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Chapter 469 – Another Black Luxury Sedan

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Author: Mad Flower Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 3106 characters
Translator: Keissen English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1681 words
Editor(s): NeedHydra

[Dimensional Ring – Imitation]

Item Type: Ring
Grade: Epic Grade 9
Attribute: Spatial
Level Restriction: 30
Defense: 120
Stat Bonuses: +40 Agility
+20 Endurance
+20 Intelligence
Special Effect: Your attack has a 3% chance of triggering [Time Reduction], which randomly lowers the cooldown period of a used ability by one-third.
Description: This is a test piece created by Spatial Sage Celine while making spatial rings. It has 1/1000 of the capability of the [Dimensional Ring], and a pocket dimension.
Note: Living beings can’t be stored in the pocket dimension of this ring.

Yaeger broke into a smile as she finished reading the item’s description. “I got exactly what I wanted. Sister System, how can you say you don’t love me?” Her excitement was palpable; the sensation of being loved was overwhelming.

Yunuen and Little Fairy were utterly astounded by the specs of the [Dimensional Ring – Imitation]. This ring was clearly leagues ahead of the Epic Equipment available in the event store, and it even boasted an overpowered special effect. Not to mention, it came with its own pocket dimension! If they hadn’t grasped how exceedingly rare Spatial Equipment like Alicia’s ring was, their reactions would’ve been different. “She secured Spatial Equipment from a random crate? That’s just unreal!” Little Fairy clenched her fists in excitement. Though she hadn’t received the item, her enthusiasm was undiminished.

Yunuen was calmer but still taken aback. She had seen too many similar marvels to be truly shocked. If [Princess] had drawn a worthless item from the crate, that would’ve astonished her. Little Blue floated in the air, as indifferent as ever.

Yaeger took off her [Toxic Ring], a green piece that had served her well in the Novice Village and which she had purchased from Yunuen. It was a memento of how Yunuen came to join her guild.

“This takes me back,” Yunuen mused, gazing at the ring. It felt like a lifetime ago, though it had been but a short time. Yaeger stored the [Toxic Ring], intending to keep it rather than give it away or sell it.

Slipping the striking purple ring onto her finger, Yaeger immediately examined its pocket dimension, which boasted a generous 120 square meters. “Awesome, this will hold so much!” she exclaimed, delighted by the unexpected spaciousness. Her primary need for such a ring stemmed from the limitations of her item box, which not only offered limited storage but also came with numerous restrictions on what could be kept—like utensils and snacks.

“This will make future travels so much easier,” she mused, confirming that her desire for the ring stemmed from its convenience.

“Is the inside spacious, [Princess]?” Yunuen asked, piqued.

“Can it store everything?” Little Fairy inquired, eyeing the ring.

“It’s roughly 120 square meters. I don’t have tools to confirm the exact dimensions, but it should fit everything except living beings and oversized items,” Yaeger replied.

Yunuen’s mouth gaped open. “It’s like a house!” She marveled at the thought of how much could fit inside—potentially an entire home.

Little Fairy was astounded. Even though the item box boasted remarkable storage abilities, the spatial ring simply outclassed it. ‘Could I use this for package deliveries? It would make things so much easier and cost-effective.’ A single individual could handle deliveries across countries, dramatically cutting down on shipping expenses. ‘Wait, what’s going on in my head? Using such a priceless artifact for deliveries? Am I joking?’ Shaking her thoughts off, Little Fairy gave her forehead a light tap.

Yunuen turned to Yaeger. “When we go on missions together, can we use your ring for storage?”

“Absolutely,” Yaeger assured her with a smile.

“That will make things so much easier,” Little Fairy agreed. “We could even have picnics on our journeys. How wonderful!”

“I’m already thinking about the tea leaves we could bring. If only we could find Alicia’s teapot, it’d be perfect,” Yunuen added, her excitement contagious.

As they chatted animatedly, Yaeger smirked and began to ponder the special effect of her new ring. ‘A 3% chance to trigger [Time Reduction] and cut down ability cooldowns by a third? What an unexpectedly pleasant surprise.’ She thought about her Advanced Sword Skill, the [Ancient Celestial Sword Formation], which had a crippling 240-hour cooldown. Going 10 days without her ultimate skill was untenable.

“Though the odds of triggering [Time Reduction] are slim due to its randomness, with my level of Luck, I should see it activate after a few hundred attacks, right?” Yaeger mused.

If she happened to cut down a third of the cooldown time for [Ancient Celestial Sword Formation], the effect would be astonishing.

“Master, what are you hoping to activate?” Little Blue, who had been unusually quiet, finally spoke up.

“It’s complicated, you wouldn’t understand. Speaking of which, Little Blue, do you know where we could find clean containers suitable for storing food in the city?” Yaeger inquired, stroking her head.

“Yes, would you like some right away?”

“Get me four clean ones.”

“Certainly.” Little Blue nodded and vanished in a flash of blue light. Moments later, she reappeared, holding four pitch-black containers.

