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Chapter 374 – Princess And Nangong Lin In Dresses

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Author: Mad Flower Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 2089 characters
Translator: Keissen English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1263 words
Editor(s): NeedHydra

“Little Lin, I love you.” On the dance floor, Yae-hime, who wore a bright red dress and had a single ponytail, lifted Nangong Lin’s smooth chin and stared at her affectionately. Her eyes glowed in passion.

Nangong Lin blushed slightly and replied shyly, “Princess, I… I love you too~”

“Little Lin.” Yae-hime’s perfect face slowly came closer. Her alluring plump lips glistened under the light.

“P-Princess, someone’s watching…” Nangong Lin’s face became even redder while her heart was filled with anticipation.

Finally… Finally, I’m going to take a step further with my dearest Princess!

“Don’t care, I want you now.” Yae-hime said domineeringly.
“P-Princess~” ‘Ah, what a domineering Princess, I love it!’
“Little Lin.”

At this moment, both their faces were about to touch. Yae-hime’s lips were about to touch Nangong Lin’s.

‘Ah, I won’t have any regrets even if I die now!’

Ring ring!

In the Presidential Suite of Rosen Hotel.

Nangong Lin suddenly opened her eyes and then became dumbfounded.

“Where’s my Princess? Wait, my first kiss!”

The room was dark. Faint light pierced through the curtain while the alarm rang incessantly.

“Die, die, die, die!” Looking at the familiar decorations in the room, Nangong Lin instantly realized that what happened previously was a dream. She then grabbed the alarm clock beside her bed and slammed on the ground, then put on her slippers and stomped on it.

Even if it was a dream, it was a good dream. Yet, it was shattered by the alarm clock at the last moment.

She was filled with regret and resentment!

She even felt the urge to kill the clock.

No, she was already doing it.

“Huff… Huff…Huff…” After euthanizing the alarm clock, Nangong Lin sat on the bed and breathed heavily before checking out her phone.

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It was 5:45, still early.

“I’ll sleep a little longer. Let’s hope that the dream can continue.”

Then, she laid down and continued sleeping.

In the game.

Yaeger appeared in the guest room.

In the early morning, the Item Shop was silent and had a faint scent of medicine.

Walking out of the room, Yaeger instantly released her aura. Upon reaching the Grandmaster Realm, she could already sense certain amounts of information from the surroundings just by aura alone.

“Is Layna still asleep? She’s been working really hard recently.” ‘Yunuen too.’ Yaeger added in her heart.

“[Princess]!” At this moment, a pleasant voice was heard not far away.

Looking over, it was Yunuen, who had just gone online.

She instantly ran over as soon as the white light dispersed.

“Good morning, how was your sleep last night?” Yaeger said with a smile.

“Yes. I had a good sleep!” Yunuen clenched her fists and spoke energetically.

“That’s good, then. Let’s skip the pleasantries and move out.”

Due to the opening of the underground maze, Jade City wouldn’t close its gates at night for the next 2 days.

Despite being early in the morning, it was already lively outside.

Seeing that Yaeger was about to turn around and leave, Yunuen quickly spoke, “wait, Princess!”

“What’s wrong?” Yaeger turned around and asked in confusion.
“Well, um, I haven’t opened my crates yet!”
“Why?” Yaeger was even more confused.
“Because, I think you will be luckier than me…” Yunuen said.
“That is true. But you should know that if you let me open the crates, the things that come out will probably be specific to Rangers.” Yaeger said.

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“That’s not it. I was thinking, I…” Yunuen blushed slightly while stuttering her words.

“What are you thinking?” Yaeger tilted her head.

“I want to hold your hand and mooch off some of your luck!” Yunuen raised her head to look at her and mustered the courage to speak.

Hearing that, Yaeger was astonished. ‘Mooching off luck?’

“Can’t I?” Yunuen gently bit her lips.

“Of course not. Come.” Yaeger then stretched out her hand.

Looking at her beautiful hand that was as smooth as jade, Yunuen couldn’t help but swallow her saliva while feeling excitement in her heart.

‘What a beautiful hand. I want to rub it on my face so bad!’ Despite thinking that, she didn’t dare to do so. She only held onto her hand gently.

It was very soft, very tender, and very smooth.

The moment she grabbed it, Yunuen felt like she wasn’t grabbing her hand. Instead, she was holding her entire world!

‘I no longer have regrets in my life… Wait, I’m not going to die just yet!’ Yunuen suddenly came to her senses.

“What’s wrong?” Yaeger asked.

“No, it’s nothing. I’m starting!” Yunuen opened the game interface in a panic and took out an Epic Random Equipment Crate.

The crate levitated in the air while spinning slowly.

“Princess, give me some luck!” Yunuen extended her hands and tapped it lightly.

The crate vibrated and slowly opened.

Then, a glimmer of purple light flashed.

After the light dissipated, they saw a set of black magic robes embroidered with fancy gold patterns floating in mid-air.

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“Jackpot!” Yunuen said excitedly.

Aside from [Staff of Tyranny], her Equipment was composed of Rare and Uncommon gear. Among them, her magic robes were the ones with the lowest level and desperately needed to be replaced.

Now that she earned magic robes, she was incredibly lucky.

No, she was successful in mooching off luck!

‘Her luck is just so amazing. I’ve never felt the feeling of being so lucky. I’m so excited!

“[Dark Magician’s Robes]? It seems pretty good.” Yaeger said.

“Hehe, That’s exactly what I want. Thank you, [Princess]!” Yunuen extended her hand and tapped on the Equipment, its stats were instantly displayed.

Shoulder Equipment: [Dark Magician’s Robes] Grade: Epic, Level 9 (Upgradeable)
Level Restriction: 26
Attribute: Dark
Durability: 99
+50 Strength
+35 Intelligence
+35% Critical Chance
+50% Critical Damage
+15% Speed

Special Effect 1: Your physical attack has a 35% chance to deal armor penetration damage, and has a chance to trigger Dark Magic [Shadow Vortex], dealing 150% AoE damage.

Special Effect 2: When you use physical attacks, there is a chance to trigger [Shadow Vibration], dealing 200% of the dark attribute damage to the enemy in front, and has a chance to inflict stun.

Description: These are the magic robes worn by Dark Magician Allie. It is a valuable collectible item.

After checking out the stats and description, Yunuen’s lips twitched uncontrollably.

‘What the hell is this? Are you sure these are stats for magic robes? I’m a Priest, not a Warrior!’

Meanwhile, Yaeger looked like she had expected it to happen.

She wasn’t surprised that Yunuen had earned such weird Equipment.

After all, she had also attained [Strength Gloves] back then.

“Nice Equipment.” Yaeger smiled.
“Sob…” Yunuen felt like crying.
“Don’t worry. Isn’t being a Combat Priest quite good?”
“But…” ‘This isn’t cute at all.’ Yunuen didn’t say that out loud.
“No ifs or buts. Yunuen, strength is everything in this world. Those who possess strength can control and seize resources that are unimaginable to the average person to improve themselves.”

Yaeger spoke solemnly.

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No matter how the world had changed, the rule of the jungle would remain constant.

“Yes, I got it.” Yunuen nodded heavily. The recent events she experienced made her resonate with Yaeger’s words.

“It’s getting late, let’s go.” Yaeger stroked her hair and then turned around and left.

Outside the store.

There was quite a lot of foot traffic, and most of them were players.

When they saw Yaeger coming out, they instantly fled like rabbits.

Locking the store’s entrance, Yunuen wanted to say something but was interrupted by an attractive voice.

“Lowly slave!”


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