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Chapter 493 – My Sister Got Corrupted?

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Author: Mad Flower Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 2202 characters
Translator: Keissen English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1107 words
Editor(s): NeedHydra

“Sister!” came an enthusiastic voice as soon as Yaeger answered the call.

“Mylene, what’s going on?” Yaeger asked, curious about her sister’s excited call in the middle of the night. She gripped her phone tightly, wondering if something had happened.

“Sister, sister!” Mylene’s voice echoed again.

“Calm down and speak slowly,” Yaeger urged.

“Yes, yes! Sister, don’t be afraid when you hear what I’m about to say!” Mylene cautioned.

‘This again?’ Yaeger thought, smiling bitterly. She felt a wave of relief knowing Mylene was okay.

“I’m your elder sister. I won’t be scared,” she reassured.

After a few seconds of silence, Mylene spoke slowly, “Sister, five hundred million entered your account.”

Yaeger blinked, confused by the statement. Was this supposed to be scary? Wait, did Mylene just say that five hundred million had been deposited into her bank account? As she pondered in silence, her phone vibrated. Checking it, she found a text from Swire Bank. This particular account was only known to Yaeger and Mylene.

Realization struck Yaeger. “Mylene, you robbed a bank!?” The sudden influx of such a huge sum led her to believe Mylene was involved. Considering the Tian Family’s wealth and Mylene’s earnings, it still seemed implausible for her to gather five hundred million so quickly. Yaeger recalled a news story about someone embezzling millions for a female streamer. Could Mylene have done something similar?

Mylene wouldn’t steal money from the Ability Management Department to donate to her, right? Perhaps, she actually robbed a bank! ‘My sister has been corrupted!’ Yaeger trembled at the thought of her sister being locked up in prison.

“Sister, what are you talking about? Why would I rob a bank?” Mylene asked, clearly confused.

“You didn’t rob a bank? Are you misappropriating public funds?” Yaeger inquired, still concerned.

“Huh? Why would I misappropriate funds?” Mylene’s confusion grew with each question.

“You didn’t rob a bank and you didn’t misappropriate funds. Then where did the five hundred million come from? Mylene, you can’t be a bad girl,” Yaeger said solemnly.

At this point, Mylene realized her sister had misunderstood the situation, but it was a reasonable mistake to make. She herself had been initially confused when the Ye Family contacted her. Expecting retribution, she was taken aback when they expressed a desire to make peace, especially considering what her sister had done to the Ye Family’s members, Joachim and Jordan Ye. The idea that they didn’t want revenge but rather peace was almost inconceivable to Mylene.

Furthermore, the revelation that the Ye Family was offering five hundred million as compensation completely blindsided her. She pinched herself to ensure she wasn’t dreaming. The amount was so staggering that it eclipsed even her significant earnings as a Grandmaster and team leader at the Ability Management Department. In comparison to this single transaction, Mylene felt her financial accomplishments were modest.

The shock of this development left Mylene bewildered. She couldn’t fathom what her sister had done to prompt such a drastic action from the Ye Family. The family’s willingness to offer such a massive sum as compensation was both terrifying and utterly shocking. Mylene struggled to process this information, finding it hard to believe that her sister had somehow managed to intimidate the Ye Family into not only backing down but also compensating her so generously.

“Sister, you’re thinking too much. This money doesn’t belong to me,” Mylene said with a bitter smile.

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“I know it’s not yours. I’ll send it back to you later. You need to return it quickly,” Yaeger responded.

“No, I mean, the money is actually compensation given to you by the Ye Family!” Mylene clarified.

“Huh? Ye Family? Compensation?” Now it was Yaeger’s turn to be confused.

“Sister, here’s the story…” Mylene began to explain how the Ye Family had contacted her earlier. After hearing the details, Yaeger was left stunned and deeply perplexed. ‘Is the Ye Family stupid?’ she wondered, sharing Mylene’s disbelief.

“Sister, I heard the Ye Family started referring to you as ‘young lady’. They seemed very courteous too. Sister, could you be an heir to some powerful family?” Mylene asked, her curiosity piqued about Yaeger’s identity.

“Young lady?” Yaeger’s lips twitched slightly. ‘How could I ever be an heir from an affluent family? I’m just an orphan!’ she thought, suspecting the Ye Family had misunderstood her identity. Yet, she had no specific idea about the nature of their misconception. Still, unexpectedly acquiring five hundred million was a fortunate turn of events.

“Sister, tell me!” Mylene urged playfully.

“I’m not the heir of a great family. Instead, I’m the Princess of Fate,” Yaeger stated casually, speaking the truth.

“Pfft! Sister, you really love joking!” Mylene laughed, not believing her. “Sister, stop playing around, tell me!”

“Now is not the time. When a suitable time comes, I’ll tell you,” Yaeger replied, not ready to reveal her whole truth. ‘Actually, I’m both your sister and your brother. How can I ever say that!’

“Sure, I look forward to it,” Mylene accepted, not pressing further.

“Anyway, Mylene, any updates about the sticky fluid you’re investigating?” Yaeger inquired, referring to Vera 18.

“There’s no progress,” Mylene admitted. The fluid, resulting from Vera 18’s transformation, remained a mystery in composition and purpose.

“I see. Then tonight, see if you can bring me all the fluid,” Yaeger requested.

“Yes. What do you want it for, sister?” Mylene asked curiously.
“To do some research. I’ll tell you more later.”
“Sure, no problem. We’ll meet at the usual spot then.”

After some more conversation, Yaeger ended the call. “Although I don’t know what exactly the Ye Family misunderstood, it’s still better to have one less problem to worry about. And the five hundred million is exactly what I need. I really have to thank the Ye Family,” she said with a bright smile. She hadn’t earned that much in the game yet with Kastina.

“With the money, I can get [City of Chaos] repaired ahead of time,” Yaeger planned, intending to start repairs sooner than expected with the newfound funds. “However, considering over ninety percent of [City of Chaos] is damaged, five hundred million is far from enough to repair it all. I’ll have to prioritize repairing essential parts first,” she mused, looking at the pitch-black wall.

Overseas, in a well-decorated hall, a silver-haired girl voraciously devoured a feast fit for ten. Gulping down the last bit of food and chugging a soda, Vera declared, “Ah, I’m alive!” She tossed away the empty can.

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Just then, her phone beeped. Checking it, her mood soured. “Failed again… Damned [Princess], I will kill you!” she fumed, her pleasant dining experience overshadowed by frustration.


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