Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 2119 characters
Translator: Keissen English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1070 words
Editor(s): NeedHydra

The outermost structure of the prison was a daunting gray stone tower, casting an oppressive air over the surroundings. The atmosphere was thick with tension, the prison guards outside wearing solemn expressions, their grips on their weapons betraying their anticipation of a formidable foe.

Indeed, they were braced for the arrival of one of the Empire’s scourges, the Black-hearted Princess, viewed by all as a formidable enemy far beyond the guards’ capability to confront.

An eerie silence pervaded, as dozens of guards stared unblinkingly towards the open gate, awaiting her arrival with a mix of fear and anticipation. Time ticked away slowly, yet no sign of the Black-hearted Princess appeared at the gate, leading many to speculate whether she intended to stage a rescue at all. Unbeknownst to them, a subtle disturbance rippled through the area, returning to normalcy almost as quickly as it had appeared.

Within the first floor of the Fortress Prison, illuminated under the orange glow of magic crystal lamps, two jailers conversed in the corridor, which was tainted with an unpleasant smell. Despite the effective ventilation, years of exposure had made the jailers accustomed to the stench, to the point where its absence would feel odd.

“I wonder if the Black-hearted Princess will actually come,” mused one of the jailers, pondering the possibility of her daring attempt.

“Hehehe, if she dares to come, she’ll never leave!” the other jailer laughed, confident in the prison’s impenetrable security. “Ever since this grand prison was constructed, no one has ever escaped, let alone been broken out.”

“Yes. If she barged in here just for a woman, she would be seeking death,” the first jailer agreed, considering the foolhardiness of such an action.

“Come to think of it, that woman named Layna is really pretty. Once Lady Rosalina is done with her, I wonder if we’ll get the chance to have fun~” the second jailer speculated with a lecherous grin.

“I think so!” the first jailer responded eagerly.

“I’m really looking forward to it!” the second added, their anticipation growing.

At that moment, a pleasant voice cut through their conversation, “Yes, it’s definitely possible. In your dreams.” The sudden interjection shocked the jailers, their hearts racing as they turned pale with fear.

Immediately after, a stunning figure materialized out of thin air. With flowing black hair, a dazzling face, and a stunning figure adorned with a beautiful white flower in her hair, it was none other than Yaeger, the Black-hearted Princess herself.

“Black, black…” they stammered, their shock rendering them nearly speechless. Before they could fully articulate their surprise, they were silenced by two green needles flying towards them, striking their foreheads and paralyzing them instantly.

“How dare you take a peek at me. How bold,” Yaeger smirked, her eyes gleaming as she approached. The immediate sense of danger overwhelmed the jailers, cold sweat drenching them as they realized the peril they were in.

At this point, their thoughts weren’t on how the Black-hearted Princess had penetrated the prison’s defenses but on the overwhelming desire to scream out the terror gripping their hearts.

“Are they this lax internally, or is the main force stationed below?” Yaeger mused, not letting her guard down as she probed the area with her aura, seeking any advantage.

“Forget it. I’ll know after asking,” she decided, approaching the paralyzed jailers with a smile that, to them, seemed far more terrifying than any demon’s grin.

“Hehehe, soon you’ll become obedient little babies,” Yaeger quipped, manifesting two more green needles and swiftly applying them to their heads, their expressions relaxing as they fell under her control.

“If you hadn’t harbored ill intentions, perhaps I could have been gentler. But what a shame,” Yaeger commented indifferently, applying further needles. This forbidden acupuncture technique, capable of controlling minds, came with dire consequences for any misapplication.

“It’s done,” Yaeger sighed after administering the last two needles. This acupuncture technique was potent but challenging, effective only against those significantly weaker than her, and not something she deployed lightly. “I actually made no mistake despite using it for the first time. You guys are lucky.” Had the two jailers been conscious, they might have been shocked by her admission. Now, they were effectively rendered into obedient dolls, a state that would last for about fifteen minutes.

“Where is Layna being held?” With time pressing, Yaeger inquired swiftly.

“In cell number seventeen on the tenth floor,” they responded in a dull, emotionless unison.

“Tell me the manpower assigned to all floors, from the first to the tenth.” Their subsequent response was vague, indicating their limited knowledge, which slightly disappointed Yaeger.

Seeking more specific information, she asked, “Who is the Rosalina you mentioned?”

“Rosalina is the interrogator, second only to the prison warden. She likes to torture beautiful females. She’s a horrible woman,” the jailer on the left revealed, with the right jailer echoing a similar sentiment.

“Is Layna fine now?” Yaeger pressed, her expression turning grim.

“I don’t know, but she should be fine,” they speculated. “I heard the higher-ups intervened just as Lady Rosalina was about to act, but I’m unsure of the details.”

Relieved by this news, Yaeger decided to conclude her interrogation. “I’m done with you here. Run into the wall and faint,” she commanded indifferently. The jailers complied, repeatedly slamming into the wall until they lost consciousness.

“What a filthy place,” Yaeger remarked, turning her aura into a barrier to block the cell odors. She then reflected on the jailers’ information about the senior jailers possessing communication beads linked to the warden, contemplating the potential danger of an encounter with the prison’s formidable warden.

“Forget it. Things will always work out in the end,” she resolved, shaking off the concern and focusing on her immediate task of incapacitating the first-floor jailers without drawing attention.

Navigating the prison, she encountered cells made of heavy bricks and metal, designed to be escape-proof. When a jailer spotted her, she quickly rendered him unconscious, finding the task of dealing with these guards surprisingly easy.

“After taking care of all the jailers on the first floor, it’s so easy that I feel a little insecure,” she mused, approaching the entrance to the second floor. The dark staircase loomed before her, evoking a sense of dread and premonition.

“I can’t go back. I can only continue,” she decided, stepping forward. Then, suddenly, an alarm bell started ringing throughout the prison, its sound grating and pervasive.


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