“Master, your containers are here.”

“Thank you.” Yaeger accepted the containers, which felt cool to the touch, likely made from high-quality jadestone. She placed them on the ground and proceeded to fill them with various ripe fruits she had in her backpack.

In total, there were 40 pieces of fruit: petite, adorable, and fresh. They were known as [Dexterity Fruit], [Strength Fruit], [Endurance Fruit], and [Intelligence Fruit]. Given their limited shelf life of just a day, Yaeger intended to share them with everyone.

“Master, where did these fruits come from?” Little Blue, generally indifferent to most things, seemed visibly surprised upon seeing them.

“A friend gifted them to me. Why? Do you recognize these fruits?” Yaeger deflected, not willing to reveal they were rewards from the system.

“I can’t say for certain, but they seem familiar, like something I might have eaten before,” Little Blue replied, racking her fragmented memories.

“Don’t stress over it if you can’t remember. Let’s all enjoy them together,” Yaeger reassured, casting her gaze toward Yunuen and Little Fairy.

“Ah, I remember this fruit. I ate it before!” Yunuen’s eyes widened in recognition upon seeing the [Strength Fruit].

“You’ve had this before?” Yaeger said with a smile.

“Such valuable fruits? Am I really allowed to eat one?” Little Fairy’s face registered shock as she perused the attributes of the fruits. They actually had the potential to permanently increase basic attributes!

“It’s not as precious as you think. Go on, eat,” Yaeger reassured, casually picking up a [Dexterity Fruit] and biting into it.

“Master, I want some too!” Out of nowhere, Little Blue grabbed an [Intelligence Fruit] and stared up at Yaeger, drool trickling from her mouth.

Surprised, Yaeger asked, “Wait, you can eat?”

“Absolutely,” Little Blue confirmed with a nod.

“But aren’t you an energy lifeform?” Yaeger looked puzzled.

“No, I’m a high-grade life form. I can freely transition between energy and physical states. So, Master, may I?”

Little Blue eyed the [Intelligence Fruit] like a ravenous wolf sizing up a lamb.

“Since you’re capable of eating, go ahead,” Yaeger generously permitted.

“Master, you’re the best!” Little Blue popped the fruit into her mouth with glee.

“What are you two waiting for? Dig in,” Yaeger instructed Yunuen and Little Fairy, noticing their hesitation.

“In that case, I won’t hold back,” Little Fairy cautiously picked up a [Dexterity Fruit] and bit into it.

Meanwhile, Yunuen was about to select an [Intelligence Fruit] when Yaeger interjected.

“Yunuen, focus on the [Strength Fruits].”

“Alright,” Yunuen replied, a hint of sorrow coloring her voice as she picked up a [Strength Fruit] and ate it.

The fruits were consumed quickly, given their petite size.

“Ah, that was delicious. I haven’t eaten in years! Master, you’ll have to give me more tasty treats if you come across them,” Little Blue said, patting her belly contentedly.

“You’re quite demanding,” Yaeger retorted, playfully pinching Little Blue’s nose. “High-quality stuff like this doesn’t come along every day.”

“It’s incredible! I feel so much stronger!” Little Fairy clenched her fists, energy swirling within her.

“As for me, there’s no turning back now. I can no longer be an ordinary Priest,” Yunuen lamented, her trajectory toward becoming a Battle Priest now irreversible.

“Let’s take a break. We’ll return to the city in thirty minutes,” Yaeger announced after checking the forums and learning that the gates to Jade City would open in half an hour. Little Fairy and Yunuen nodded in agreement.

“So I’ll be here guarding the place alone again?” Little Blue queried.

“Correct,” Yaeger affirmed.

“How boring.”

“You won’t find it dull for long,” Yaeger assured her. If all went according to plan, she would be able to integrate the [City of Chaos] into the real world by tonight.

“By the way, Little Blue, could you retrieve the light spheres from that heritage site I visited?”

The heritage site had been destroyed, and the [City of Chaos] was now under Yaeger’s control. She felt entirely justified in claiming the light spheres as her own—a veritable treasure trove.

“I’ll check it out,” Little Blue said. With a flash of blue light, she disappeared.

After a brief absence, Little Blue reappeared before Yaeger, bearing disappointing news. “Master, they said no.”

They? Do you mean Little Gold?” Yaeger asked, visibly confused.

“No, not Little Gold. The rules of the [City of Chaos] forbade it. The light spheres are considered rewards and are only available to those who pass the trial,” Little Blue clarified.

Upon hearing this, Yaeger was reminded of the mysterious hand that had emerged from the ether to eject Richard. “I see. I’ll just reclaim them when I have full control over the [City of Chaos],” she declared, unfazed. With all valuable assets already within her reach, she could afford to wait.

The group settled into a restful pause.

Meanwhile, in the real world near the Jade Flower Garden, a black luxury sedan pulled to a stop along the road. Exiting the vehicle was a young man, unremarkable in appearance.


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