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Chapter 517 – If Only I Knew Women Can Be Violated ♂ By Women Too

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Author: Mad Flower Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 2197 characters
Translator: Keissen English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1082 words
Editor(s): NeedHydra

Including the middle-aged Magician lying on the ground, there were now six figures at the scene. The five newcomers, shrouded in black cloaks with hoods concealing their faces in a mysterious aura, had just arrived.

“Who dares to break into our academy?” one of them asked in a calm yet oppressively stern voice.

“No matter who it is, they will be confined in the black prison for a year!” declared another angrily.

“That’s right. We must set an example, or incidents like this will keep happening,” added a third, his tone strict.

“They must face severe punishment!” the fourth person exclaimed.

“First, let’s understand the situation,” the fifth person interjected indifferently. The group collectively nodded in agreement.

After receiving some medical attention, the middle-aged Magician recovered and knelt down. “Greetings, great wizards!” he said respectfully. These five were the upper echelon of the Magic Academy, second only to Allie in power and holding significant status within the institution.

The fifth person gestured for him to speak. “Tell us in detail what just happened,” he requested. The Magician stood and began recounting the events, selectively omitting certain facts while exaggerating others.

“Presumptuous! This Black-hearted Princess thinks she’s above the law,” the first wizard fumed. “Does she believe herself invincible?” the second wondered angrily. “She has the audacity to barge into our academy?” the third added, folding his arms and speaking grimly. “She must be punished severely!” echoed the fourth.

They were unconcerned about her notorious reputation in the Empire. Her audacity to intrude upon the Academy warranted the severest of punishments. The Magician, hearing their reactions, couldn’t hide his delight. ‘Hahaha, Black-hearted Princess, you’re doomed!’ he thought triumphantly.

However, the fifth wizard then asked, “Do you know why the Black-hearted Princess came here?” After a moment of silence, the Magician answered truthfully, “She said she’s here to meet Master Allie.” The revelation brought an eerie silence to the room.

Confused but continuing, the Magician added, “I heard that Black-hearted Princess and Master Allie once spent a long time in the lab, with some strange noises coming from it.” He shared this rumor, knowing of the wizards’ friction with Allie, hoping it would fuel their disdain for the Black-hearted Princess even more.

This information caused an unusual stillness among the wizards, two of whom were visibly trembling. “Esteemed wizards, you must enforce the law to its fullest against the evil Black-hearted Princess!” the Magician urged passionately.

However, the situation took an unexpected turn. “I will punish your whole family!” The normally composed wizard suddenly lashed out, kicking the Magician and sending him flying, his screams trailing behind him.

“That was close. We almost made a grave mistake. Since she is Master Allie’s guest, we will let this go,” the second wizard now spoke calmly, as if he had transformed in an instant.

“That’s right,” agreed the fourth.

“Had we known she was Master Allie’s guest, we wouldn’t have come,” the third admitted.

“Let’s disperse,” the fifth wizard said quietly, retracting his foot.

The group quickly departed, leaving the Magician writhing in pain on the ground. He realized then that these powerful wizards had been reined in by Allie. They were either in league with her or subdued by her actions. The thought that these respected wizards were now under the influence of a woman who spent her days secluded in a lab was humiliating.

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But the Magician was different; he sought revenge. ‘Black-hearted Princess, this isn’t over!’ he vowed. Just then, several crows flew overhead, their caws echoing his sentiments.

Yaeger arrived at the Sage Tower and deftly made her way to the round platform, stepping onto a green crystal. The platform began ascending. Those below, realizing something was amiss and recognizing it was the Black-hearted Princess, pretended to admire the scenery, feigning ignorance. They knew that since she was Master Allie’s guest, any repercussions would fall to Allie.

Reaching Allie’s floor, Yaeger explained the situation to the receptionist, who immediately contacted Allie. The stone door soon rumbled open, and Yaeger entered nonchalantly, only to be greeted by a mountain of trash in the middle of the lab.

“Quickly, dig me out. I’m going to die~” came a lazy voice from within the pile.

“Why are you buried again?” Yaeger asked, swiftly clearing away the clutter of spare parts and tools. She recalled that Allie had been in a similar predicament during her first visit.

“I’m saved. Should I give you a kiss as thanks?” Allie emerged, standing up and staring vacantly at Yaeger. She was dressed in her usual white robes with nothing underneath.

“Wait, why are you wearing nothing underneath?” Yaeger asked in surprise.

“I didn’t wear it since it’s too troublesome. Do I look good?” Allie chuckled, ruffling her silver hair.

“Not as good as me,” Yaeger replied calmly.

Allie’s red eyes flashed. “So you’re saying you’re very confident in your figure?”

“Of course, I’m super confident,” Yaeger affirmed, fluffing her black hair.

Allie quickly embraced Yaeger, caressing her thigh and smiling. “Wow~ it’s so nice and smooth, soft and supple~”

“Allie, what are you doing?” Yaeger frowned, swatting away Allie’s hands.

“Oh, are you shy?” Allie teased, moving closer. “I think you don’t know at all~” The atmosphere began to feel steamy.

“Know what?” Yaeger asked, growing impatient.

“If you want to know, I have good stuff to watch,” Allie said, her smile blooming like a cherry blossom.

“Good stuff to watch? Combat footage?” Yaeger was intrigued.

“It’s more intense than what you said. It can even make you ascend to heaven~” Allie teased.

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“Ascend to Heaven?” Yaeger was confused, wondering what Allie meant.

Suddenly, Allie’s eyes glowed crimson red, and a high-resolution projection appeared, showing two young beauties in intense combat, sweating and moaning in pain.

“Allie, what is this?” Yaeger asked, her face slightly flushed.
“Wow, are you blushing? Come, let me see!” Allie’s hands moved in again playfully.
“No!” Yaeger protested, pushing her hand away.
“Come on, let me see!”
“No, Allie, what are you doing?”
“Let me see if you’re growing normally~” Allie said, laughing as she teased Yaeger.
“No!” Yaeger resisted intensely, feeling overwhelmed.
“Be obedient, let me see!”
“No!” she insisted, slapping Allie’s hand away.

Suddenly, Allie hugged her forcefully and pushed her to the ground.

“Allie, don’t~” Yaeger protested amidst Allie’s laughter. The sound of rustling clothes followed, but nothing actually happened.

“Enough, stop playing. I need your help,” Yaeger said firmly, striking Allie’s head, causing her to let out a cute yelp.


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